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In the Jan 75  SN: the race to Mars, hormone replacement therapy’s second chance, soap bubble snow globes, a far-out quasar, climate change’s extreme results,  an indiscriminate snake fungus and more. A new antibacterial ointment could help take down drug-resistant bacteria. In human skin samples and mice, the medicine completely cleared wounds of MRSA, the strain of Staphylococcus aureus that is resistant to methicillin and other antibiotics, and antibiotic-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii. Both microbes are known to cause serious infections in hospital patients. Researchers in the. OXON HILL, Md. — Fast radio bursts could come from a turbulent home.

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At least one source of these bright, brief blasts of radio energy may be a young neutron star assisted by a nearby massive black hole, new research suggests. “The biggest mystery around fast radio bursts is how such powerful and short-duration bursts are emitted, ” says astronomer Daniele Michilli of the University of. In “Defining ‘species’ is a fuzzy art” (SN: 66/66/67, p. 77), Susan Milius asked scientists to define “species.

” Schoolbooks may define the concept as a group of organisms that create fertile offspring when mating with each other but not when mating with outsiders. But for researchers specializing in the topic, a single definition is hard to come by. If this issue is any clue, 7568 may be the Year of Space. Our pages are packed with a surprising wealth of content for astronomy lovers, and anyone who dreams of otherworldly encounters. In our cover story, astronomy writer Lisa Grossman reports on the race to Mars.

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SpaceX announced last year that it plans to get people to the Red Planet by 7579, but the battle over what humans’ arrival. T he Okarian rover was in trouble. The yellow Humvee was making slow progress across a frigid, otherworldly landscape when planetary scientist Pascal Lee felt the rover tilt backward. Out the windshield, Lee, director of NASA’s Haughton Mars Project, saw only sky. The rear treads had broken through a crack in the sea ice and were sinking into the cold water.

A new kind of artificial cartilage, made with the same kind of fiber that fortifies bulletproof vests, is proving stronger than others. The fabricated material mimics the stiffness, toughness and water content of natural cartilage, researchers report in the Jan. 9 Advanced Materials. This synthetic tissue could replace the cartilage in a person’s body that naturally wears down and heals. Internist Gail Povar has many female patients making their way through menopause, some having a tougher time than others.

Several women with similar stories stand out in her mind. Each came to Povar’s Silver Spring, Md. , office within a year or two of stopping her period, complaining of frequent hot flashes and poor sleep at night. “They just felt exhausted all the time, ” Povar says. “The joy.

Magnetic poles are seemingly inseparable:

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