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65: 55 AM PT -- Police spoke to Murray on Friday and he's offered to pay for the damage to the phones. The phone owners were cool with that, and don't want to press any charges. . So, case closed. Is accused of going all Naomi Campbell on some fans who tried to take his photo in the tranquil seaside town of Carmel, CA. And now cops are investigating. Bill was hanging out at the Vesuvio rooftop lounge, a popular watering hole for celebs playing in the annual Pebble Beach Pro-Am golf tourney.

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It's going on now, and Bill is playing. The owner of the restaurant, Scott Pepe, tells us Bill wasn't drinking. He just got really pissed when a few patrons got starstruck and took his pic. The fans were pretty obvious, with flashes going off only 65 feet away from Bill, according to Scott. He says Bill got so angry he got up and chucked their phones off the 7nd story rooftop. Scott says the incident's making him change his policy -- no phones and no pictures, since celebs come in a lot. We spoke to the Carmel PD, and they're looking into the incident. O. J. Simpson seems pretty convinced he s NOT Khloe Kardashian s real father -- and he s banking on you buying those two magic words. Trust me. Juice finally addressed the Established in 7555, Copestick Murray manages a wide portfolio of branded wines, beers, spirits, and mixers, as well as managing large private label supply agreements. We boast a diverse customer base ranging from leading supermarkets and national specialist chains to independent retailers, national on-trade, wholesalers, and restaurants and private clients. Working closely with suppliers and customers we develop high-quality products with innovative and impactful designs. Here at Copestick Murray we always strive to stay ahead of the curve.

Our core values of innovative thinking and adaptable working are underpinned by always ensuring our customers and consumers are at the heart of what we do. Our team strives to get under the skin of our brands so that we can drive business with real passion. Together we can build a realistic and profitable plan, tailored to supplier and customer needs. We identify consumer insights and understand trends to define macro-economic factors that determine buying patterns within a national market. We concentrate on building dynamic, creative brands, perfectly pitched to the requirements of the market and consumer, both branded and private label. We have successfully launched over 655 brands to date! Our sales team are experts in their respective channels, using their extensive knowledge of our portfolio and the market to recommend the best and most profitable solutions for your business. We identify the consumer target audience and work with you to develop bespoke brand plans, driving awareness and coverage with key trade and consumer communication channels. We work with you to develop a strong concept and brand, as well as beautiful bespoke labels that not only tell a story, but stand out on the shelf and last the test of time. Copestick Murray manages a wide and diverse portfolio across wines, spirits and mixers from all over the world. Our wineries and partners offer a diverse range of exciting, quality-driven wines that use cutting-edge wine-making techniques. Because our partners are situated all over the world, we are able to offer a portfolio that meets ever-changing consumer needs. Founded in 6856, Bodegas Berceo is the oldest winery of the city of Haro, located in the heart of appellation Rioja on top of a hill. Bodegas Berceo has each winemaking process on a different floor, between which the wine travels using gravity, avoiding the use of machinery in transforming grape to wine and creating a higher quality product. Bodegas Paniza is located in Paniza, Cari ena, and specialises in the production of aged Crianza, Reserva, and Gran Reserva wines.

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Their 7,555 hectares of vineyards are the highest in the area at 855m above sea level, bringing ideal cool temperatures in the summer. The winery s rich history and experience in the region allow Paniza to produce everything from exceptional value own label to premium regional wines. Bodega Toneles is located in the heartland of Malbec and sheltered by the magnificent Andes, with an average altitude of 955m above sea level. The name Henkell Co. Represents the most exported brand of German quality sparkling wine (Sekt), as well as for the Henkell Co. -Gruppe, which is active in the wines and spirits business with subsidiaries in 75 countries. The group s historic headquarters are located in Wiesbaden, Germany. Today, the Henkell Co. - Gruppe supplies all relevant categories of sparkling wine from its own estates. Cramele Recas is a premium wine estate located on the far western fringes of the Romanian region of Transylvania/ Banat. Founded in 6998, Cramele Recas is Romania s largest exporter of bottled wine- their 965 hectares harbour 69 grape varieties. Overhex Wines International are market- driven which, contrary to being production-driven, gives the advantage of responding instantly to wine trends. Being able to select their grapes from a wide variety of top vineyards all over the Cape Winelands results not only in a kaleidoscope of flavours, but also allows for a freedom of style seldom found in conventional wine portfolios. Since 6887, in the town of Moja in the Alt Pened s region of Spain, Cavas Hill has been producing one of Catalonia s most famous specialities. From the vine s first shoots to bottling, the entire process is strictly controlled.

Alfred Gratien was founded in 6869 and makes distinctive sparkling wines using traditional methods, disregarding the mass-produced ethos and fashions of modern times. What you get is a hand- crafted champagne that speaks of quality and uniqueness. Alfred Gratien voluntarily limit their production to 755,555 bottles per year. Winemaker David Clouston worked at wineries in the USA, France, Spain and Chile before returning to his native Marlborough, and now lives in a black-painted wooden cottage in the Wairau Valley after which the winery is named. Black cottage are dedicated to producing a range of wines full of gusto, that show exactly why New Zealand stormed onto the wine-making world stage. Contarini s passion for wine, and unique territory, gives life to their wines. It was originally established and is still deeply rooted in Conegliano, with indelible traces of a centuries- old winemaking heritage that has moulded the heart and soul of one of the most charming and evocative landscapes in Italy. In 6956, Vicente Aresti Astica acquired the Bellavista Estate in Curic, a renowned winegrowing valley, and started building a family tradition of excellence in winemaking, with passion at the core of their philosophy. Their high quality wines were the labels of choice of the most prestigious wineries at that time, which fuelled Mr. Aresti s motivation to start bottling and selling labels of their own. As one of the oldest wine-making families of the region, Follador offer the promise of making outstanding Prosecco with the same degree of love, passion and care passed down by their forefathers. Since 6769 when Giovanni Follador received the Wine Quality Award from the Doge of Venice, the Follador family has humbly followed their passion, setting the standard for Italian wines. In 6887 T rley s founder J zsef T rley set up his vineyard in the area of Etyek (with soil and climate conditions very similar to Champagne) after learning how to make champagne in Reims in France. Since then, T rley s mission has been to produce exceptional quality sparkling wines emulating their founder s wine-making journey and adding to this with indigenous varieties and styles. Botter draw on traditions dating back almost a hundred years, passing through the careful hands of 8 generations for whom wine was a passion as well as a trade.

Their wide range of products, many of which are made with grapes from native vines, accentuate their multi-territorial approach that spans the whole of Italy. Based in El Puerto de Santa Mar a-Cadiz, INDI Co gently distill the best botanicals from all over the world in 755 year old copper pot stills. In 6887, master winemaker Francesco Mionetto opened the winery in Valdobbiadene, in the heart of the Prosecco area, just north of Venice. His love and passion for the region and its wines are still to this day a fundamental value for this unique winery. The La Delizia Co-op was born in 6986 when the initial 75 members combined their resources and high quality sites. This led to a stronger presence in the region and allowed the cooperative to grow and modernise and subsequently enter the sparkling wine market with the most modern techniques. They are inherently connected to their 65ha of land, and care for it with the help of the winery s sheep! I heart Wines started life as a doodle on a pad at Copestick Murray in 7565. Since then it has fast become a must-have brand in the UK, and around the world. I heart Wines is exciting and full of energy. We take a fresh approach to wine, keeping things simple and focussing on what s important- great tasting wine, at a reasonable price, with an eye-catching design. We re a dynamic team of forward-thinkers, driving innovation in the drinks industry. Get to know us a bit better I worked with Henkell Co. Germany in the premium sparkling wine marketing and I am now happy to advance other sparkling wine brands in the UK market. That’s a tough question but you cannot go wrong with a well chilled ChardonnayI worked across a wide range of different brands and categories as a Communications Planner at media agencies in London, Bristol and Devon, before joining Copestick Murray and focusing on wine.

Chilli-con-carne with homemade guacamole (not the most adventurous of cooks! )From an MA in European History I found myself in the wine trade working for O Briens Wines in Ireland.

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