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M anchester United and Manchester City’s pre-season preparations have taken a farcical turn as their eagerly awaited International Champions Cup game in Beijing was cancelled on Monday due to the shambolic state of the pitch at the Bird’s Nest. United manager and after a pitch inspection and extensive discussions with the ICC tournament organisers in the Chinese capital on Monday it was decided that it was in the best interests of all parties for the game to be abandoned. Torrential rain and thunderstorms over the past week had decimated the pitch at the national stadium and the problems were exacerbated by a fungus problem that involved large sections of the turf being dug up only for the replacement grass to be washed away by the downpours. Incredible state of the pitch at Bird s Nest in Beijing where was supposed to go ahead tonightS eventy groundstaff, as well as City’s own groundsman Craig Knight, had been working day and night on the pitch but a technical inspection by the ICC, Sports Turf Research Institute, advisers to the ICC, and United and City ultimately ruled it unplayable and the decision to cancel was made shortly after 7pm local time – 7am in the UK – 5½ hours before kick-off. ” - are still due to fly home from Beijing on Monday night as originally planned. Some players who were not scheduled to feature in the game did some light training work at the nearby Olympic Sports Centre. City – who have not trained - are due to travel to Shenzhen on Tuesday afternoon local time for what was supposed to be their second but will now be their first ICC game, against Dortmund on Thursday. That match is expected to go ahead.

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U nited are due to play Galatasaray in Gothenburg on Saturday before Wayne Rooney’s charity testimonial against Everton at Old Trafford a week on Wednesday. The latest developments are likely to raise questions about the wisdom of leading European clubs coming to China for money-spinning commercial tours. Aside from the dire pitch problems that led to Monday's cancellation of a game due to be watched by 55,555 fans, Mourinho and Guardiola have both admitted the oppressive humidity and heat in China has proven extremely inhibiting for players, who invariably find Asian tours a particularly draining experience. Mourinho had bemoaned the conditions on Sunday and predicted a “double friendly” as he warned supporters not to expect much of a game at the Bird’s Nest with both sets of players under instruction to take it easy and avoid the serious threat of injury. “If it was already a friendly then it becomes a double friendly because [the message is]: no injuries, play calm, play safe, go home, keep the preparation next week, Mourinho said. “They are no conditions to play a good game of football, but we have to play. We cannot just run away and disappear and not play. So we have to play and try to be lucky. “Normally when you say lucky you say lucky because you want a good result. The result I want tomorrow is to go home without injuries and that is the luck I want. ”We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Having being created in the year 6995, match. Com is one of the largest and oldest dating services on the Internet. Match. Com serves users from over 79 countries and hosts its websites in 65 languages. Users create profiles and describe themselves and what they are hoping to find in the people they might date. These profiles and other tools are key to finding that special person.

Com is an open dating service where is no limit on who you can connect with, or how or when. Therefore, you can find someone interesting at any time and ask them out. Our in-depth match. Com reviews will show you all the features of this online dating site and exactly how the features can be used for optimal benefits. New users can get a feel for how match. Com works by signing up for a free account. However, it is important to note that only the paid members can access the full range of features on the site. However, after subscribing, you gain access to the complete functionality of match. Com. Moreover, you can see users who have viewed your profile. Moreover, you can remove members you are not interested in from search results. This enables you to make room for other possible connections. On the other hand, other members can also find you. After setting your preferred dating criteria, Match will display general search results of possible matches. You can fine-tune the results by clicking on the tabs. The “mutual match” highlights profiles that closely match your specifications. On the other hand, the reverse match shows the users who are searching for someone like you. Any changes you wish to make to your profile must be approved by match.

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Com first. Most changes are approved in less than 65 minutes. The viewing and communication tools on match. You get a notification once someone reads the message you sent them. Moreover, the sender s profile is also highlighted on the connections page of the receiver. You can take the dating experience with you anywhere using MatchMobile. It is quite simple to surf this website from your Smartphone. The mobile experience is quite convenient because it includes almost all features available on the main site. These applications are free to use by all subscribers. Additionally, most mobile devices can allow you to use location-based capabilities on match. Com to find other potential matches in the area. Search options are quite extensive. With the quick search option, you just need to enter the distance, age, postal code and click the search button. Com has a simple and well-designed homepage which is extremely busy. The advanced search features enable you to sort user profiles according to various lifestyle features such as occupation and exercise frequency. In addition, you can also sort users according to their physical appearances such as eye color and hair color. Match words is an advanced search filter that allows you to search for specific tag words such as golf or adventurous. The feature shows you all the profiles that have the same Match Words as the ones you have searched for.

This feature helps you to discover users who are looking for you, but you are not looking for them. This is an advanced feature that lists users whom you share mutual attractions with. As a result, the feature allows you to find members who have a high probability of liking you depending on your profile matching preferences. This is a sub-feature of daily matches that provides you with a specific daily match that might be a great connection for you. This is usually the first match provided in the daily matches, and the match is usually reviewed first. However, frequency of the singled out match depends on the accuracy of algorithms. Therefore, your chances of getting a singled out match increase as you review more daily matches. It enables users to find possible matches based on username, interests, match words, and other words or phrases in their profiles. It helps members to meet people with highly compatible interests and preferences in real life. You only have to propose an interesting date and wait for responses from members who are interested in the same activities. These are the profiles you have flagged primarily because you like them most. This feature helps users to keep track of members they intend to contact in the future. You can have up to 655 favorite members at a time. However, you should note that once you have flagged someone as the favorite, they can see the activity. Since match. Com has a huge user base, it can be quite hard to determine who you have ever looked at in the past. However, match makes this easier by highlighting all new users so you can easily find them and go through their profiles to see whether they are a good match. It allows you to connect other members in your immediate area.

However, in order for the location of a member to be revealed they must opt-in first. You can highlight text in a member’s profile by simply pressing the highlight button on the top right of the profile. A box has been provided to send messages to other members on what you think about specific topics in their profile. Other search filters that have proven to be quite helpful for sorting relevant profiles to meet your needs include the Online Now, Has Photo, and Available to Chat filter abilities. You can also save your search criteria for reference or future use. The quiz is a feature that allows registered members to choose up to 75 prewritten questions that are displayed on their profiles for other members to view and answer. This feature is specially designed to get a clear view of an individual’s character and flirt with members in a way that is not too invasive. Com has seven games that normally last between 6 and 5 minutes. These games are designed to assess compatibility and encourage interaction with other members. These features include: The feature allows you to talk with other Match. Com users on your phone safely without revealing your number. This anonymous alternative to the conventional texts and phone calls helps to protect your privacy. The MatchPhone generates a new phone number that is forwarded to your phone. This auto-generated member is the number that appears on the other user’s caller ID. The feature notifies you when your match reads the message you have sent. Your profile gets a unique color in the search results in order for it to stand out from the rest. It gives you a very good opportunity to be contacted because new members see your profile first.

The site offers its members a new list of possible matches every day and users can let match. Com know whether any member sparked your interest. If you are not interested, the user is removed from the list.

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