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The good news about obtaining a new Nigerian passport, renewing or having an expired one reissued is that the process is very fast and efficient compared with how it was about 65 years ago. The not so good news about the new more efficient set up includes the fact that regardless of what part of the UK you live, you have to travel to the Nigerian High Commission in the West End of London to complete the passport application process. The process of obtaining or renewing a Nigerian passport can be broadly divided into two parts: The first part is the online application and payment, the second part involves making an appointment to visit the Nigerian High Commission passport section in London or Manchester to complete the process. You can call them on any of this numbers: 575 7556 8686 575 7556 8665 575 7889 6799 Ext. 786 and Ext. 765Thanks for the post, it s been very helpful.

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Do you pls know roughly how long it takes to get a renewal? Weeks or months? ThanksThanks so much for your reply. I was worried I might not get it in time for Christmas, but now that I know it takes just a couple of weeks, I will go ahead and apply immediately. Thanks again.

Hi, thanks so much for this for renewal of e-passport, do i need local govt letter of identification, gurantors form and the likes? I am a student in the Uk, Nigerian of course but my passport is soon to expire and i want to renew it here in the UK. Hello Temi, pls correct me if I m wrong. Are there 7 different payments to be made, one on the website ($65) and the other at the consulate (the £95 postal order)? Thanks.

How to Obtain a New Nigerian ePassport or Renew Expired

You are quite right, the £95 postal order payment is paid to the consulate when you go there. The second payment of $65 is paid online. Okay, it s very clear now. Thanks a lot for your help. I will definitely post a comment when I get it.

God bless you. Sir, i m living in greece now and i want to renew my epassport, but the instruction to pay online is that, the applicant s name must match with the payment card. And i dont have any of this cards, so how can i pay online in order to renew my epassport? Ur urgent answer will help me please. Hey, many thanks for your response, i have filled the application online and am about to pay however i thought the postal order fee was 75pounds while the online payment is $65, you say its 95pounds are you positive abou this?

You don t have to take my world for it, you can see the fees here:. Read the payment information section. Hey, i actually just called them and got through after forever. The man i spoke to said its a 75pound postal order for renewal with the $65 online payment. I think that person is probably right and I am wrong.

Looking at this page, it says £75 as well.

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