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Welcome and stay comforted. 7leep. Com, flickr. Com etcThis place in Uzbekistan is called by locals The Door to Hell. It is situated near the small town of Darvaz. The story of this place lasts already for 85 years. Once the geologists were drilling for gas. None dared to go down there because the cavern was filled with gas.

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So they ignited it so that no poisonous gas could come out of the hole, and since then, it s burning, already for 85 years without any pause. Nobody knows how many tons of excellent gas has been burned for all those years but it just seems to be infinite there. I wonder, what if there s a typhoon or rain in that area, will it kill the fire? Probably not. I think the fire is burning methane it would be extremely difficult to put out with rain. It would probably have to be choked with carbon dioxide, but the government probably decided that it wasn t worth the cost. Can t we use those methane for energy? Other than just burn it off? It could, and they were trying that from the sound of it. But the cavern was unstable and near the surface, so when it caved in, they lost the drill hole, the only way to harvest this gas would be a large balloon over the whole site erected with either flames in the whole, or gas that would smother the workers it s a shame to loose it, but it would take more power to get the gas than it would makeReminds me of in USA where a coal-mine has been on fire for several decades. I totally agree, its the first thing I though of when I read about this. Not much cool guy! ! I feel so anger over the authorities. Why they are not able to cool this great energy source? I think some Texas based oil well fire fighting companies has some technical and man power resources. I suggest Uzbek officials may contact to them and save national asset! And to think in some countries they are trying to ban patio heaters because of their devastating effect on the environment. . It would probably cause far more damage to the environment to let the gas escapeAnd so are you, you ve obviously just heard about a possible polar shift and decided to regurgitate what you remember. Your insult about dabbling in theories they know nothing about is incredibly hypocritical. We are not loooooong, loooong overdue. Your just trying to sound intelligent and really don t know any details. Go research it yourself. This is NOT the longest mild period in history. CFC s have nothing to do with a polar shift. If you were just trolling then you got me. Wtf?

Do you really think that human beings are even capable of effecting the earth s climate more than the earth is itself? Worse things have happened than a few degrees rise in temperature and guess what: the earth rebounded from it with no problem. People who want to change the earth b/c they think it is hurting itself are the real danger here Technically, since there are still large masses of ice on the earth, we are still in an Ice Age, primarily the ending of an Ice Age, so if anything, we will be going into a period where global temperatures rise. Unless something catastrophic happens to drop the temperatures worldwide. The most persuasive argument is of course to convince them that this hellhole somehow causes terrorism, child pornography, and illegal filesharing. But it might be a bit hard even for governments to imagine that. Hi Ag, can I have the link to the Wiki article? I looked (in the English one) and I can t find it. Is it in Wiki RU? Can you repost that link here? I went to his site but I only speak English so I can t find the map link. No, we kicked him out from here. He was not a good neighbor, running across the steppe firing his shotgun. Yes but soon he will be returned to you oh vile one. Better your neighbor than ours. Read up on Centralia, Pennsylvania. They have had underground coal mines burning for many many years, and have tried many things to stop it from burning without success. Just fill the hole won t stop it. Aaarrgghhh! My secret little foreign getaway spot has been discovered. This is another good example of why free media is so bad. No one can keep the secret anymore. Hello my angry little hornet. It s okay. I have a new stack of vintage, authentic 8-track disco tapes to soothe the pain. As long as the CIA doesn t build a secret prison next to it. Perhaps it can be made into a giant garbage incinerator.

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I d totally roast me up some delicious shashlik over this flamin hole! I think God meant a Hell inside of us. Remorse, guilt, insecurity. That is HellActually you all got it wrong. Under Soviet Collectivisation, everything was shared and this was the place where they cooked foods for all the Citizens of USSR using a giant cooking pot. It was abandoned after the collapse of USSR. Yes, Miss India, the Soviets were collectively feeding people after cooking on this giant oven when millions of Indians were starving. Get a life! Does anyone see the face in the flames in the 6th picture from the top? It is just a little left of center and is ridding up the wall of the cave. I m enjoying my life now in Pakistanian Himalayas! CIA pay me millions for my videosDo they pay you most for the kill the infidel videos, or for the sexy videos you make with the Pakistani soldiers you capture? And the goats and camels. Don t forget the sexy goats and camels! It s Darvaza and it is in Turkmenistan, not Uzbekistan. It s situated in the middle of the Kara Kum desert, between Ashgabat and Dashauz. There is a town in Pennsylvania called Centralia, there has been a coal mine fire burning underground beneath the town for 55 years. The town is now deserted, the roads are all cracked and smoke comes out of them. They think the fire will burn for 755 more years. Burning methane produces ONLY CO7 and water. It pollutes less than any tree in the forest. It only pollutes if there isn t enough oxygen or if there s something else in the methane. But that wouldn t be methane, now would it? Many years ago something like that hapends in Uzbekistan near Gazly (Bukhara region). My grand-dad was there. But it was just a big burning gaz-borehole with high preasure burning flame. By order from Moscow local drilling people drilled one borehole near by this place. After many endless attempts to stop the flame all personal was evacuated, and our military guys with combat engineers and drilling experts from Moscow just put a little nuclear shell into the new hole and detonate it.

Flame was successfully stoped. My grand-dad does nt know all detales about operation, he just drilled a new hole. This and Centralia (Pennsylvania town burning for about 55 years already) are amazing. I ve been through Centralia and the sight of smoke coming from the ground is very eerie. We from Hellgate: Eifel would like to greet our friends from Hellgate: Darvaz. You re a shining example of celebrating hell on earth! May the prince of darkness allways be with you! Ok everyone lets clear something up, its in Turkmenistan, anyone say anything else and my head l blow off, *god some people* Quite interesting, but my fire in my house has been burning for longer than that! So the fire is hard to put it out. OMG! That is kinda freaky. I really do wonder, how much gas was wasted on that hole. Its kinda weird, thow. Idk how. So yeah. Lol. Alright. I m afraid the information on this page is wrong. The hole is in Turkmenistan and the town is called Darvaza. Though just a simple one letter difference Dravaz is a district of Badakhshan which is many miles away from the actual location. The photos of this page are from JohnBradley. Com which actually lists quite clearly that it is turkmenistan and Daravaza. For Christ sake global warming is a natural occurrence that happens on Earth SEVERAL times during its geological history. Yes, we are contributing, but not enough so that we re going to see its effects. These liberal scientists and politicians want you to think that we are going to see some huge change, but a complete polar shift won t happen for another 65,555 years AT LEAST. The only reason they want to make it seem like global warming is an eminent threat is so that they could rake up profits from hybrid vehicles and green-friendly products that do only half the damage to the environment.

Wanna save the world? Very well put finally someone who thinks instead of following all the Lemmings right off the cliff. I thought I was the only one left in the world that doesn t buy into the whole global warming lie. You, know. Like Mr Sample said: all these things has happened over and over again in the geological history, and look Earth is still here with us! Really the only thing ecologists/environmentalists have to worry about is the human species. It s not like we are crying about dinosaurs being extinct, we don t need them, the Earth doesn t need them, it s the way of the world. Earth doesn t need us, we need the Earth s resources and thats the only reason why we have to live sustainably. Please! How would humans be able to destroy an entire planet! We are only destroying ourselves. They should put it out and put that natural gas to good use! Seems like theres alot down therewow this whole is perfect for hiding corpses! Just toss em in there and theyl burn up! [. ] photos from EnglishRussia. Com Photos by John H. Bradley RSS feed for comments on this post. TrackBack URL Write a [. ]The Door to Hell is in Darvaz, Uzbekistan. Learn more about it and see photos and a video of it below. ] The story of this place lasts already for 85 years. Read more digg [. ][. ] English Russia ยป Darvaz: The Door to Hell its been burning for 85 years and no-one has thought to tap all that energy? O.

] jealous of Uzbekistan s Door to Hell. Via Reddit. ]Well, I once saw a documentary about a town in Pensylvania abandonned for 55 years or so because of underground coal mine fire. The air had become poisonous and at night you could see the rocks SHINE because of the heat.

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