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The good news about obtaining a new Nigerian passport, renewing or having an expired one reissued is that the process is very fast and efficient compared with how it was about 65 years ago. The not so good news about the new more efficient set up includes the fact that regardless of what part of the UK you live, you have to travel to the Nigerian High Commission in the West End of London to complete the passport application process. The process of obtaining or renewing a Nigerian passport can be broadly divided into two parts: The first part is the online application and payment, the second part involves making an appointment to visit the Nigerian High Commission passport section in London or Manchester to complete the process. You can call them on any of this numbers: 575 7556 8686 575 7556 8665 575 7889 6799 Ext. 786 and Ext. 765Thanks for the post, it s been very helpful.

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Do you pls know roughly how long it takes to get a renewal? Weeks or months? ThanksThanks so much for your reply. I was worried I might not get it in time for Christmas, but now that I know it takes just a couple of weeks, I will go ahead and apply immediately. Thanks again. Hi, thanks so much for this for renewal of e-passport, do i need local govt letter of identification, gurantors form and the likes? I am a student in the Uk, Nigerian of course but my passport is soon to expire and i want to renew it here in the UK. Hello Temi, pls correct me if I m wrong. Are there 7 different payments to be made, one on the website ($65) and the other at the consulate (the £95 postal order)? Thanks. You are quite right, the £95 postal order payment is paid to the consulate when you go there. The second payment of $65 is paid online. Okay, it s very clear now. Thanks a lot for your help. I will definitely post a comment when I get it. God bless you. Sir, i m living in greece now and i want to renew my epassport, but the instruction to pay online is that, the applicant s name must match with the payment card. And i dont have any of this cards, so how can i pay online in order to renew my epassport? Ur urgent answer will help me please. Hey, many thanks for your response, i have filled the application online and am about to pay however i thought the postal order fee was 75pounds while the online payment is $65, you say its 95pounds are you positive abou this? You don t have to take my world for it, you can see the fees here:.

Read the payment information section. Hey, i actually just called them and got through after forever. . The man i spoke to said its a 75pound postal order for renewal with the $65 online payment. I think that person is probably right and I am wrong. Looking at this page, it says £75 as well. Hey, been through the fees document link you posted above. And its confirmed $65 online payment and 75pounds postal order for re-issue with new passport. The e-passport is re-issued really even though its a renewal, you have to get a new passport entirely. Dont know if that makes sense but anyway. Thanks a lot for this post i will be done soon. I don t understand what s wrong but I can t make payment online. IkKeep getting a message saying Connection lost. Please try again later. Has anyone experienced this issue, pls? Thank you. Keep trying vivian. It will go through. So should i still book an appoinment and slot. Or not? Naija Naija SMHI think you may still need to book an appointment using this page:.

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Because in the requirements I am to get an age declaration signed by the nigerian high commission, is it the one in uk or nigeria cos now I m in uk? Some part of it applies BUT you will also need police report backing us your assertion that your passport is lost. You may also want to look on this page to see of you passport has been found and returned to Nigerian High Commission: Since you are in UK at the moment, its got to be the High Commission in UK you go to. Tempi, I appreciate ur help thanks, but do u knw how long this will take? I am not absolutely sure I have a feeling it may take about 8 weeks. The sooner you start the quicker because if you delay a bit when people going to Naija for December started going to the High Commission, things takes even longer. Do I need to reschedule the interview date to match my appointment date, or just leave it and turn up on the date I chose? It s not very clear. ThanksIf you will be kind enough to update this page once you find out the solution so that others who are closer to Manchester than London will know how to go about thing, it would be fantastic. Hi temi, pls how wil I renew my passport here in london, can u help me pls? Does this make any difference or can it affect my application? How soon do people get the passport because my employer wants me to get it before i continue working and I have up till 86st Oct to submit the new one. A Malaysian court has ruled that non-Muslims cannot use the word Allah to refer to God, even in their own faiths, overturning a 7559 lower court ruling. How long it take for se passport renewal tends to vary, I think it probably will not take less than two weeks but I am not sureIve found this post and comments very helpful but I still have a question to ask. My passport isnt due to expire till next august but I have to renew my work visa in feb. Do u think renewing my passport this december is too early and approximately how long does it take to get a new passporthello temi,, i really dint know we had q a colum that actually works. Passport Reissue This is what is done to passport you have had for 65 years. You are given a completely new and different passport to the one you have that has served its 65 years lifespan. It s just a bit annoying that I have to go all the way to London from Scotland just to renew. Think I ll try and sort it out in Nov instead of Jan if it takes a day.

I can imagine the frustration for those of you who do not live in or near London. The High Commission is to London centric. They really should arrange perhaps a postal service for those of you who live in say Scotland. Its a very long journey from Scotland to London. Just a question here, I Know of the former MRP passport being extended for 5yrs after the first 5yrs but i don t think same applies to the E-passportHi Temi. On my application I ve been given an interview date in November. Do I still need to book a slot? And if so can I book it for the same day as my interview date? How long it take for se passport renewal tends to vary, I think it probably will not take less than two weeks but I am not sureIts confusing now because there is no slot left on the date i have as interview date after booking a slot for a later dateHi temi, thanks a lot for the post, got mine 9 days after the interview dateThe info should help others know roughly how long it will take to get the passport after the interview. Hi. I have been trying to renew my passport since September. Im not sure if my situation is similar to any others. I did the online process and arrived at the embassy as scheduled, the process was okay and I waited about an hour n half in total, which wasn t bad. When I was called for the biometrics part, I was told they would need to contact the abuja office and give me a call back in a week or two to come back to the embassy to give biometrics and have the new passport about a week after that. It has been 8 weeks today. I called the main passport office and spoke to a nice man who always redirects me to extension 766. Thing is ext 766 have never picked up, and I have dialled at least 55 times over the past weeks. I did the online process and arrived at the embassy as scheduled, the process was okay and I waited about an hour n half in total, which wasn’t bad. Good luck. Haha at typical Naija. Thing is i don t even live in England and would hate to travel all the way without being certain.

But I will put on my Naija hat and go there and hopefully achieve something as their phone communication mediums are really nothing to write home about. Thank you for thisIts a shame that they don t seem to understand that some people live quite far away from London, and not even in England in your case Good luckHi temi. My Nigerian passport expired in 6997, yes 75+ years ago and since then I got married. Can I still renew/change name at the NHC in London? Do I apply for an e passport in my married name? Any advise would be great. Hi Temi, a slightly different question. I need to get a passport for my baby to travel to naija on the 7/67. Is this a feasible timeline do you think? And can they process a postal application? Sorry for the delayed response. I am really not an expert on this matter, your best best is to find out from the High Commission directly. I think you may just be able to get the passport for your child in time before you travel if you get the process started ASAP. I disagree with the part you said they don t do same day services/applications, I know someone who went there to get emergency travel certificate, on getting there, a guy told her to give him £55 and he would do passport for her. She have the guy £55 and he made the passport application for her by himself, booked an interview for her the same day and she was told to come and pick up her passport the following week. This just shows that bribery and corruption will never end in nigeria. Why didn t he tell her to go through the normal procedure just like others. Thanks for your quick response. For better understanding, I keep getting this message after every attempt to pay is Reference code 6795885 576: your transaction can not be processed at the moment. Kindly check here to read the instruction carefully.

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