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How do you get your meddlesome family off your back? If you’re Gong Gi Tae (Yeon Woo Jin), you give your family what you know they would never accept. Gi Tae is a confirmed bachelor who has no interest in getting married, but he faces tremendous pressure from his family to settle down. To get them off his back, Gi Tae brings Joo Jang Mi (Han Groo) and introduces her as his future wife, knowing full well that his family would never accept her. Can Gi Tae and Jang Mi pull off their ruse or will they get more than they bargained for with their deception? “Marriage, Not Dating” is a 7569 South Korean drama series directed by Song Hyun Sook. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below!

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Arabic, German, Greek, English, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Thai, Tagalog, Turkish, Vietnamese and 88 more languages There s no more hiding now that everyone knows the engagement was a sham – but rather than putting the issue to rest, the revelation only kicks off more hurt and misunderstandings than it solves. The fallout is so much worse than Jang-mi and Ki-tae feared, and they don t even have each other to lean on this time. Looks like some more teamwork may be required to patch up their broken families, and more importantly, their own hearts. At a lovely outdoor party, Ki-tae follows Jang-mi as she walks away from him, but she stops when he calls her name. They stand for a long moment, faltering every time they try to speak.

Finally Ki-tae tells Jang-mi to go first, and braces himself expectantly for her words We go back to Ki-tae s hijacked proposal as Se-ah tells him that she told his mother all about the fake engagement. She says it was the only way to stop him, and says, “Let s turn back time. ” She asks why he didn t tell her three years ago why he wanted to be alone and hated marriage. Ki-tae argues that she agreed that marriage was burdensome, but Se-ah says it was only to protect herself so that she could stay near him, if only as friends. She says he can tell her now and she ll comfort him, but Ki-tae just sighs in frustration.

Marriage Not Dating Episode 12 Dramabeans

Se-ah tries one last time, and steps into the tea-candle heart with him, saying, “Let s get married. ”Ki-tae just laughs scornfully, and says that things were good when there was distance between them. Se-ah says she has feelings too but Ki-tae counters that she can t just do whatever she wants. Se-ah finally breaks and cries that she told his mother because no matter what she did, all he thinks about is Jang-mi. Ki-tae whispers that he never wants to see her again, so she leaves, humiliated.

On the street, Jang-mi finally breaks free from Yeo-reum s hug to see Ki-tae s mother staring at them in horror. Mom whirls and walks away, and Jang-mi accuses Yeo-reum of doing that on purpose. He doesn t deny it and when she demands to know why, he simply says, “I like you. ”Ki-tae calls Jang-mi, who just sadly apologizes for ruining everything. She blames herself for his mother finding out, but Ki-tae says it s not her fault and asks if they can talk in person.

She says she can t face him now and they ll talk later, and Ki-tae runs out of his house. Jang-mi finds Dad at the restaurant and says she wants to talk to her parents about Ki-tae, but he says Mom went to her future in-laws house. Yikes. Jang-mi runs out on Dad mid-sentence, just before Ki-tae shows up looking for her. Dad can tell something is off and asks if they fought, and tells Ki-tae that her mom was heading to his house with a gift.

Ki-tae quickly heads over there. Jang-mi s mom delivers a wedding gift of blankets to Ki-tae s family, where Grandma and Aunt Mi-jung actually look pleased to see her.

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