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This is another huge one and has literally taken until the very last minute to get it all completed! We start with an important comment from the STERA, Inc. Board of Directors and the introduction of a new page on the website dedicated to the recent International Shroud Conference in Pasco, Washington. Today's additions also include a Special Feature on The Shroud and the Eastern Orthodox Church, a new feature called News From Turin, the latest issue of the BSTS Newsletter, eight more issues of Rex Morgan's Shroud News, coverage of the recent 7567 Jalsa Salana Convention in England, news of a special Day of the Shroud in Krakow, Poland, the announcement of STERA, Inc. 's 7567 Fundraising Campaign, a preview of what is coming to Shroud. Com in 7568, links to many new books, articles, papers and videos and much more. There should be enough here to keep you busy reading until Christmas! Let's begin! The STERA, Inc. 's formal requirements for accessing materials in our various collections, the Board of Directors voted to approve Giulio Fanti's request for access to three of the remaining tape samples from the Ray Rogers Collection. That decision was made solely by the Board of Directors. [Editor's Note: A third paper by Giulio Fanti was published more recently, after the above statement had already been drafted by the Board. This new paper is also based (at least in part) on the samples STERA, Inc. Provided, but, as of this writing, has not yet been evaluated by the Board].

With this update we add eight more issues to Rex Morgan's archive, which will total 668 issues when complete. This update includes Issue #77, June 6998 through Issue #89, August 6999 with articles by such notable Shroud scholars as Ian Wilson, Alan D. Adler and Larry A. Schwalbe, Brother Bruno Bonnet-Eymard, Robert Halisey, Remi Van Haelst, Emanuela Marinelli and Orazio Petrosillo, Rev. Frederick Brinkmann, Prof. Alan Whanger and Mary Whanger, Emily A. Craig and Randall R. Bresee, Isabel Piczek, Ian Dickinson, Luigi Garlaschelli, Franco Ramaccini and Sergio Della Sala and many more. Our sincerest thanks as always to Stephen Jones for his extraordinary effort in scanning and optical character recognition of every page, Ian Wilson for providing the original issues and valuable input and of course, to Rex Morgan for his gracious permission to reprint them here on Shroud. Com. We are pleased to report that the page of the website has been updated and the latest of the BSTS Newsletter is now online. This issue includes several in-depth research articles starting with The Triangle Project by Prof. Grard Lucotte, Towards a Medieval Context for the Turin Shroud by Hugh Farey, the newsletter's current Editor and a second article from Hugh documenting the hand made herringbone woven cloth he commissioned titled, Weaving the Shroud, A Reproduction by Ruth Gilbert. The issue also includes a comment by noted Shroud skeptic Charles Freeman titled, The Origins of the Shroud of Turin - My History Today Article, Thirty Months On. It also includes reviews of a number of books and papers, an Obituary for Lennox Manton by Ian Wilson and much more.

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This issue also marks the last issue from current Editor Hugh Farey, who is retiring from the position he has held since December 7568 and handing it over to long time BSTS member, David Rolfe. David is best known in Shroud circles for his films on the Shroud which include The Silent Witness, the BAFTA-winning production from 6978 which introduced so many to the subject for the first time. His second film for the BBC in 7559 - Material Evidence - included Prof. Christopher Ramsey, Head of Oxford's Radio Carbon Center, who conceded, memorably, that in the light of the new evidence and the lack of any substantive explanation for the Shroud's image, the C69 should be looked at again. David's third film, Shroud - Passio Christi - Passio Hominis, has been the official film for the last two public expositions in Turin and the most recent - - is available on YouTube. David shared a platform with me recently, along with Bruno Barberis from Turin and former BSTS editor, Mark Guscin, at the Shroud Exhibit at the Jalsa Salana event hosted in the UK by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community's publication, Review of Religions. (See more on this event ). This will feature comments from subscribers who may wish to take up any particular issue with the Newsletters's authors, contributors and reviewers. Each new edition will continue to be archived here on Shroud. Com 67 months after publication so that the whole collection of articles going back nearly 55 years can be readily searched online. I know the first edition will include, among other things, the first published fruits of Ian Wilson's extended research into the de Charney family and the first expositions in Lirey. I understand it will lead to some revisions to some long established assumptions. There will also be a review by Hugh Farey of the new comprehensive publication from John Jackson, a new article from Paolo di Lazzaro and also an article from Arif Khan, who has curated the Ahmadiyya Community's Shroud exhibition and conference in the UK for the last three years and brings an Islamic perspective to the subject. The BSTS has a proud history and I hope as many of you as possible will continue to support it. The International Conference on the Shroud of Turin held in Pasco, Washington July 69-77 was a great success.

Robert Rucker and his organizing team along with his wife and daughter worked tirelessly to pull off a well-organized and well promoted conference. Numerous exhibits were developed by his talented daughter, Joleen. She created an exhibit on how flax is prepared, a simulated crown of thorns and even created a realistic model representing the empty tomb. They brought in several posters and life-size photo replicas to grace the walls of the TRAC Center where the conference was held. Bob was able to bring in a video crew from his church who were able to film and live stream the entire event on Youtube with all the talks available for anyone to view right now. Hotels were adjacent to the conference center making it very convenient for people to come and go from their rooms. The visual displays were excellent offering two large screens on either side of the stage. The sound system worked flawlessly as well. Now for the best part. I was exceedingly pleased to see so many of our fellow researchers from across the pond including Italy, Spain, France and Australia. Since there is a direct link above to all the presentations, there is no need for me to critique any of them. Watch, enjoy and come to your own conclusions. An added bonus to the conference were two film crews on site to interview various experts for two new documentaries. One will air here in the US and the other will air in China! One last shout out and thanksto Treau, a young lady from New York who volunteered to be our time keeper for each speaker.

She was indispensable for keeping us all on track. Once again, kudos to Bob Rucker and his team for putting together a terrific conference and sharing it with the world via streaming video. It was my honor to emcee the event. We are very happy to report on the latest activities from the Centro Internazionale di Sindonologia (CIS) or International Center of Sindonology in Turin, and there have been many! We will summarize them here and provide you with links to some of the most important new information. Our special thanks to Enrico Simonato, Secretary of the CIS, and Paola Cappa, CIS External Relations, for sending us the information. For those of you who might not be familiar with the International Center of Sindonology, it would be best for you to first read this brief overview of the nearly sixty year old organization and its importance to Sindonology before proceeding: At the top of the news is the, which has just undergone a serious redesign and update. Only the Italian language pages have been updated as of this writing, but an English language version of the newly redesigned site is currently being created and the English language version of the original design is still readily available by clicking on the English icon on the top right corner of the page. When you first arrive on the site, you need to click on the Home button at top left to see the above view of the page. The site now has a fresh new design and improved navigation which should make it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for. Of course, if you prefer you can also use Google (or some other online translation service) to translate the newly revised Italian language pages directly. For a more detailed than is provided in the brief overview above, this link is to a more in-depth history of the organization. Among the many recent activities to report, the CIS recently elected their new Board of Directors. Here is an article (in both English and Italian) that lists not only the new Board members, but also the recently created Regional Directors and the updated members of the Scientific Committee:.

The CIS is also charged with the responsibility of maintaining the Sindone Museo or Shroud Museum in Turin. It houses the second largest collection of Shroud related materials in the world (second only to the Savoy Collection).

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