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There s a whole set of Mormon underwear (they call them temple garments I d like to know a whole lot more about, but Mormi seem pretty embarrassed and it s hard to get the straight dope. 6) Do men and women both wear them? Are they cut differently for different bodies? 7) Are they ever allowed to take them off? For sports? For going swimming? During sex? Yes men and women who make covenants (usually after marriage or before serving a mission) will wear them.

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Yes, they have several pairs, we sweat just like anyone else and they need to be washed. It s just like any other type of underwear, but a reminder to keep one s self pure and resist temptation. Yes you are allowed to take them off for those 8 events. It s simply encouraged to wear them as much as possible. Why would wearing magic underwear be any wierder than Sikhs who carry a kirpan and never cut their hair? Any how much wierder is it that Joe Smith translated a bunch of golden plates which disappeared than a god talking to us from a burning bush? Its a shame the mormons are blinded by their upbringing. I was not raised in the faith I converted. Also, unlike some religions, LDS encourages us to think for ourselves and not just take someone s say-so. In addition, Jesus spoke of other sheep. Is it not reasonable to assume that his other sheep would have his commandments and doctrine? 6) Yes, and they re cut differently for different body sizes. Members are reminded to not change them to fit styles, primarily as a concern for modesty. 7) Members keep garments on for any reasonable activity. Activities for which they remove them and wear gentile underwear as you say include the three you mentioned. 6) Members can and do, like in question 7. However, they remind members of promises to follow Jesus Christ so typically they wear them when possible. 7) They are sold for money but the price is pretty much at cost. Primary revenue generation for the church is through tithing donations, typically 65% of the members incomes. Isn t the belief in those garments like believing in magic? True, many religions have rituals that are indistinguishable from magic and animism, but Mormonism s are particularly funny. You must admit that wearing a cross or a Star of David is far less funny than magic underwear. How weird is it that saul in the bible had a witch summon samuel the prophet back to life? There is a lot of crazy things in the bible also. Just sayingNot true! Take a vist to a mormon church. For your info, they are not magic and w know that. I believe that many churches ask for a 65% tithe.

It is optional, and the money goes to helping people, communities, and other countries in need, whether they are Mormon or not. Money also goes to building church buildings, temples, for planning and helping youth attend activities for the youth in the church (Girl s camp, Scout Camp, Youth Conference, etc. ), and to providing food/clothing, etc to people in need, as I said previously. Money is also donated to charities and things like that. The prophet, apostles, bishops, and other leaders throughout the church are not payed for their services. Service is service only when it is offered with no strings attached. Many religions have sacred garments. I am a strong supporter of marriage equality, but I think this website is harming the cause by promoting bias and negative stereotypes. You might argue that the Mormons are doing the same thing to gays, but continuing the behavior does not help anything. I specifically brought up this issue to my parents when they were talking to missionaries and considering conversion. My mother asked the missionary, who said Oh, no. We don t do that anymore. Yet, my now-Mormon mom and dad wear these things. And the modesty business? That s aimed at *women. *What is it that the missionaries are taught? Oh, yes. Milk before meat which translates to sidestepping any difficult questions asked of them by proselytes who might find it creepy to be told what kind of drawers they re expected to wear 79/7. Hi Fiona69 Garments are yes a modesty issue, but not only aimed at women. Thank heavens those are out of style! ! So the modesty issue is aimed at women and 6975 s basketall players. Sounds fair. I ll convert right away. If you do not want people to make fun of your beliefs, do not have such funny beliefs. You can make fun of my beliefs bro all you want, but all I know is that if you want to live a safe and clean life be a mormon. If not then don t be one simple as that. Just because I don t care, it doesn t mean I don t understand.

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Milk before meat, and then dessert. (Just wait till we tell them they can become a god, too! )Yes, Mormons are Christians. In fact, the real name of the Mormon church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They believe very much that Jesus is the Savior and redeemer of the world. Above all else, they believe this. The wordy title of the church means that this is th church that Jesus would lead if he were on the earth today. They do believe that they become gods when they die. God lives on, or near the planet Kolob in our galaxy. You are filled with a lot of anger. I do not understand what we have done to you. Your sister would have been allowed to attend the wedding if it was in the church. The Temples are sacred, honorable places, and people that enter them should try to be as nonjudgmental as they can. Since people who are not members do not like us, of course they cannot enter. We wear our underwear so we can be reminded of the covenants we make. It is kind of like the armor of God. Modesty is expected, but the world could use a little more modesty. It is by choice we wear our garments. What doctrine states that it is OK to hate someone? To judge someone? We are a people that think everybody is entitled to believe in who they choose. LOL That statement reveals a *lot* about your mindset of imagined persecution. You are the religion that belives that if you are not mormon, there is no way into heaven. Mormons are the judgemental ones. What doctrine says its ok to hate someone? Um, that would be Mormonism which says its ok to hate the gays and anyone who doesn t believe in your crazy religion. Is that how you feel? Everybody in the world who is not a Mormon, even family members of Mormons, don t like you?

If you represent the Mormons, I do hope Romney is not the next President. Since people who are not members don t like you they cant enter the temple? Say that to yourself a few times and let me know if you find anything off with that statement. Accusation #6. Mormons believe all non members to be satanic. Answer: this is false. We believe that there are many hood people all over the world who are not LDS. 7: we do not believe God is an alien. We believe he is the literal father of our spirits, as stated in the new testament. 8: temples. Um. . You must be a trmple recommend holder to enter the temple. Which means that not even all Mormons can enter unless they are worthy. However, regular church buildings welcome everyone who wishes to come inside. It is even stared in large print on the outside of each chapel. Next: Mormons view non members as inferior. This is false. Utterly and blatantly false. We view nonmembers as children of god, who are trying to live their lives as well as they can, with the knowledge of god that they have. Like I said before. There are many good people outside of the church. As for heaven. Well.

The way that we look at it, there are 8 places you can go, as stated in Corinthians, the lowest place is for those who did not keep the commandments of god, and didn t repent of their sins. The next is for those who lived good lives, and were good people, but did not accept Christ fully, and the last is for those who kept all of god s commandments and repented and fully accepted Christ and his teachings. Now, i know that you have your religion, and i respect that, whatever it may be. As stated in The Articles of Faith. (written by Joseph Smit. ). As for missionaries, they wish to force no one to believe anything. They just want to share what they have learned for themselves. Again the old testament: it becometh evey man who hath been warned, to warn his neighbor. And to sum it all up, to truly state the integral beliefs of the church: We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all me indeed we may say that we follow the admonition of Paul We believe all things, we hope all things, we have endures many things and we hope to be able to endure all things. If there is anything virtuous, lovely, of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these Things. Oh, and I am not mad at you, though my post might seem a tad defensive. I just want to clarify the misconceptions you have. It makes mrme sad to see do many people trying to tear down the church because they just go along with what the people around them say. Then how come the LDS church refers to itself as The One True Church, and other Christian churches as being apostate? Next: god forgives all. This is true, to the extent that they trpent, and obey his laws. He is perfect in mercy, and perfect in justice. If a person has sinned, and not repented. How can god allow mercy to rob justice? There have been several archaeological finding dating Mormonism back to 7655 bc? Really? Someone had sex with Mary. That s how babies are made. When you accuse someone of writing something untrue, think about the gift of childbirth- which happens approximately 9 months after two human people are sexually involved and a fertilized egg is well received and hopefully develops into a healthy baby.

That is a fact, not a story. Please stop this madness. I remember when John Kennedy ran for president and people were afraid to vote for him because they thought that his catholic religion would change the US. I am a Christian and I am voting for Romney because I believe that Obama is a Muslim.

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