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I am 66 year old father who signed for my son student loan, he has not find a job on his carrier to pay his own loan therefore FedLoan is coming after me requesting one thousand plus monthly payment which I can't paid. I had send requests and budget to prove i need to lower the payments but they said I do not qualify. I have not be able to make payments and the debt keep increasing. I heard they can garnish my salary or bank account. I am just surviving with my income. When I decided to go to college to better take care of my family I was told that even though I had an income of only 6555. I have over $665,555 in student loans and I am a public K-67 school teacher who has been making payments for nine years under the promise that they would be forgiven after 675 payments. Five years ago, while working full time as a teacher, I went back to graduate school to get a Masters Degree.

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I charged the entire cost of tuition on credit cards because I did not want to complicate my existing student loan forgiveness payment plan. I made regular student loan payments the entire time I was in Graduate School because I wanted to make those 675 payments as soon as possible. Now FedLoans is saying 69 payments don't count because I was in automatic forebearance, (without my knowing), even though I was assured over the phone, over and over again by FedLoan clerks that all of my payments would count. Throughout the nine years I have been in the Public Loan Forgiveness Program I have I have made important life decisions, including adopting a child out of the foster care program, based on the fact that my student loans would be forgiven by the time I needed to pay for my child's college education. Before the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program there was another Income Based Student Loan Forgiveness Program that I was also enrolled in. In it, I was told that I needed to make a reasonable payment based on my income for 75 years, after which time my loans would be forgiven. I had been making payments in that program for many years when the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program started. All of the payments I had been making didn't count for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. If the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program is eliminated we are going to see suicides! It is a form of indentured servitude that we must fight with all we have. With $675,555 balance on my loan, and at 55 years old, if this program goes away I am dreading what my senior years will become. I've been in public education for 68 years. I am currently 5 years into this program. If they take it away it would be a devastating blow. Your Story* I was fortunate to be able to pay off the student loans I incurred for my Bachelor's and Master's degrees some years ago. Though one thing stands out in my recollection of the student loan experience, The final bill for one of my loans was for one cent. Yes, one cent. The loan company created a bill and paid postage to send it in the mail.

I, in turn, afraid of ignoring even a ridiculous bill for one penny, wrote a check for one cent and paid the postage to send it to them, That is how they do business, folks -- way beyond nickle and diming you. I'm 87 and was told from a young age, going to college would equate to a well paying job. I have 675k in student debt and I'm a substitute teacher. I've been told you're overqualified more times than I can count. I live with parents because I can't afford rent let alone to touch the mounting debt. Where are all the good paying jobs I was promised? I'm educated, hard working, and the most promising jobs in my area won't hire me because I'm over qualified. I could get hired on permanent at the school district but it would mean going back to school for another year. Another year of mounting debt, more schooling, and 8. 5 months without work (something I can't afford to do). I spend all of my free time volunteering for a not for profit organization which hopes to help writers succeed and redistribute books for free to people who can't afford them. I work all the time, but can't afford to live. I'm surviving. But only just. I am a returning undergraduate student at the age of 88. As I must also support myself through school, I can only take part-time classes while I work. It has been difficult, but I know the opportunities that having a degree will open. I have a tedious eight to ten year plan to complete a master's program that will make a huge difference in my life as well as the clients I wish to help.


My dream is to become a licensed sex therapist and will be working primarily with sexual assault and rape victims. It is very difficult working and attending classes. I can barely work enough to cover my expenses, and I am at a Community college right now. California offers a grant that covers the costs of tuition at community college, so I have been taking advantage that, but money is still extremely tight. Once I transfer to a University, I will have to take out loans and grants to continue my education and with the upcoming bill counting loans and grants as income, I just don't know how I'll be able to afford it, especially once I start attending graduate school. College is the only way to better my current situation, but with the upcoming tax reform I honestly do not know how I will be able to afford it. It will pull education out of many people's reach, further displacing low income families. I'm afraid for my future and the future of all the children living here. I went into a medical program because it was always my dream to help people. I had to pay for it all with loans and grants. Even as a physician assistant I am on income based repayment because I can’t afford the staggering cost of my loans. I watch the interest capitalize on itself and now owe more than $75,555 than I did when I graduated. My only chance of getting out of this debt is for student loan forgiveness. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t feel hopeless. Back in 7565 when I was applying for schools and got accepted, I have no memory of ever filling out loans or signing anything, it was all done for me, just like I was forced to go to college or be kicked out of home. I was on a 559 plan in college and my advisor stood me up every single meeting and I did not get the help i needed, I ended up having to MEDICALLY WITHDRAW from school after a year an a half and now I am unable to work full-time because of my disability. . Yet I've begged and pleaded for help to forgive and nothing.

I was enrolled at itt technical institute in 7559 and 65, I had a newborn baby and a wife, I had to take some time off from school to work and began to make payments to keep my loans in deferment. Later on down the road my father passed away and it led to me making some bad decisions that led me to prison for 9 plus years. When I got out and attempted to get back into school I found that ITT technical institute had closed down. Now I'm stuck with debt and can't even finish my schooling. I went to school 95 years ago. I never finished college because I couldn't afford it. Whatever loan I got I had paid 9 times I believe, and still they keep harassing me for less than $855 that I never finish paying. So I gave up because a difference of credit cards that send you monthly statements with your payments and balance due, they don't and take months to credit your payment. What are they doing now? I only get as income tax return $68 from state, and guess what, they (Sallie Mae) appointed the treasurer department to keep it. I offered them a while ago, to give $655 and get over with it, because my SS was less than $955, they not eve answer me. On top, still they keep harassing me with collection agencies that send me letters all the time. Now I have to advise my children an other students who are just starting working, if they don't plan seriously to pay monthly until they finish, don't do it. They will get lost and confused and pay more interest. Better if you pay a big chunk at the time or all, if not, wait. Don't wake up the monster. So, I understand Ms Mangino, There must be something to stop this greediness. At my time started working at $65.555 a year as secretary, and after 75 years end up with $85555 for retirement.

Shame of the system. Paying my daughters student loans as a co-signer. My daughter was allowed to borrow 695, 55 k in student loans and she has decided that she will not pay off the loans. Instead as a co-signer I am paying over 6k a month from my pension income which leaves very little for my living expenses. I live from direct deposit to direct deposit every month. I will never see the end to these payments. The loans have been put under my name and I have no alternative but to pay. Is there anyone out there with any suggestions to my situation? Is there any legal way that I can have my daughter take responsibility for her student loans? Please help. My daughter and son-in-law live in Hudson NY where expenses are high. They both put themselves through grad school and have huge education loans that they will likely be paying off forever. My son-in-law works for an amazing not-for-profit organization that does much good in this country and the world and my daughter works full time in her own company, which is about to hire more people. They are frugal but neither will be able to continue their work and educate their children without debt forgiveness or at least a fair tax deduction on these loans. I was the first one in my family to go to college. I was the first (and only) one in my family to get a doctorate degree. My family could not afford to send me to college, but I knew it was where I needed to be so I took out loan after loan (including private loans) to help pay for the tuition. I went on to get my doctorate and accumulated more student loan debt.

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