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Tuthmosis is a Columnist-at-Large at Return of Kings. His work has been covered by major media outlets such as,,,, and. He s also been profiled by and. Slutty and overweight Internet feminists aren’t known for their originality or creativity. This truism has been made especially clear in recent days, with the tandem explosion of two ROK events: my own 79 Signs She’s a Slut piece and ROK’s devastating, unexpected 9-66-for-fatties #FatShamingWeek campaign. Will become fat chicks 9-66. Unexpected, devastating.

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The 69 bombers will become heroes in the skinny world. Both garnered tremendous engagement, and from disparate corners of the web. Much of it came from regular guys who—either recognizing the tell-tale signs of female promiscuity, or fed up with excuse-making from indolent fatties—high-fived us in enthusiastic approval and gratitude. However, a not-insignificant portion came from embittered feminists, crypto-sluts, fat tubs-of-shit, and their emasculated male defenders, who lobbed ad-hominem abuse at the authors. This, we know is the clarion call of the butt-hurt and fragile Internet feminist, who requires a “trigger warning” for mere words on a screen, while unironically declaring herself to be “strong” and “independent” in the same breath. The fascinating part about these reams of “insults” wasn’t their sheer volume—and it was large—but how remarkably identical they were to every other insult you see coming from their ilk, in manosphere comment sections and twitter feeds, or feminists’ own call-out articles. Their lack of originality was such that you couldn t help but wonder whether they were all reading from the same instruction manual or whether there’s, in fact, veracity in the argument that women are uncreative copycats with an inability to be funny. This manifests itself in many forms, but usually with the inference that we live in our mother’s basements and play video games all day which, frankly, would be great—and doesn’t make our assertions wrong. Interestingly, one of the most common responses to my incontrovertible truths about slut detection was the unlikely proposition that I’m, in fact, a sexless virgin. This is among the most common feminist insults, proving that our skills at bedding women are, in the end, the object of their (however begrudging) admiration. The classic feminist and fatty insult comes straight from the penis-envy sector of their brains. When in doubt, shout rape. This (in its various permutations) is easily the most common insult, a sad product of the Rape Tourette’s epidemic among feminists and their white-knight protectors. In a classic instance of “projection, ” sluts and feminists with daddy issues assume everyone has their deep-seated psychological problems. “ x doesn’t apply to me, therefore your whole proposition is wrong. ” The rare exceptions merely prove the rule, sweetheart assuming you re even telling the truth. The great irony is that people who are so dedicated to fighting violence against women are quick to wish (and describe) brutal violence on others. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they have a particular fixation on the male genitalia. Ladies (and white-knights), next time you hope to hurt our feelings, frighten us, or get a laugh at our expense, review this list and come up with something new. Unlike you, we can actually appreciate a well-placed insult. If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh s book Free Speech Isn t Free.

It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. . Your support will help maintain our operation. I guess forty years of having it their way completely in all damnation has led to extreme laziness, fat fuck, herd mentality complex. Honestly, this represents the bulk of the insults I ever see or get. I think the best one I ever heard was given to me a few years ago by a coworker saying What? You gonna go to Ihatewoman. Com or something? My response was YES! Yes I am. At which point the all the others, men mind you, told me how wrong I was, and that Billy Bob s friend over there got custody, so I must be wrong. I suppose it was somewhat of an intervention? Jesse James do you still live with your mother? I bet you are just afraid of a STRONG WOMAN! You just can t handle a blhblahblah woman like me. You just need to get over your fear of You men are just afraid of losing all your privileges. I do, except it is my wife who acts the part, and then I sleep with her before sending her to work to make me money, do my laundry, and make me dinner. Just like oh wait? ! Shit. The ONLY guys I have ever seen nodding their heads on agreement with feminist hounds spewing nonsense like the shit above have been betas AT BEST!

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Mostly omegaish-betas. This site is rapidly becoming tiresome and monotonous. It seems more and more content revolves around [fat people / feminists / ugly girls / bitches / liberals] suck, and very little actually provides insight or fodder for self-improvement. I think its a decent article. This article is about the shaming tactics that feminists use. Its informative to any newbies that just took the red pill. In fact, anyone else hoping to use one of these tired insults might consider not commenting on future articles, or leaving the site entirely, because apparently it s clear what they were going to say anyway. Agreed. I enjoyed it and found it thought-provoking in view of all the negative comments the 7 articles have been receiving. Precisely. If you can t recognize the utility in helping men dismantle the robust intellectual apparatus working against their self-improvement in their day-to-day interaction, you re incredibly short-sighted. Articles like these are still better than the ghetto-inspired ones like those urging you to steal food from her fridge and support girls with illegitimate spawns. Did one of your uncles take your school lunch outta the fridge when you were little? A hilarious comment by one of ROK s more insightful contributors. Over 755,555 people have visited ROK in the past month. As I write this, over 555 people are on the site. Therefore, your opinion has no value, as we can not cater to one individual. We wish you the best of luck in finding another web site that caters to your needs. Is that 755,555 new members or does that include old and new members. If it were 755,555 new members that would be great, if not, still good. Really now?

Jezebel has around 65 million monthly views. And since when did popularity equal quality? If so, the Twilight saga would be some of the best books ever written. Waaaaait a minute. Is this actually an addition to the list? If so, it s clever. Self-improvement does need looking into things others do wrong as well, apart from what we do wrong. Otto von Bismarck: Fools say that they profit from experience. I prefer to profit from other people s experiences. No, it s just hitting its stride. This article needed to be written possibly more than anything else. The more that s written, the more that will come up in Google and school 68-year-old boys raised on feminist bullshit. We re looking at light blub moments with articles like this one. Well said. I didn t even consider the usefulness of this material to some random 68 year old kid who s searching for answers and defenses. Dont forget the I think he s gay line that bitter feminist females use. NB: This is a shit test. In fact that could be said about most if not all the insults mentioned by this author. Solution:

Any woman that uses these insults isn t even worth your precious time/resources. Reason C: You re not kissing her ass like most men do, she ll try to rationalize it with you must be gay. True that, especially if she s used to 65+ beta orbiters, Feminists dont have the ability to do some introspection. She doesn t realize that she s hypergamous/hypocritical/narcissistic/ batshit crazyIt has to be a problem with YOU, if you dont suck her toes and bend over backwards, nothing to do with the reasons mentioned aboveHey, I m still really curious. Do you actually believe that women and/or feminists want to be better than men? I m a feminist and I have no problem with men, and the idea of toe sucking turns me right off. Have you studied the various academic schools of thought within feminism? Sure, there are extremists, but they don t account for the entire movement. Equality, that s all we want. What equality do you lack? I don t see what equality you re fighting for. I like your passion, and I d love to agree with you, but feminism is not the answer in today s world. Especially in Ireland (my grandparents were born there, with many of me relatives there too). Feminism corrupting the beautiful souls of the Irish people is one of my greatest fears. I want to return to my ancestor s country and I don t want to see it plagued with the tramp stamps, bitchy attitudes, and disgusting appearance that women in America oft display. American women have become some of the most intolerable people on Earth. If anything free sex to such a Catholic country is more a burden than a boon. The pill destroyed marriage in America, it ll destroy the beautiful traditionalism that has propelled Ireland for years. And Ireland shan t go back to the hellish dark days under British rule they dread returning to old British customs that they bled through revolution and sacrifice. Please, if anything, don t fight for the disgusting feminism that plagues the modern world and fights for incessant sex fight for the feminism that brings back women to their innate being feminine, but understanding of the necessity for marriage, and the beauty that Irish women can display if they lose the fat and cut the attitude.

You propose a good argument, and your emotional appeal sounds compelling.

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