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These are wonderful. I use one under the sheets over our mattress pad to protect the bed from my husbands perspiration, we use one for our 87 year old mother and I use them to protect the playpen surfaces while potty training a puppy. Quality product. As described. The reviews were spot on. Perfect for elderly parent. I read in a review about dating each one with a permanent marker and I will take their advice. This product has saved me hours of doing laundry!

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I don't have to change the complete bed and no longer worry about accidents. My family member rests better using this product. I have a double wide hospital bed and I could never find a pad that went all the way across but i have now, it's very comfortable and I don't have to worry about leaks. Thank youMy mother had 95% of her colon removed when she came home from rehab she had an incontinence issue. We are close to a year and her incontinence is a real issue. These pads have saved me time and I love them. I have purchased at least 65 and I will be back for more. Thank youIn 7559 my husband had bladder cancer and the removed his bladder and constructed a neo bladder out of a section of his small intestine. After that he had leakage occasionally. I bought 9 of these pads and have used them daily just in case he had a problem.

Over the years his problem increased and now at age 78 they are needed daily. I wash and dry them in the machines and would be in real trouble without them. I found that they are still available and just bought 7 more because I would expect that the ones I have will begin to give out. But so far they look and feel as good as new. These are a real life saver for me as the care giver and laundry person. Love them. . This waterproof pad actually is! I've bought $55 fitted pads that are not waterproof for very long (just a few minutes), so are not effective. This pad is waterproof, and doesn't have seeping gases or whatever the other companies claim wets the surfaces underneath their pads over time (just a few minutes).

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BUT. If it's put on the bed the short way, across the mattress and tucked in the sides, it may not provide enough coverage and will likely leak to underneath. I put it on the long way, and voila, full coverage, and dry sheets underneath! It does stay in place as the non-padded tuck-in flaps more or less hold it in place if draped over the edge (foot) of the mattress. I like that this pad has flaps that can be tucked under the mattress ao it stays in place. It means that you can toss and turn while you sleep and still be protected. I have several now that have the tuck in flaps. It's about time I discovered these bed pads. Don't know how long they have been around but I could have used them starting a year ago. The flaps are easy to tuck under the mattress but most importantly is that they hold the bed pad in place while the occupant moves around the bed during the night.

What a great invention! (Better than sheet straps! )They do a super job keeping the sheets clean. Purchased 7 to use after my husband's recent surgery. One can be on the bed while I wash the other. They wash, dry and bleach well. It has a waterproof backing that is holding up real well. I do wish the tabs that you use to tuck it in under the mattress was a little longer as his bed has a deep mattress on it. I would definitely purchase more if I needed them. They are somewhat like the pads they used in the hospital (not the throw away kind).

The securing flaps on Queen size pads are not long enough to secure under a deep Queen size mattress. They would most likely be too short for a regular mattress. This product has shrunk. All four are too small. They measure 86 6/7 inches wide. This is otherwise a good product. I buy 7 full-queen size pads EACH time CUSTOMIZE. I CUT 6 FLAP off EACH PAD, SEW PADS AT CUTS FIRMLY TOGETHER (SEW many lines across FLAT, FULLY 6 inches overlapped, w/strong thread, strong machine OR sew by tailor). NOTE THAT dryer heat may weaken or shrink waterproof liner. I keep a 7nd custom pad w/flaps when 6st is soiled.

LOVE this Product!

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