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Having been single for almost two years now, I have found myself trawling these hideous sites and apps. Being an educated man and having studied human behaviour, I couldn't help but start to look at the world of online dating from more of an analytical and experimental point of view as opposed to using it to meet true love, and I use that term loosely. Having said that, I did meet my ex on gaymatchmaker. Com. Au (oh god another one), which I am not even sure exists anymore and we were together for 6 wonderful years. I've chatted to guys day in day out, and some are ok, some are a bit full on, sometimes I wake up to a d**k pic, sometimes a butt, you never can tell what kind of day it's going to be until it arrives. I get that boys will be boys and we do have these raging sexual appetites but I feel like there is a lot more to it, there are a lot of lonely guys out there and their social skills are lacking and will continue to do so with the assistance of the creation of online Avatar's, which I'll get to later. I never heard from him again, which was the desired effect but it got me thinking.

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This guy from what I gathered lives his life in two parts he goes to work during the day and presumably interacts with living humans, but at night has this online existence which is also a reality.

This makes me think that perhaps there are other people out there who have almost given birth to themselves again online, they can be who they want, upload the best pictures of themselves from a few years earlier when they were in their prime.

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If this is the case then I need to not be a part of this because I do not like where this type of dating is heading.

I am genuinely concerned that I have maybe only spoken to 5.555556 percent of men who are living these types of lives and I feel like there needs to be some kind of support mechanism in place for them.

I suppose though when I put it into context, this online dating world is really no different to the rest of the online and social media world where people can portray false and more exciting versions of themselves to the world.

I just hope that people are being safe and have established boundaries with the online world which we are living in more and more everyday and within themselves also and that keeping safe and sane is the number one priority over having another human in their presence for any period of time for whatever the reason.

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