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Exposing the role that Islamic jihad theology and ideology play in the modern global conflictsSouth Carolina Muslim cleric Muhammad Sayyed Adly that the man owns the woman and that women should be “as prisoners in your hands or in your house. ”Islamic law forbids women to leave the house without permission from her male guardian. In a new report from US Weekly, it is alleged that Janet s desperation for stability following the death of her brother Michael Jackson led to her tumultous [sic] five-year marriage. “He swept in at just the right time, ” an insider said of Al Mana. “He bailed her out and whisked her away to the Middle East. ” However, Janet reportedly began to feel like a prisoner as she grew isolated from friends and family. Over time, Al Mana’s desire for “a traditional wife who stuck with Muslim traditions” began to change things. “Janet felt like her music was suffering and she resented Wissam, ” the insider said.

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Yup, such partners used to known as travelling Companions Remeber during Michaels Pedo Pile trial nation of Islam helped him convert. I guess the family followed? How many beatings did Janet take before she gave up on liberalism, I wonder? Yeah, you know she went through it. It’s okay in Islam to beat your wife or any woman really. A pity nobody gave her a copy of either Betty Mahmoody s Not Without My Daughter or Phyllis Chesler s My Afghan Captivity. She would not have read it. Western women think they are smarter than anyone who as actually READ THE ISLAMIC SOURCE TEXTS or EYE-WITNESS ACCOUNTS. Women living on Fantasy Island do not want to have their illusions SHATTERED. Western women (men too) say things like: I MET THIS NICE MUSLIM and he ISN T a TERRORIST! No? If they had met Hitler s henchmen, they would have considered them refined gentlemen. Mortimer, I m a Western woman who *has* read the core texts of Islam. So is Dumbledore s Army. You may be an exception. Liberal women would not read about Islam or other religions. When you want to say something about Islam or Jihad, I get the regular response Christians did that too or similar stuff with a rolling of their eyes. Which i can not stand it anymore. I have not read the whole thing. Bits and pieces here and there, but I have read Balkan history. That should count for something.

It is not western women or men. It is liberal, progressive idiots who believe that we can coexist happilyMost westerners totally depend and thenlyinf sacks of fecal material in our news media, who only push a globalist “all cultures are equal” agenda. Most of them are clueless too what a militant death cult Islam really is. And that is because th secretly like it, it aligns with their controllist socialist and communist beliefs. They always think they know what is best for others and are always willing to subjugate others and force them to comply with their beliefs. This war is obvious when you see global and US politics and the media in this light. They are insane. Nice one Mortimer. Well You sometimes wonder how would people learn their lessons. I judge such things by the amount of hair a Muslim male has on his shoulders. Too much hair and he s outahere. That makes as much sense as your post, Mortimore. I, too, have read the Core texts of Islam and likely know as much about as you do. Men are not the only sex who can read, although apparently that would be a criteria you would have for women. Sorry to disappoint you. I don t appreciate your insults. Same! To generalise all western women then liberal women! What a douche and doesnt show much education or smarts with a comment as such either. Yeah, really after watching “Not without my daughter” I became very wary of the Islamic culture. They never believe that Islam is not so great until it happens to them Some are dark, sturdy and handsome with a veneer of kindness and a certain mystery but only a narcissist would grab the brass ring whilst knowing the ideology. Reality is bound to sink in just as it did for Janet.

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Abraham of the Hebrew Bible is allowed to sacrifice a ram in place of his son. Abaham of Muhammad is allowed to subjugate, to honor kill and beat wives as well as daughters in place of the blood sacrifice of his illegitimate son. Both are crazy. I would not obey voices that ordered me to kill my own son. Abraham did not exist, it is an allegory for the people to obey the priests. Only Jesus, his example, is worthy of respect. I do not know if Jesus existed, but his word is there. Peace. You are being silly. At the time, human sacrifice was widely practiced. Just read the Greek myths. The story of Abraham is special precisely because it does away with human sacrifice. Your kids are therefore direct beneficiaries of that story since, if the status quo persisted, you would be sacrificing your children, especially your daughters, the way your ancestors did. You are accusing him of being silly? God was testing his obedience/faith, it is a common practice facet of cults to make joiners abandon their families. If human sacrifice had been common at the time it would not have made much of a story. The Greek myths are exactly that mythsIf I heard voices directing me to do things like kill people, I would check myself into a mental hospital. That s one of the symptoms of psychosis. The view of Sunnite Islam about singing is the following: A WASTE OF TIME DISOBEDIENCE as Ibn ‘Abi Haatim narrated from Ibn ‘Abbaas: his infantry is everyone who walks to disobey Allaah. (Ighaathat al-Lahfaan).

‘Ikrimah (may Allaah have mercy on him) said: it was narrated from Ibn ‘Abbaas that al-sumood [verbal noun from saamidoon, translated here as “Wasting your (precious) lifetime in pastime and amusements (singing)”] means “singing”, in the dialect of Himyar it might be said “Ismidi lanaa” [‘sing for us’ – from the same root as saamidoon/sumood] meaning “ghaniy” [sing]. And he said (may Allaah have mercy on him): When they [the kuffaar] heard the Qur’aan, they would sing, then this aayah was revealed. Ibn Katheer (may Allaah have mercy on him) said: Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning) “Wasting your (precious) lifetime in pastime and amusements (singing)” – Sufyaan al-Thawri said, narrating from his father from Ibn ‘Abbaas: (this means) singing. This is Yemeni (dialect): ismad lana means ghan lana [sing to us]. This was also the view of ‘Ikrimah. (Tafseer Ibn Katheer). MISOGYNY IS THE DEFAULT POSITION OF ALL MUSLIM MEN Why? Read and learn why As if this guy didn t come to the face of this planet through the womb of a woman! After reading the above, I think that he s the most woman hater that ever lived or will ever live. Too bad majority of them exactly the same he not the biggest woman hater he just one in a world full of them and their mosques where they practice their abuse and segregation brainwash and plan their next punishments to non believer infedelsMOHAMMED S LAST COMMANDS REGARDING WOMEN THAT CANNOT BE ABROGATED: they should not commit any open indecency (fahishah). If they do, then God permits you to shut them in separate rooms and to beat them, but not severely. If they abstain from [evil], they have the right to their food and clothing in accordance with custom (bi’l-maruf). Treat women well, for they are [like] domestic animals (‘awan) with you and do not possess anything for themselves. You have taken them only as a trust from God, and you have made the enjoyment of their persons lawful by the word of God Mohammed s last instructions to Muslim men regarding the treatment of women were to beat women and treat them as domestic animals. ISLAM CANNOT BE REFORMED. The final words of the final prophet.

Thank you for this compilation. It is unfathomable why a western woman would marry a Muslim and create her self inflicted misery. Oh, oh, looks like Rihanna, the very popular r b Barbadian singer, didn t watch and learn a thing from Janet s ordeal. She has recently hooked up with an ultra rich saudi boyfriend, Hassan Jameel, part owner of one of the biggest businesses in the world, holding exclusive distribtion rights for Toyota cars in Saudia Arabia and seven other countries. It will be moonlight and roses for a while. Then slowly but surely he will tighten the noose. Riri is notorious for parading around in very skimpy outfits with her ubiquitous glass of wine in her hand. That won t continue if they get more serious. He ll have her in similar attire like the caption photo of Janet and Riri can also forget about her beloved wine if she wants to stay with this guy. He also prefers sneaking her around and they are rarely even seen in public together. Wonder why that is? Could he be in an arranged engagement with a saudi princess maybe? Somehow I don t see her staying with this dude for even five months Hassan Jameel, part owner of one of the biggest businesses in the world, holding exclusive distribtion rights for Toyota cars in Saudia Arabia and seven other countries. Do the trucks he sells come with a weapons mount, or is that an aftermarket accessory? They are special order just like the models with hidden explosive compartments. But these models are usually sent to other countries, especially in Africa. It s been a while since she got beaten by Chris Brown. Maybe she s missing those good old days. Probably in an Arranged engagement with three Saudi Princesses and married to five. Check out Saudi architecture- the houses are just like prisons. Terrifying! In distress, we yearn for something different.

Without thinking, or full examination, we escape from what we knew only to find that escape does not always offer something better. Now that she has chosen freedom over Islamic dominion, I hope she defends our inalienable rights and constitutional freedoms. She has a place to come back to that will defend her. If the world were ruled under true Sharia she would not be afforded such convenience, or right of choice.

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