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We specialize in Private Introduction Services, Upscale Matchmaking in New York, Long Island, NJ, and CT. The matchmaking service is FREE for beautiful ladies once approved and fully activated. Please apply to be considered to become our active member​. If you one of the people who struggles to find love and doubting that love exists this service is right for you. It may be combined with matchmaking services or delivered by itself. This is all you might need to help you in your journey, just a few sessions with a professional. When you are going on a first date, try to embrace what a new person brings into your life, rather then expecting your criteria to match. Seeing life as a glass half full is received much better by the opposite sex then a glass half empty or a jaded, pessimistic view.

Very often people focus too much on whether their date is good enough for them and forget to put an effort into being charming themselves. If your date is running late, if she/he is a bit nervous, if she/he is not 655% what you expected, PLEASE do not be harsh with your judgments.

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