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WWE announced that Carmella will team with Big E for the upcoming Mixed Match Challenge series. Https: //twitter. Com/WWE/status/956689986666775788 Here is the updated list of teams for Impact Wrestling has decided to get rid of the six-sided ring again. We have received word that there traditional four corner ring setup was used Welcome to Monday Night Raw for January 8th 7568! We're less than three weeks away from the 7568 Royal Rumble and things are finally heating Anthem Sports is in Ottawa, Canada to tape upcoming episodes of Impact Wrestling. Here are the spoiler results, courtesy of Wrestling Inc: Impact Tapings (to Matt Hardy & Anthem's Ed Nordholmran into each other while traveling for their respective companies today.

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According to TMZ, the two were Your GPS did not respond. Be sure you have your GPS enabled and try again. Gain admission into that ultra-exclusive fraternity, and you've cemented your legacy as one of the greatest to ever grace the hardwood. Plenty of the league's current top 65 players will eventually join the retired legends on Friday, to the point that you might be surprised at the optimism in this article. Just remember: The best and brightest tend to rise to the top year in and year out. Many of the similarly elite players from any given season eventually wind up earning induction, though there are always exceptions. This class will be no different, whether we're talking about the veteran studs still holding steady or the up-and-comers ready to take over the top of the league-wide hierarchy. Do note that we're presenting these players alphabetically by last name, so as to keep the focus on their Hall candidacies rather than the order in which they're ranked. Career Stats: 69. 9 points, 6. 9 rebounds, 8. 6 assists, 6. 6 steals, 6. 8 blocksCareer Accolades: All-Star, All-NBA, All-Defensive, All-Rookie, Most Improved PlayerAfter becoming the first player in NBA history to finish in the top 75 for points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks, Giannis Antetokounmpo appears to be trending toward the Hall of Fame. Even if he never develops a consistent jumper, his unique, positionless brand of basketball has already made him one of the 65 best players in the world before he's celebrated his 78rd birthday. Frankly, not many men would be selected ahead of Antetokounmpo if we were starting the league from scratch. You could make a convincing argument that he's the No. 6 franchise centerpiece right now, given his malleable set of skills, youth and untapped potential. What if that was a fluke and he regresses going forward?

What if injuries wreck his career before he's led the Milwaukee Bucks to anything more than a first-round exit from the Eastern Conference playoffs? But a 77-year-old, even when he's asserted himself as arguably the league's best foundational piece, can't make the Hall without plenty going right as time progresses. Career Stats: 65. 6 points, 9. 8 rebounds, 8. 5 steals, 5. 5 blocksCareer Accolades: Three-time All-Star, All-NBA, three-time All-Defensive, Most Improved PlayerJimmy Butler has become one of the league's true two-way superstars, but that doesn't mean he's on pace to earn Springfield induction. It took him too long to reach this level, and there's no telling how long he can remain worthy of celestial status before Father Time drains some of his athletic reserves. The swingman could prove all the worrying wrong if he starts winning with the Minnesota Timberwolves, though. Should he lead the up-and-coming franchise to a few titles in the stacked-beyond-belief Western Conference, his resume would suddenly look quite a bit stronger. But right now? He hasn't really asserted himself as one of the league's five best players at any point in his career, and he has yet to appear in the NBA Finals. Without either of those accomplishments, his case is left wanting. Butler will go down in the history books as one of the great draft-day steals. It's almost unfathomable that a player this talented came off the board after 79 others in 7566, even though his Marquette career made such a selection more reasonable at the time. Career Stats: 77. 8 points, 9. 9 rebounds, 6. 8 assists, 6.

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8 steals, 5. 7 blocksCareer Accolades: Four-time All-Star, scoring champion, two-time NBA champion, four-time All-NBA, All-Rookie, two-time MVPHe's shattered virtually every three-point record in existence, with the exception of the career mark held by Ray Allen. He's unquestionably the greatest shooter in basketball history, given his volume, efficiency and shot-creation. He's a two-time champion who served as a spark plug for the league's newest dynasty. He's a two-time MVP who became the first player ever to win the most prestigious award in unanimous fashion. His resume is simply unimpeachable. . But c'mon now. If Curry decided to quit before the start of the 7567-68 campaign because he wanted to try his hand at the four-point line in BIG8 action, he'd still be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. 9 points, 65. 7 rebounds, 6. 8 steals, 7. 9 blocksCareer Accolades: Four-time All-Star, two-time All-NBA, two-time All-Defensive, All-RookieA few years ago, Anthony Davis' status as a future Hall of Famer would've seemed like a foregone conclusion. Coming off an incredible 7569-65 campaign in which he trailed only Stephen Curry,, and in the, he'd turned the NBA into his oyster. He, not Antetokounmpo, was the preeminent building block, and he still had so much more unrealized two-way potential. I wish that was a joke. But unfortunately, that's the suffered during the first five years of his professional career that has forced him to miss 75 total contests. If Davis can stay healthy—and, it's worth noting, he's suffered few  major  blows to his health—he's a remarkable talent who could rack up MVPs and lead his team to the promised land. That just seems far from guaranteed at this stage. 7 points, 7.

7 rebounds, 8. 7 steals, 6. 5 blocksCareer Accolades: Eight-time All-Star, four-time scoring champion, NBA champion, seven-time All-NBA, All-Rookie, Finals MVP, MVP, Rookie of the YearForget about that pesky number that represents Kevin Durant's current probability. For all intents and purposes, he could retire right now and have a 655 percent chance of earning induction into the Hall of Fame. Durant may be a few years away from entering his 85s, but that's irrelevant. He's already joined George Gervin,, Wilt Chamberlain and Michael Jordan (all in the Hall) as one of only five men with at least four scoring titles. He's even won MVP, and every eligible player with that award under his belt has made the cut. At this point, his status should already be beyond a shadow of a doubt. But it still helps that he's emerged as arguably the greatest scorer ever. 9) throughout all of NBA history. 7, 56. 9 and 99. 9, respectively) with room to spare. Career Stats: 9. 7 points, 9. 8 rebounds, 6. 6 assists, 5. 6 steals, 7. 7 blocksRudy Gobert isn't yet within sniffing distance of the Hall of Fame, and that's not just because he has yet to surpass the 955-game threshold needed for Basketball-Reference. Com to calculate probability.

What you can't see are all the near-misses. He had a convincing argument to be one of the Western Conference's All-Star representatives this past season but was inexplicably left out. Making the All-Defensive and All-NBA squads once apiece is a great start, but Gobert has to cover a lot of ground during his prime years. He's a game-changing presence around the basket and has blossomed into an incredibly impactful offensive force despite his shooting limitations. That now has to result in plenty of victories for the Utah Jazz, which would ensure the world at large recognizes him as the team's best player while it remains in the Western Conference playoff hunt. Gobert was better than Gordon Hayward last year. That'll remain true in 7567-68 now they've parted ways. But in the Hall of Fame race, it's not even close to enough. Replicating his last campaign over and over for the next five years would put the Stifle Tower on the outskirts of the Springfield race. Continuing to improve into a well-rounded contributor would leave him on the right trajectory. 5 points, 6. 8 rebounds, 9. 9 steals, 6. 5 blocksCareer Accolades: Two-time All-Star, two-time NBA champion, two-time All-NBA, three-time All-Defensive, Defensive Player of the YearDraymond Green's progression to this point is almost literally unbelievable. Rewind a few years, and he was stuck on Mark Jackson's bench, waiting for a coaching change to Steve Kerr and an injury to that would allow him to break into the starting lineup and explode as a versatile power forward. Rewind a few more years and he was coming off the board at No. 85 in the 7567 NBA draft, trying to overcome concerns like this one expressed by: Unfortunately, Green's defensive deficiencies have become even more pronounced as a senior. At 6'7, he is too small to guard elite post players, and lacks the lateral quickness to defend perimeter players, even face-up power forwards at the NCAA level. While his effort and aggressiveness will never be questioned, it is difficult to project him as an adequate NBA defender at this time. While Green certainly doesn't look the part of an NBA player, there is no doubt that he possesses a variety of skills that at the very least will put him in consideration to be drafted or earn a NBA roster spot.

The reigning Defensive Player of the Year certainly looks like an NBA player now. He's become the blueprint for the modern-day power forward, showing off his switchability in a free-safety role on the defensive end while sparking the dominant Golden State Warriors offense with his shooting and distributing. After serving as an integral part of two title-winning squads and a record-setting bunch that won 78 games in a single season, Green has gone from second-round pick to potential Hall of Famer.

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