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If you're thinking of redecorating you've probably spent hours scrolling through Pinterest, but your time might be better spent consulting your astrological chart. Interiors experts from the online home furnishings and décor retailer brand Hayneedle have revealed the different domestic environments each star sign thrives in. And they've used this information to put together a guide to how each star sign can tailor their interior design to suit their celestial character, and how this will have a positive effect on their home life. Aries needs to include elements of actual fire to truly feel at home, and they favour a modern, trend-setting aesthetic (stock image) Aries are not afraid to take chances. Your fiery nature combined with the strength of Mars makes you bold and full of energy. An open-plan, clutter-free interior is ideal for you. As a highly active sign, minimalism helps you focus on that never-ending list of tasks, and arranging your living space to minimise cleaning will give you more time to go out and be active. Fill your space with bold elements that reflect your character.

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Strong reds and warm oranges play into your fiery nature and lift your mood. Include elements of actual fire: candles and gorgeous fireplaces are all welcome in an Aries home. A luscious carpet is essential, as you like to feel the warmth on your bare feet. There's a risk of becoming too energized, though, so be sure to balance the warm elements with reflective, watery materials such as glass and silver. Be creative with your decor. Push the boundaries. Fill your wall-space with avant garde paintings or prints. Choose a modern, trendsetting style that helps you be at the cutting edge of lifeTaureans are sensuous creatures. Being ruled by Venus, the planet of love, means you're a great admirer of traditional beauty. You like home to be paradise. Sensuous Taureans love their home comforts and like admire traditional beauty You'll benefit from a large, luxurious sofa and an equally sumptuous bed. Rugs, drapes, upholstery - anything plush and lovely will do. As an earth sign, your living space will need a good dose of organic material such as earthenware, wood and natural fibres. Leafy-green plants will help to accentuate your earthy nature. All of these elements will have strong aesthetic qualities to match your love of beauty. Go for neutral earthy colors - pastel greens with light airy accents to balance out the earth energies. Emerald green is a particularly uplifting color for sensitive souls like you. Taureans absolutely love entertaining guests, so the ideal interior will have lots of space for socialising. You're best suited to traditional design ideas rather than funky modern stuff.

You'll thrive in a home environment that has a rustic feel with plenty of authentic trimmings and one or two pieces of fine art hanging on the walls. A sumptuous bed and luxurious drapes will appeal to the sensuous Taurean's love of comfort (stock image) Being an air sign gives you that breezy quality. You love attention and love being with people. You'll flourish in a home that has sociability at its core. There should be space for parties, gatherings, fun and games. Sociable Geminis will want to put space for entertaining at the heart of the home You'll need a big dining table for the lavish feasts you hold for friends and family. Gemini is the sign of the twins, which means you're rather fickle and apt to change your mind on a whim. So make your interior design amenable to frequent change and adaptation. This will also help you keep any cluttery tendencies at bay. Geminis are best suited to light-hearted, quirky designs. Seriousness in art and style has a way of bringing down your mood. Think imaginative color schemes, fun objects and vibrant materials that allow you to express your breezy nature. But don't go overboard as you may come off as shallow and garish. You love to be at the forefront of society. So invest in the latest home gadgets and modcons, and get yourself some abstract modern art to really make you feel at home. A large dining table and fun statement objects should be at the heart of the Gemini home (stock image)Cancerians are extremely loving and sentimental with a strong sense of home and family. Extravagance can make you feel uncomfortable. You'll be more at home in a cosy environment - one that has a simple but welcoming vibe. You'll appreciate a big sofa made for comfort more than style. Memories are important to you, so make sure there's space for photographs and other treasured touchstones.

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Go for a neutral, soft-tone color palette of pastel blues with white, soft grays, and cream. Decorate with silvery, translucent objects to fully express your lunar energies. Because of your nostalgic tendencies, you're best suited to vintage and rustic styles. However, don't overdo it, as there's a danger of appearing fuddy duddy. Family is the most important thing in your life. A big, traditional dining table will allow you to hold family gatherings that satisfy your inner need for domestic harmony. Shabby chic is a dream for Cacnerians who love vintage and rustic styles (stock image)Leos are the royalty of horoscopes. Natural born leaders. Fearless, confident and charismatic. Your solar appetites demand nothing less than opulence and extravagance. You won't be happy unless your abode feels like a palace. Your ideal living space will be kitted out with high-end designer furniture and the finest materials such as silk, satin, and cashmere. A grand, stately dining table is an absolute must. How else are you going to throw banquets fit for kings and queens? Be careful not to overdo it, though. You don't want to come off as overbearing and showy. Keep it dignified and regal. Leos tend to crave sunshine, so make sure you allow plenty of natural light to permeate your home. Choose a color palette of yellows, oranges, reds, golds, and a good splash of royal purple to match your regal instincts. You have a ferocious lion nature that needs to be expressed, so include animal elements in your decor.

The ideal design style for Leos is ultra-modern with big pieces of contemporary fine art. Finally, the sun is your ruler. Pay homage with a grand fireplace that puts solar energies at the very heart of your domestic life. A grand, stately dining table is an absolute must for the regal Leo, who likes to entertain and command attention (stock image) Virgos are timid by nature. You instinctively shy away from the spotlight, but you're clever, practical and resourceful. You're suited to a home that puts utility ahead of style. You hate clutter, and like to keep things simple and spacious. Go for an open-concept plan if possible. Complement this with wooden flooring it's easy to clean and maintain, and it gives you a greater sense of simplicity and space. As a perfectionist, you'll benefit from rooms with symmetry. This will satisfy your innate need for a harmonious world. Avoid flashy decorations. Instead, go for tasteful decor and furnishings that represent modern trends. You're mercurial by nature, so make sure there's space for your books and a comfortable area where you can relax while exploring ideas. Being an earth sign means you'll benefit from neutral, earthy colors such as white, soft grays, and pastel greens. The underlying energy of your sign is organic, so make room for leafy green plants, gorgeous flowers, and indoor trees. Only then will you feel truly at homeVirgo has an underlying organic energy, so make room for leafy green plants, gorgeous flowers, and indoor trees (stock image) Librans tend to be artistic geniuses. You're sociable by nature and absolutely love balance and harmony. Thus, to fully express your balanced nature, your ideal living space will have perfect symmetry and excellent proportion. You have highly refined aesthetic tastes.

You crave beauty in your life. That's why your interior should be sumptuous and lovely with plenty of feminine curves and fine materials. That said, be careful not to sacrifice functionality for the sake of style. You tend to be indecisive, and this makes you clutter-prone. Keep things minimalistic and express your love of beauty in an understated way. You'll benefit from a color scheme of pastel shades of blue and purple. Glass tabletops and ornaments will help you express your airy nature. Invest in furniture that gives your home a vibe of authenticity. And if you want a truly Libran home interior, make sure creativity is represented: musical instruments, art canvases, and a good quality sound system will feed your creative appetite. An airy and uncluttered home with plenty of glass accents will appeal to Libra's love of understated beauty (stock image)Nobody tells a Scorpio what to do. You're powerful, magnetic, and in charge of your own destiny. You're a child of mystery and you go on deep-diving adventures into the arcane. Powerful and magnetic Scorpio likes a have where they can retreat from the world Your ideal living space is dark and ambient, full of calm, submarine colors with lots of strong contrasts and dark shadows. All this plays into your cavernous sense of mysticism and your urge to retreat from the world. Be careful not to go too dark, though provide balance with natural light in spacious areas - you'll be pleased by the contrast this creates. You don't mind clashes in style or color, so make bold statements with your decor. Include plenty of ethnic touches, interesting textiles, and arabesque patterns that add abstract and mysterious accents to your living space. For all your individualist flair, you still appreciate creature comforts. Choose soft, stylish furniture for your living room and a luxurious bed to sleep in.

This will help you gain contentment in your home. Dark furnishings balanced with natural light in spacious areas is the perfect mix for Scorpio (stock image) Sagittarians love to smile.

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