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Albeit less developed than the straight bar scene, Pattaya s gay bar scene is similarly organized. There are dozens of host bars where you can simply have a drink and chat with the male staff, as well as gay A-GoGo clubs and show bars, which feature erotic dance and show performances. The only difference from straight bars is that the service staff, the hosts and dancers, are young and attractive males instead of bar girls. In order to take a boy out of his bar you ll have to pay a so-called bar fine. That s the fee charged by the bar for taking one of the staff out. Remember that you ll still have to pay the boy a kind of compensation fee for extra sexual services, or simply the time he s investing in you. Same rules and fees apply as in straight bars. The two most popular entertainment areas for gay men in South Pattaya are Sunee Plaza and Soi Day-Night (off South Pattaya Road) and the world-famous Boyz Town (Pattayaland Soi 8, off Pattaya Second Road) where an abundance of gay bars and GoGo clubs, massage parlours for men by men, gay-friendly restaurants and related establishments are located.

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A few gay bars can also be found on Pattayaland Soi 6 and 7. Pattaya also has a couple of gay discotheques, nightclubs and late-night venues. Gay massage parlours ( massage by men for men ) and gay karaoke bars, where the local boys meet after their bars have closed for the night, can be found most conveniently in the areas of Soi Day-Night and Sunee Plaza. An ever-increasing number of gay-friendly restaurants can be found all over Pattaya and Jomtien, particularly in the Jomtien Complex area. Ladyboys ( katoeys in Thai) are a transgender phenomenon ubiquitously found all over Thailand.

Katoeys are either 655% males who simply dress up as women (transvestites) or cross-gender she-males who have been surgically transformed into women of the second category, at least partially. Ladyboys most commonly work as freelancers but can also be found in both straight and gay bars, as well as venues specifically dedicated to chicks with dicks. Katoeys seem to attract less gay than straight or (secretly) bisexual male tourists who either fancy a special sexual experience or are simply unaware of what is hidden beneath the sexy female looks. Speak German? Um mehr ber Pattayas spannende zu erfahren, schaut doch einfach mal auf unserer neuen deutschsprachigen vorbei!

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