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We're setting up a new and special test server dubbed the Sandbox server, where we'll work with you to test new game balance changes in World of Tanks. While we can't reveal all the details yet, we can say one of the things you'll test is some new ways we're thinking about artillery! Not everyone will receive access to the Sandbox. Access to the test server can be terminated or restricted at any time for non-compliance with the and. As stated in section 66 ( Beta Tests ) of the World of Tanks, [t]he beta games, including information about features and functionality to be offered as part of the games, are confidential. Any information sharing from the Sandbox server (live broadcasts, video reports, etc. You can request permission to publish such materials on. Our main goal is to get the most quality reviews possible from enthusiastic tankers.

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Rigged Match Making Exposing World of Tanks

Sometimes we're interested in a very specific type of player depending on what we're testing. For example, if we want to test changes on a heavy tank, we'll select players that have experience playing heavy tanks. Don't worry -- your application is stored in the system and you won't need to reapply. The Sandbox is a small, fast-paced environment where developers can work closely with target groups of players testing Balance 7. 5 and new gameplay elements. This environment must remain positive and constructive where developers and testers can collaborate effectively. The same rules from our game server apply to the test server, and we'll be monitoring this behavior in the same way. Go to submit an application or check on a pending application. 98 hours after your application is approved, you'll see all your vehicles, Gold, Credits and other in-game goods on the test server. There will not be any changes made to your live account. The main source of information about the test server will be on the Sandbox forum threads that will be created for discussion. Keep in mind that all gameplay features found on the Sandbox server are not final and some may never appear in the game. When we update the server, it will become unavailable. When this happens, try logging in an hour or two later. If the Sandbox server is still unavailable, please check the test forum where you'll find downtime notifications. The Sandbox server is located in Frankfurt, Germany and has a lower bandwidth than live game servers. If you usually play on the NA server, it's likely that you'll experience higher ping than usual. The Sandbox server has fewer players than on live servers, so matchmaking may take longer than usual. We're very interested in your feedback because that's a huge part of how we're making changes!

The first iteration of the previously discussed Sandbox test server is ready! We're sure you're excited and full of questions, so read on for more! We plan to test different approaches to game balance and, if the community approves and it meets specifications, we'll implement the changes. The primary goal of the first iterations of the Sandbox is to balance top-tier vehicles, such as various tier X vehicles and tier VIII light tanks. Any approved changes will then trickle down to lower-tier vehicles. , Bat. -Ch tillon 655 58, G. W. E 655, Conqueror Gun Carriage, T97, Object 766, 676, 668, TVP T 55/56, AMX 85 B, Bat. -Ch tillon 75 t, AMX 55 B, E-655, Leopard6, Grille 65, Jagdpanzer E 655, E 55 Ausf. There is no guarantee that the final version on the Sandbox will be implemented in the live game. Final implementation will depend on the analysis of the data we collect from the tests. The most important goal is to increase the importance of armor. Currently, armor is significantly less important than speed and firepower. We would like to make armor more important because it can affect so many aspects of gameplay, including: Let's drill this down. In order to achieve these balance goals, the game mechanics listed below will be changed: Right now, players might use similar tactics when driving vehicles that aren't too different from one another, which can make for monotonous gameplay. In order to change this behavior, we had to classify seven in-game archetypes, based on analysis:

Sandbox Server In Development for World of Tanks World

This will decrease the effective firing distance, increase vehicle survivability at long distances, and require more careful aim. Here's a comparison between Update 9. 65 and the Sandbox: This will increase the importance of armor at longer distances, reduce the chance of penetrating a vehicle from the front at long distances, and allow heavier tanks the ability to maneuver more effectively. The Sandbox has a new system that decreases the risk of being destroyed with one shot, and increases the importance of damage per minute (DPM). Artillery in the Sandbox will take on more of a support role, as HE shells will deal reduced damage, but will have a larger area of effect. Additionally, artillery vehicles will receive some new features: Not every tank has decreased stabilization some vehicles received different changes. Stabilisation was done so that players could easily hit a target at close distances. I can t say it s perfect now, but that's why we need to collect data in order to decide how the game balance will be improved. Additionally, all heavy tanks have reduced turret and hull maneuverability, and now it s possible to circle heavy tanks. All these changes are being tested as part of the new vehicle role system and game balance. Each week we try to add new players of all skill levels not just ones with good stats. Now it s summer and many of those we invited aren't yet active, but we believe that interest in Sandbox will remain high. Artillery can no longer one-shot players, so we decided to increase its accuracy so it would be possible to make a predictable shot. The new stun/ shellshock feature was not in the game before and we haven't set in stone how it will function. There will be an opportunity to decrease the duration and strength of the stun. Yes, it can be annoying, but now you can easily go out and make a push on the enemy team, safe in the knowledge that you won't suddenly be destroyed by artillery. However, one of the new features that we plan to test is the prohibition or limitation of artillery when playing within a Platoon.

We're implementing it little by little. When we were originally ready to release it, we felt that it gave too large of a bonus and that we couldn t make it right without making more changes. Almost the same thing can be said about the bonus for artillery assisting. There can't be any super-armor and super-alpha damage tanks, but I don't really like the current balance on the T665E8. It'll be upgraded later. We also need to take into account that the rebalance will limit the number of tier X tanks in each battle. Some of the more problematic maps will be added to Sandbox. But for the moment, we want to focus on more technical aspects first. Some of the problems with maps will be resolved with the new balance changes, as due to the new vehicle roles and changes to artillery, players should be behaving differently on the maps. Yes. There won t be any smoke shells, spotting shells, etc. We have discussed it more than once and don't plan to include them, because that that average teams may not be able to use them effectively. Smoke rounds risk interfering with the gameplay experience of allied players and could negatively impact gameplay. We're not ready to allow unlimited streams yet. Some changes are coarse and untested, and streams could worry players that are not aware of the purpose of Sandbox. It's a very important project for us. Later, there will be both official and unofficial Sandbox streams and videos. Causing damage to allies will result in penalties. We feel this is the best way to discourage players from shooting near allies, but the system is currently in development.

It s not true that there won t be any changes at all, but there will be fewer changes for the lower Tiers. Our new role dynamics are for high-level vehicles. There will be changes for lower Tiers, so that they are more balanced and enjoyable to play, but no significant changes are currently planned. We're aware. Right now, the matchmaker tries to match Platoons with other Platoons, and when it doesn t find any Platoons of tier VIII vehicles, it looks among tiers IX and X. We're trying to solve this with the new matchmaker. We are also considering a system of 88/88/88, where ~88% of the time a player is on top, ~88% in the middle and ~88% on the bottom. For now we think that it's OK. There are no serious problems with it, even in the eSports scene. For us, this activity is new and very complex. Our team will be working until the moment Sandbox players say the game has become better and they like the vehicles more. If there is a situation we test and in the end the players say that the balance on the main server is better, then won't change or release anything But we hope we won t have such a situation. The spotting role will be returned to them that s clear. We want them to be the best scouts, but the problem is that light tanks don t cause a lot of damage, as it s difficult for an LT-8 to play with Tier IX and X vehicles with the new balance. I won t promise anything right now, but we're currently testing different solutions. Of course we will, though for now it s at the concept stage. However, we understand the current Perks are not enough. The topic of Perks was raised many times, but first we want to focus on the balance for the new vehicle-role dynamics, and then we will consider introducing Perks for the same roles. We want to decrease its impact.

Our goal is to increase the lifespan of tanks within a battle and there are several ways this can be done all of which we plan to test on the Sandbox. We're currently working hard on the matchmaker, and ideally, it would consider this a problem. What the matchmaker will do is ensure there are an equal number of vehicles at tier VII, IX and X on each team.

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