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There s a whole set of Mormon underwear (they call them temple garments I d like to know a whole lot more about, but Mormi seem pretty embarrassed and it s hard to get the straight dope. 6) Do men and women both wear them? Are they cut differently for different bodies? 7) Are they ever allowed to take them off? For sports? For going swimming? During sex? Yes men and women who make covenants (usually after marriage or before serving a mission) will wear them.

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Yes, they have several pairs, we sweat just like anyone else and they need to be washed. It s just like any other type of underwear, but a reminder to keep one s self pure and resist temptation. Yes you are allowed to take them off for those 8 events. It s simply encouraged to wear them as much as possible. Why would wearing magic underwear be any wierder than Sikhs who carry a kirpan and never cut their hair?

Any how much wierder is it that Joe Smith translated a bunch of golden plates which disappeared than a god talking to us from a burning bush? Its a shame the mormons are blinded by their upbringing. I was not raised in the faith I converted. Also, unlike some religions, LDS encourages us to think for ourselves and not just take someone s say-so. In addition, Jesus spoke of other sheep.

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Is it not reasonable to assume that his other sheep would have his commandments and doctrine? 6) Yes, and they re cut differently for different body sizes. Members are reminded to not change them to fit styles, primarily as a concern for modesty. 7) Members keep garments on for any reasonable activity. Activities for which they remove them and wear gentile underwear as you say include the three you mentioned.

6) Members can and do, like in question 7. However, they remind members of promises to follow Jesus Christ so typically they wear them when possible. 7) They are sold for money but the price is pretty much at cost. Primary revenue generation for the church is through tithing donations, typically 65% of the members incomes. Isn t the belief in those garments like believing in magic?

True, many religions have rituals that are indistinguishable from magic and animism, but Mormonism s are particularly funny. You must admit that wearing a cross or a Star of David is far less funny than magic underwear. How weird is it that saul in the bible had a witch summon samuel the prophet back to life? There is a lot of crazy things in the bible also. Just sayingNot true!

Take a vist to a mormon church. For your info, they are not magic and w know that.

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