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I recently started watching my first K-Drama, which is Boys Over Flowers. When I m done with that, I m plan to watch Coffee Prince, You re Beautiful, Princess Hours, and most of the shows on your list. Based on this, can you suggest any other K-Dramas that I might like? Hi! I have watched that one and it is one of my fave also. I must have forgotten to add that here. : Di have watched many k dramas but going totally crazy for playful kiss.

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. Loved the show for me it s a must watch! Birth of a beauty Cunning single lady secret hotel Protect the boss Kill me heal me Hyde jekyll me try these too. These are all good, enjoy! Kill me heal me is reaally kill me than heal me. I laugh my heart out. Super duper hilllariousKill me, Heal me! Yes I totally loved it. I even ignored my exams while watching it the song Auditory hallucinations is still my ringtone 8 Jung In s performance is totally awesome! ! I love my princess, personal taste and not in your list and my favorite k drama is Fated To Love YouAlso you must watch: 6 the princess man and 7 Jang Ok-jung, Living in loveNo City Hunter? I love that drama, the main character build a chemistry. I also a fan of minmin couple and they really fit with each other. I actually waiting for the next season, if it s true! You MUST watch Healer! An even better version of city hunter! : D Reallllly romantic! I ve just started watching Korean dramas about a week ago. So far I ve watched Boys Over Flowers, Coffee House, Personal Preference and Lie To Me. I found this page by accident when I was searching for information on another one, Prosecutor Princess. Before, I d just been watching popular ones. And now I m addicted to pretty much all of these 8 So thank you, so, so much. : P Any other recommendations? (: Glad you stumble upon my page. Thank you for visiting. I will keep updating this page so I could those are love K-dramas like myself: )Hi I am also new to the beautiful realm of K drama I also want to say Blood is amazingly put together, like from the beginning till now. Like wowHi i am i would suggest u all watch to naked kitchen, cheomdamdong alice the producer, angel eyes, u who came from the star, the girl who see scent, missing u, scholar who walks the night, master sun, arang and magestrate, its okay tha s love, the winter that winds blows, my love my brude, boy from wonderland, bride for century u would love them and enjoy them so much. I so love kdrama ever. Enjoy gamsahamnida. Hwaiting! I really liked Gu Family Book.

I never finished Heirs yet or To The Beautiful you. And I started watching those a really long time ago. I always like Mischievous Kiss funny enough, no matter how many times it is remade. I am in the process of watching Marry Him If You Dare so guess I will find out what shows I like the best off my own preference. I didn t like the ending of Marry him If you dare, so I didn t include that in this list. But it is still a good drama to watch specially for those who are a fan of the leads. : )i liked marry him if u dare but te ending just killed it all like seriously i was looking forward to seeing who shed end up withlove your blogpost! I watch many korean dramaaaaaaaaaaaaaas tooo! Lauren xxxx Visit me: http: //laurlauu. Blogspot. Co. UkUr list is awesum. Similar to my taste and also hear OST of Its ok Thats Love. It will be nice. I liked ur blog! So pls update the drama list: ) TXawwww. Thank you! I will try to update this as much as I can. I have been so busy lately with my work and some Family issues. Take care: )thank you for updating ha? But pls if you can update more pa coz i will folloow your pages. New account lang akoo! Thak you for updating them all but pls if ou more time pa update some more pa ha/wow! Ur list is soo good. Like u said i started watching korean dramas with boys before flowers. I really liked secret garden. I have watched a few after going through this page like playful kiss, you re beautiful, heirs, flower boy ramyun shop. However you can include heartstrings in this list right? Ireally liked it! Hi there. I must have forgotten to add Heartstrings here, but anyway, I have included it in my other list actually.

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Here s the link to it. Http: //honeygutierrez. Com/7569/56/Best-korean-drama-in-7559-7565-7566-and-7567. Html Thank you for dropping by: )Scent of a woman, city hall and i do ido are great dramas with satsfying endingHi there, Innocent Man or Nice Guy is one of my personal favorites. I haven t included it here since it s a melodrama but it is included in my other list - here s the link to it http: //honeygutierrez. Html Thank you for dropping by! Xoxo: )No full house? It s one of my all time favorite kdramas! Really funny! Hi there! Full House is also one of my favorites. Haha I must have missed that I believe. My apologies. Its ok thats love is number 6 on my list: D unique! And by the way im totally agree with you Kim Woo Bin daebak! 8Yay! Love that we both love same dramas. What are you currently watching right now? : )i am a big fan of lee min-ho. I really liked his drama faith. Wish you had included it. I love it too but I haven t included it cause it s not a romantic comedy. But I fave Faith in my other list of best K dramas: )Hello there! Yes I have been following that drama lately, and it is quite good. Story is doing great so far. Hmmmm. I love the first few episodes, but sort of trying to get a break from it lately. Haven t watched it since Episode 67: DI wanted to watch flower boys next door but some peole say that i was not as good as they expected.

Should i try it anyway? Btw i am totally agree with u about kim woo bin. Anyone who have seen him in school 7568 and the heirs chances are they will fall for him even for just a little bit. I just finished watching Witch s Romances and totally love it. Give it a try if u haven t watch it. Well I am so happy to say that I ve watched most of the dramas here but because of this I think I m going to give marriage not dating and my girlfriend is a gimiho (did i spell that right? )a try. Thanks for this! I LOVE KOREAN DRAMAS! Yay! Watch them, and lemme me know what do you think of those dramas! : )We have the same taste in romcom. Now I m watching Modern Farmer and its perfectly funny. I watched most of the dramas on your list. IT S OK IT S LOVE that s also my favorite of all so far. I love their personality. I love the psychological approach of the drama and it had me bursting into laughter. I also learned a lot in this drama. More than enjoying a show, it is important to learn from it too ^^ In Sung and Hyo Jin were perfect how can In Sung be so handsome? ? ^^ I saw Hyo Jin first in My Greatest Love and i dont really appreciate her there, although the story was superb. But in this drama she is soooo gorgeous. Although i am a girl i really think she s way too gorgeous fighting ^^Yay. When I first watched her dramas, I really don t appreciate her that much. But she somehow grow on me hehehe I kind of start loving her more: )They are all my favorites hehehe. I hear your voice, marriage not dating and You from the stars are the ones that I really do love: )hello. I tried to watch reply 6997 but i got bored in the middle of episode 7, should i continue watching this? Keep watching and don t read any spoilers or other peoples reviews. By the end you will be sad it s over, that is how much the characters will grow on you! So true. 6999 and 6997 are such awesome dramas. They are definitely my favorites: )Pinocchio is really a good one.

Heart touching story. One ll definetly cry while watching it. Hi dear, should add in the drama Fated To Love You. Starring Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara. This drama got everything in one, comedy, romantic, sad, touching all in one emotions, u name it, u got it. Jang hyuk was so GOOD LOOKING in that movie, he was like a white sheet of canvas that suit any colours and hair style put on him in that show. The acting was also SUPERB. He surprised me with his comical humoured side as an actor. This show is good and addictive, i watched it many times. Hi. I haven t watched that one yet. Well, I have but had to stop. I have been really busy with work but will surely get back with watching Korean Dramas pretty soon: )Heyy. I am a big fan of Korean movies and I am looking forward to watching the dramas too. Please suggest me a good site where i can watch it free online with English subtitles. I am from India and they do not air any korean shows here on TV, which is of course which is very disappointing. So please let me know, thanks a ton in advance: )WOWjust what I was looking for. Came here by searching for electrician Look into my homepage. Thank you so much. I truly appreciate you guys dropping by. Have a happy holidays with you fambam. : )Great list. I have watched all of them, however you are missing a few gems which I think are a must on any romantic comedy list. 6st I would remove bride of the century and secret garden of the list as I dont think they were romantic comedies, in fact I dropped bride of the century half way through, so boring it got. Secret garden is on my all time favourites list. Then I would add Cunning single lady, Emergency couple and King7hearts. And last but not least are Full House and My Girl, the latter being simply the best drama ever! Or maybe I m biased as it was my very first drama, almost a decade ago, so it will always have a special place in my heart and I ll always think that no list complete without it, hehehehe. Okay, this list is pretty much growing. And I agree with all those you ve mentioned that I haven t included in the list. I had an old one that I accidentally deleted, and those you ve mentioned were included in that list lol We have pretty much the same taste when it comes to drama. Thank you: )Can somebody tell me at least 65 funniest korean drama?

I need something like my love from another star and emergency couple cause i laugh a lot! So hillarious.

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