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This is the disturbance area of the Shenhua Watermark coal mine plonked on to Sydney and, below, Melbourne. The $6. 7 billion mine will be located 75 kilometres south-east of the northern NSW town of Gunnedah. Owned by China's state-controlled Shenhua Group, the mine will be located in some of Australia's most productive farmland. Environment Minister Greg Hunt has sought to reassure the public, saying the project is subject to 68 of the strictest conditions in Australian history, informed by independent scientific advice. Some of the best and most thriving gay communities you'll find in Florida are concentrated in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Jacksonville and Orlando. Miami is among the most gay-friendly cities in the country, and you won't be alone for long when you're hoping to meet gay men for sex in Florida. Our site gives you access to real members who are also looking for the most active gay cruising spots in Florida.

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Tuesday January 9 is the first day same-sex marriages can legally take place in Australia, without a waiver. Glasgow Commonwealth Games sprinter Craig Burns has wasted no time, marrying his partner Luke Sullivan just minutes after midnight. A look back on The Age cartoonist Rod Tandberg from 7566, when he reflected on Peter Costello. As temperatures climbed past 95 degrees in much of the state last weekend, thousands of homes in Melbourne were left without power. The AC/DC and Chisel classics thump out through the sound system. There are mullets and stone-wash denim and thongs and VB singlets and too tight short shorts. And there is wall-to-wall flannel. This is an unapologetic celebration of one of our most iconic national treasures: the true blue Aussie bogan. It's about embracing our culture. It's good to get the ocker Aussie spirit back. We've all got a bit of bogan in us, says Andrew Sezonov, dressed in Australian flag boxers and a Keep Calm and Love a Bogan singlet with a packet of Winfield reds taped to it. Sezonov is general manager of WPC, a labour hire company that has paid $6955 for the Bogan Bingo experience as part of their staff Christmas party. Number 85: 6985 – a dingo stole my baby, bingo caller Darren Hillsley yells down the mike, rocking his trucker's hat, mullet wig and denim vest. Darren Hillsley (left) owner of Bogan Bingo, with his sidekick, Sean Collins. Photo:

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Simon O'DwyerAnd so it continues. Number 5 is for Peter Brock, King of the Mountain. Thirty-three is for Bon Scot –the age the AC/DC front man was when he died. Likewise, number 99 is a tribute to the most ocker of all Australians, crocodile hunter Steve Irwin. The room lets out a long, awwwww remembering a fallen hero. Then. . Shot through the heart and you're to blame. The perfectly timed Bon Jovi track turns the sympathy to sheepish laughs and groans. Celebrating its 65th birthday, the stratospheric success of Bogan Bingo says much about our enduring affection for an Australian sub-culture that is equally mocked and celebrated. With 555 shows a year and events running in three countries, founder Darren Hillsley has made his fortune from this unlikely business venture, catapulting him from a Traralgon country boy on the dole to a millionaire with three homes. He believes its popularity is partly explained by an at times ironic but mostly misty-eyed resurgence of all things bogan. No one really grew up in inner-city Melbourne or Sydney, most people grew up in the country or the outer suburbs so we grew up on a diet of AM radio and preferred comfort over fashion. Bogan was just a phase we all went through. It's got nostalgia intertwined amongst it rather than shame, he says. You'll often see people who grew up in the country and now live a very extravagant lifestyle but as soon as they get a few drinks in them the bogan comes out. It actually makes them more human, more accessible and more humbling.

It's a good leveller. And this crowd is certainly loving it. Shazza – also known as Janine, a manager from the firm's Queensland office – takes to it so enthusiastically her back spins and knee slides destroy her inflatable guitar but win her a prize. She is soon joined by fellow flannelette clad headbangers who swing their hair and rock out, leaving nothing in the tank. Janine McPhee or 'Shaggin Shazza' (right) gets into the swing of things with a colleague during Bogan Bingo. Photo: Simon O'DwyerWhile the Bogan Bingo started out as an alternative to trivia nights in pubs, it quickly expanded to corporate events, hen's and buck's nights and sports clubs fundraisers, now running in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Perth, London and even a local Banger Bingo version in Canada. Surprisingly, given the risqué nature of the events, the fastest growth area is school fundraisers, with parents keen to unwind in a less traditional way. Billed as half game show, half party, this is not for the easily offended. The swearing comes thick and fast and the jokes are unashamedly politically incorrect. Tribute is paid to the world's first bogan, Jesus Christ, who was a carpenter, born in a shed, never met his Dad and once got so 'f---ed' up he woke up in a cave. Hillsley's sidekick Wazza, aka Sean Collins, says he has seen even the most mild-mannered, shy parents and office workers do extraordinary things when they let loose. We did a gig in Sale and one dude just got completely naked. He got up on the table and started taking his clothes off and then just jumped down and was running around in his underwear before we had to stop him. There's something about the spirit of bogan culture that gets people going. It's like a joke we're all in on and everyone's here to have a good time. Sezonov was initially worried that they were taking a risk but he was confident that everyone from the lowly trainee to the company CEO could relate to the party's theme.

There's a few of our staff here who have just let their inner bogan seep out. The staff enjoyed that, they look at their managers and they see that they're real people. There's a bit of bogan in all of us. This is who we are, we're Aussies. Ethics classes, Conferences, CCC & ACC programs, important Tallahassee dates - complete calendarTrusted solutions for the business of government – insurance, finance, cost savings and HR programsContact information for Florida's 877 county commissioners and senior level staff all in one place! What do Naples and Miami have in common? What about Duval County (population 975,555), Collier County (population 865,555) and Baker County (population 78,555)? Marco Island and Clewiston? Bonita Springs and Orlando? After cutting down a tree without a permit in September as Hurricane Irma approached, Sarasota real estate investor Marc Pelletz sat in a small conference room at Sarasota City Hall one recent morning and listened to his restitution options. Pelletz could pay a steep fine — past penalties have been in the range of $75,555 to $85,555, the magistrate noted — or plant a similar tree as a replacement, preferably on the same property where the tree was cut down. The only problem: Pelletz doesn’t own the property anymore. A resolution strongly opposing the passage of Senate Bill 579 and House Bill 576 which would preempt local tree protection ordinances such as those currently in place in the city of Jacksonville Directing Legislative services to. The Americas Competitiveness Exchange (ACE), organized by the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Inter-American Competitiveness Network (RIAC), is a six-day, high-level tour that showcases successful examples of. Hurricane response and recovery issues continue to receive significant attention in Tallahassee. In the legislature, no less the six committees held meetings on the impacts of Hurricane Irma, including the Senate Appropriations.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is soliciting new proposals for funding Regional Trail System and Individual Trail projects through the Shared-Use Nonmotorized (SUN) Trail program for inclusion in the Tentative.

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