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MeetMindful is one of the newest dating sites and apps on the block. Aimed at helping people find other singles living the mindful life, MeetMindful is the online dating service for those singles who self-identify as spiritual or otherwise mindful, and who are into yoga, meditation, mindful eating lifestyles (vegetarian, vegan, paleo, raw, etc. ). It s where the mindful meet up. The goal at MeetMindful is to help singles connect on a deeper level, through mindful living practices, such as yoga, meditation and social responsibility. (We actually wrote an article about how to find those with common interests on any dating site, by using Google. For that information read. )But still, it s nice to be able to go to a dating site knowing that it is populated primarily with your kind of people.

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MeetMindful has you define the interests consistent with its user base that are important to you, right at the outset, by having you select two interests from the following: After selecting your two primary interests, and hitting submit, you are taken to the area where you can start creating your profile. Right from the outset, MeetMindful distinguishes itself from other dating sites by telling you that: When it comes to creating your profile, generally most dating sites are fairly similar, however there are some interesting differences with MeetMindful in terms of the options you are given for describing yourself. For example, you can state whether you are vegetarian, vegan, raw, gluten-free, pescetarian, or an omnivore ( I eat anything ).

And the religion section includes not only the majors, but pagan, scientologist, and post-modernist. After filling out these things, you are taken to the final stage of your profile setup the mindfulness area. )MeetMindful offers a 98-hour initial trial, during which you can browse and even message other members, with no money required. After that it costs $79. 55 per month, or you can prepay 8, 6, or 67 months for a discount.

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I am finding this site to not be what is sounds like either. I have a hard time with companies I can not verbally talk to on the phone. I have found numbers to their Denver office that is disconnected, not a good sign. Get a clue and a number and maybe you will grow your biz! !

That isn t true. You have to pay to send messages and if you are not a paying member you can only read the first few words of incoming messages. Women complain about generic and short messages. Apps like this encourage that. As a man it is pointless for me to write a real message (just for her, more than a single line) to someone who isn t a paying member.

That is a lot of time and effort wasted if she cannot even read it. So men send that infamous Hey how are you? To see if they get a response. Meetmindful isn t about changing dating, it is about making money. In order to submit a comment to this post, please write this code along with your comment:


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