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The president, who claims to have killed cartel bosses with his own hands, is not one to be bullied, and he has now set his sights on cleaning up the financial corruption in his country, promising to drive them out like the scavengers they are. It was also one of Asia s most corrupt and troubled nations. During the election campaign Duterte if he failed to resolve crime and corruption in the country during the first six months of his term. Over one year into his term and he has delivered on his promises. He s now famous for more than calling President Obama a at a regional summit in Laos last year. Billions of dollars worth of narcotics were seized, showing what can be done in a short timeframe if the problem is tackled seriously. Now the president is  and multination corporations who haven t paid a cent for decades. The elites and their media empires held former regimes to ransom.

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But they have no power over Duterte. And they are actually paying up. How does Duterte get away with taking on the rich and powerful? It s simple. He boasts a massive across the country. The oligarchs cannot use the mainstream media to destroy him because the people don t trust what the media says anymore. The people trust Duterte because unlike generations of politicians who came before him, he actually does what he says. His plain speaking enrages the powers that be in the West, who have waged war against him through their propaganda channels in the media. But whose judgement should we trust  the global cabal, or his own people? When he says he will eradicate all traces of Rothschild financial criminality from his country, there is no question he will follow through, despite the inherent risks. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and US-dominated World Bank have been major players in the global economic landscape ever since their creation in 6999. These international banking organizations, which are privately controlled by the notorious Rothschild banking family, first pressure nations to deregulate their financial sector, allowing private banks to loot their economies. Once the governments are forced to bail-out their deregulated financial sector, the IMF or World Bank sets up a loan package written in secret by central bankers and finance ministers that undermine their national sovereignty and force them to adopt policies of austerity that harm workers, families, and the environment. They have worked hard to gain financial independence and are now in the process of kicking the Rothschild controlled banks out of their country. In the USA, according to a recent fare I picked up delivered to a NYC Village Jazz spot when I was driving a cab most every Police Dept in the country has a crew who handles Narco traffic for the Feds. He was a retired Police Officer from Buffalo, NY. I recounted my story of the clubhouse off Broadway on Highland Ave in Yonkers, run by a Police Sgt, how massive narco traffic occurs there nearly every day, and how a young recruit to that police dept, who refused to go along with the narco dealing, had to abruptly quit in fear for his life after threats from the mafia cops. Duterte is a real leader, a man who followed thru on his campaign promises unlike Trump who sold out to the zionist neocon fascist cabal within 85 days of being in office, if not sooner. Trump could learn a lot from this guy regarding the zionist banking cartel on how to get rid of it but don t hold your breath! Like the man behind the curtain in The Wizard of Oz, they make you believe that you are lacking the things that God already gave you and they make you fear them when it is they who had better fear God. At least he has made a good beginning. God Willing, he will see it through.

Wrong question. You know the time america war with Vietnam, they quoted AS LONG AS WE EAT RICE FUCK AMERICA ( but mean not only america in case) they are not really even bothered, but as I have understood from you, you are much worried even nothing is happening yet. The reason also why other country are laughing on us is the mentality and lack of love to our own self and country. Dude I got a headache just reading your post. Go back to grammar school. We don t need a perfect grammar here. Most important we understand the good point of the message he delivered/means. Alike of Japan, Singapore, Korea, Middle East and others non-English speaking country. Why they are progressive. Making a good English just to fool people will not guaranty a good future. What does Malaysia have to do with any of these? Just when i m about to root for you guys because of the balls of steel your President has. You have to ruin it. Idiot! Trilingual is very common. How many Americans are at least bilingual? Very few, unless your parents were immigrants. Because one doesn t have complete mastery of English doesn t necessary mean he lacks intelligence. However I know plenty of monolingual Americans that write worse. Agreed. However the country has accepted dysfunctional english teachers, crappy schools, etc. What is more important pride in your mother tongue or pulling people out of poverty?

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PH has not yet learned how to avoid being swindled by Oligarchs, Politicians, and the idiot school system. Next time don t look at the grammar but whether others understand the message the writer wanted to relayLOL who cares about the others. So should we translate these to all languages so others would understand? Surfer. The message is clear and there s no need for translator to understand what the writer meant to convey. You should take a hold of communications between British and you will find their grammar full of mistakes. Look at how most Japanese communcate in english but they are more intelligent than you. As you can see he s using the phrase who cares about others pathetic! Fools can only look at the dirt on your face when there is no more substance left in their mouth! So why would I respond in Tagalog if the original post was in English? Who s the fool now loser. Grammar is grammar. I got the substance and you re comment says it all. Bring it on. Yeah get your head out of your mom s butt you mofo. I phucked your sister and she screamed like a pig. It s not about being good in grammar. It s about expressing our opinion. We are still better that we can express ourselves in English and our native language. China, Russia, France, Italy, Germany and other developed country in the world are not really that good in English but it didn t mean they have to go back to school. I guess u need to go back to school to review the right manner and conduct. Who says about being good?

It s about the proper way of communicating. Who cares about if one is a native English speaker or not. If you would like to have a debate here, grammar counts. It says a lot how credible your post is. Yes even if grammar is wrong, a post can make sense, but jeez, it s garbage. Trust me, grammar counts, even on this stupid comments section. To surfer: What is wrong with Antonio Gamboa s grammar? We are lucky cause we know how to use foreign language unlike you, you only know your native language! With support of his people. No resources are stronger than a nation determination. The problem in the U. S. Is that we had too many traitors to the British banking establishment from the time of the birth of our nation. Alexander Hamilton was a traitor and an agent of The Rothschilds. He was responsible for getting the First Bank of the U. (not really of the U. Though) in Philadelphia in6796. Notice the propaganda in trying to make Hamilton some kind of rock star while deleting a true patriot, Andrew Jackson from our history by replacing his image on the 75 dollar bill. True. Jackson took on the rothchilds who tried to assassinate him but failed. He kept the jew out.

MJackson screwed over the Indians and that is why we hate him to this day. Lying pile of crap that he was. Funny. The exact same thing was said when someone in America suggested, Why don t we just throw the British soldiers out and form our own country? Too bad it was the Democrats that let them back in when they allowed the formation of the Federal Reserve to print our money. When you see, a long dragging on, its probably a Jew troll, they love to do that! I would imagine they have grown tired of all the democracy we have brought to their shores and there were many of them brutally killed not that long ago bringing that freedom and democracy they never asked for or wanted. Maybe you should look into what the IMF, the World Bank, the IBS, and the entire Rothschild Zionist Banking system has done around the world and the misery and slavery it has caused. You might be surprised to find out it s also THE major problem in our country today altho no one talks about it. It s called The Federal Reserve and there s nothing Federal about it. And the really big kicker here is that our Nation is completely owned by these Zionist Banksters, but most ppl are blindly unaware about that. The last man in this country that stood up to this evil cabal was John F. Kennedy and he was assassinated. News for you the great USA is sending its 7 submarines probably to help monitor isis. Take the news with a grain of saltThey themselves created the ISIS along with Mossad, and now this cock and bull. The US was a more brutal occupier than Spain ever was. Indeed Eileen is what trump is doing for the betterment of all that walk this earthHe had better watch his back, hope he has plenty of body guards. The Rothschild s are ruthless and godless. Rothchilds are Jews with the same imaginary evil God(s) as Christians and Muslims Drug cartel leaders are not the same as the Godfather of the worlds banking cartel. They kill country leaders for breakfast then plan world wars. I support his effort though. Assad is still alive?

Assad does not come out and publicly attack Rothschild. Rothschild has called for all of thier puppet countries to attack Assad / Syria though.

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