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Is one of the most unique looking canines out there! Neo s are wrinkled as puppies, and as they grow, their wrinkles do as well! Especially the ones on their face and neck (dewlap). Neapolitan Mastiffs are prone to drooling. Neo s are not a pet for the beginning dog owner. They are extremely strong and have a very dominant nature. Males hardly ever get along with other male dogs and have a tendency to be quite aggressive if placed in a situation with unknown canines. As a family dog, the Neo is generally gentle with children and protective of the ones they love.

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Neo s can t stand the heat and must be kept cool on warm days.

Is the last wrinkled giant on our list, weighing in between 655-665 lbs.

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The breed originated in England during the 6855 s and was nicknamed The Gamekeeper's Night Dog.

They were bred to guard land and game from poachers and were a combination of the Old English Bulldog and the English Mastiff.

Bullmastiffs make great family dogs and do well with children.

They need early socialization with other dogs. The Bullmastiff is an excellent guard dog, it s sheer size is usually enough to deter an intruder!

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