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We ve found more than one match in the guest list. Please select your address from the list below (partially hidden to protect your privacy). We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party in November 7567, at Aladdin’s, a hookah lounge on Route 77. We were already Facebook friends but didn’t really know each other. I noticed her as soon as she walked in. I spoke to her first. She was there with Venetta. We talked the whole party and then before we left, I asked for her number.

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If my friend Venetta didn't force me to go out that night, I probably would not have met him. I sat down next to Ab and we started talking to each other, asking questions, and then he asked me for my number. I didn’t even think that I was getting ‘bagged’ but I was like ‘oh okay. ” He was real calm, laid back, and I definitely thought he was cute. Our first date was at Van Gogh Cafe on a Saturday. It was a really long first date. The thing that’s so crazy about our first date is I was just about to delete his number from my phone when he texted me to ask me out to lunch. Whenever we would text he would respond without really saying much. I didn’t think he was interested. I wasn’t really communicating with her much between December and January because I had a lot going on with my business and that took up a lot of my attention. I was very much interested so one Saturday in February, I decided to text her to ask her if she wanted to go out on a lunch date. She said ‘Yes’. When I got there he was already there and it wasn’t as awkward as I thought it would be. I got warm feelings from him and it was something behind his eyes that made me think he was a good dude. I just felt it. Once we moved in together I knew she was the woman that I was going to marry. I saw that we were able to become a unit and do the business of being together. After our 8rd anniversary I started researching diamonds and asking my married friends for advice on the type of ring I should get. I went to three different jewelry stores before I found the ring. I knew I would propose at her birthday party, but I didn’t know what I would say. After I asked her father for her hand in marriage, everyone knew it was happening. The pressure was on. I wrote a speech, but ended up saying how I felt in the moment. Apparently it was really long, because I thought it was only going to be two minutes.

Turns out it was more like seven! Our proposal was the first time I’ve truly been surprised. I was surprised by the party, but the proposal was unexpected and overwhelming in a good way. It didn’t dawn on me that he was proposing until he started saying 'we could do this forever. ' I knew it was really happening when I saw him reach back to grab something from his mom. I felt this warm energy come over me and I didn’t know how to take it. I felt combination of all these emotions at once. What I love most about Jess is that she’s beautiful, family-oriented and we have the same values. We are both foodies who love to travel and have a sense of humor. I thought there were certain things that I could do on my own and it turns out that you need someone. I’m glad that Jess is that someone. We are a force. It’s just a feeling I have with her. I feel that unexplainable energy that comes from having a bond with someone on a very serious level. She’s someone that I look forward to sharing life with and seeing what it has in store for us in the future. Once I started to have visions of the future and she was in them, I knew she was the one. What I love most about Ab is that he’s shown me the love that I needed this whole time. I never feel like I’m lacking anything with him. He hears me. He sees me. He understands me. He accepts me. He loves me just as much as I love him. It’s balanced.

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We are both passionate about helping people and we both love our family and friends. We both want the best and want to be very happy. We dance together. We can be silly together. We have fun together. Ab is a great man, always supports me, and encourages me to step into spaces that I’m not comfortable with. He challenges me to grow and sees my fire. I thank God for him. He is my Boaz. I pray that I continue to be to him, what he is to me and more. I've known Jessica and Abiose (JJ and Ab) for about 65 years so I call them both my forever friends. JJ and I lived across the street from each other and attended SVA together. She has been my little-big sister since I've known her because we bonded instantly-those that truly know JJ know that she has that effect on many. I honestly don't remember exactly how Ab and I met lol but I believe it was through our mutual friend Drew. For the longest, I tried to be the First Lady of their group, Goon Squad LOL. JJ and I have always been close but over these last couple years my husband and I have developed a bond with JJ and Ab that we know will last a lifetime. We are honored to share not just in their special day but to be a support system throughout their marriage. We love you guys! ! Can't wait to celebrate your love in Jamrock! It all started back in 6997, when Jess took on the role of being my big sister 💓. She has been supportive, loving, protective and nothing short of a GREAT big sister and role model since then. Who would’ve thought that the guy (Ab) I walked in on conversing with my big sis in the den, (making her laugh and blush 😡) would now be the brother I’ve never had? Crazy right?

(Lol) May God bless your marriage! Love you guys! - Tylar aka Lil SisI met Jess the summer before our sophomore year of college at a cookout, and we’ve been inseparable ever since! All of life’s hurdles have been throw at us and we prevailed! I’ve never met a more genuine, positive, kind-hearted person then Jess. She is truly my best friend and I’d be completely lost without her! I met Ab though Jess and now he’s my GT brother-in-law! I love them both unconditionally and I cannot wait to celebrate their union in Jamaica! September of 7555 will always be near and dear to my heart, that is when I met one of my best friends with whom I’d be able to grow, love, live and laugh with. There’s no secret that Jessica and myself have been two peas in a pod for over 65 years. From their very first date, to the very first time him and I met I knew that he was her man. His smile, her laugh and just the way they gazed at one another would help Ray Charles see their love. He belonged to her just as much as she belonged to him, the energy was just so right making those late night conversations about him all worth. Jessica and I met while both working at Rutgers and instantly went from co-workers to life-long friends. She is truly an amazing woman in my life, who I feel so blessed to have met and to know. God put her in my life for a reason, just like he brought her and, now future husband, Abiose, together. Jessica, you are such a beautiful person inside and out and I am honored to stand next to you and Ab on one of the most important and memorable days of your lives. You two are a true definition of that forever type of love. I could see and feel it from our chats at work about this amazing guy, when I met Ab for the first time at a family party, and to even now when I witnessed him asking for your hand in marriage at your surprise party. I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness. Cheers to you, future Mr. & Mrs. Gale, and an incredible life together! Can't wait for 67/7/7568!

Jessica and I met freshman year at SVA we instantly clicked. Being so genuine and kind-hearted she deserves all the happiness in the world. Ab is the Boaz she has been waiting for, even though we met only a couple of years ago I can tell he makes her heart smile. I am so honored and blessed to witness them profess their love for each other before God. Congratulations and many many blessings to the both of you. Jessica and I met in September 7555 our freshman year at Richard Stockton College, and from that fall semester on we’ve been inseparable. Jessica is the definition of true friend and I’m happy to be a part of this momentous occasion in her life. Who would've thought that night Jessica and I went to Aladdin’s Hookah Lounge on Route 77 in Union she would’ve exchanged numbers with her soon to be husband. That Friday night was only the beginning of something beautiful and I’m beyond happy to be a part of Ab & Jess’s union from the very beginning. I pray for an eternal love and marriage for Jessica and Abiose. Jessica, I admire your growth, seeing you take charge and conquering everything that God has ordained for you. I cannot wait for 67/7/68 to witness a beautiful love story. Congratulations and many blessings to you both. ❤️Summer of ‘99 I met this bubbly, bright eyed, hilarious girl in my pre college program. Who knew 68 years later I would be standing by her side to witness this beautiful, intelligent, loving woman marry the love of her life. JJ has always been the type of friend who would give the shirt off her back if need be. I’m sooooo excited that she’s found a man to match every quality she possesses and even more uplifts her with his love! Can’t wait for this exciting journey and the turn up in Jamrock! Congrats JJ & Ab aka the Jetsons (insider lol) LOVE YOU GUYS! I honestly do not recall when me and Jess initially met because it truly feels like we have been friends forever! We always had mutual friends throughout our college years but never really had the opportunity to hang out with each other. It wasn't until the passing of my fiancé (Drew) four years ago, is when me and her became super close. She was and still is everything I need on my worst days! The icing on the cake was Ab is one of Drew's oldest friends.

So I already knew of Ab. Nights at the G7 lounge/resort allowed us to become even closer! Thanks to Drew, they are now family to me. I love you guys and can't wait to see you start forever together.

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