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My ex is dating someone prettier than me

He told me he loved me, that he wanted to date me, that he liked me a lot, and a whole lot of other things. Then his friend who introduced us told me he has a girlfriend and now I am heart broken. His girlfriend has become my worst enemy and she is the one he is dating. You need to stop looking for self-worth and self-love from others. Your ex is loving your enemy. So what? Does that make you less of yourself because you love someone who did not love you the same? You should feel sorry for him that he is with someone else when you could be taking good care of him.

5 Ways To Deal When Your Ex Is Dating Someone New

Learn to let go and move on. Holding on to your past impedes on your future as you are making backward steps. So you met a lying man and he played you you are not at fault. The boy s mamma did not raise him right. You need to spend some time looking at yourself, your strengths, your good qualities and loving yourself more.

Do not define yourself by someone s appreciation or rejection of you. Don t you know that you all like different foods? Does that mean that because someone rejects broccholi it is not a good vegetable? If you are having troubles healing past hurts you will need to sit and talk to a counselor who will walk you down the path to self-love. Have a problem?

Things I Learned From Re Dating My Ex Boyfriend The

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As such we encourage you to seek the advice of a professional counselor. Move on honey plenty fishes in the sea. He s moved on why are you hung up on him. I know it s not easy to see someone you love with someone else but it happens and there s not much to do about that. Take time to know yourself and know your worth.

Associate yourself positive people and the right man will come alone. Anything a man or a woman did that does not glorified God is Nonsense. God highly esteems women do the bible say God crowned them with honor and glory, so you fell for him. If a guy wants you for the breasts, thights and legs send him to K F C. You re a lady, not a cheap value meal.

If the man is your ex it should not matter who he dates. You all don t have a child together and since u heard that news from a third party you all are not friends either.

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