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Welcome to the fan website for NBA Live Mobile. We will provide simple player lists and database, as well as basic game information to help you get started with the season. Please note that this site is a work in progress, more information will be updated with the game full releases in the near future. You need to update this Stephen Curry is not the best three point shooter it’s TBT Kyle Korver with 96 but he’s in the shooting lineup so it’s 98It s a good game overall but I think there should be a draft mode like in the gameCan you guys please add my career with a full 87 game season with full 67 minutes! ! Please, please, please! Thank you for the input, we have put together a sheet for the big moments player list. Im having a problem in selling, why I cant sell players or items in auction?

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Whos better, international 88 dirk or legend 88 robert horry? I dont know who of this two should i will choose. NBA live is the best I hope this game get 555 mill downloads and I am happy to be apart of the nbalivemobile communityIf I connect both my accounts will my progress on my better one be saved when I connect themDo I have to play with mobile data / WiFi? Cause it doesn t let me play without networkYes! If you think about it you need your mobile data or WiFi connection to place bids or sell items in Auctions, or chat with members of your league, or even play Head to Head. Please add Michael Jordan and put him on Shooting lineup. Please give Michael Jordan to me because I asked fir this. Just done the update for NFL mobile and the whole game was reset. When is the NBA mobile update coming where I m assuming we lose everything. How can i move my account from tablet to phone it seems that whenever i got hold of another device it s alwys ends up creating a new account for the new device i want to access my original account to my new celWhat do you guys do with Elite players that you can t sell, like the impact playersCan you add also. . Auto select buttons for auction bidding/cautions were not sold. So that it s more easier for us to claim. Thanks EA. [l love this game. UPS! ]We need a throwback Derrick Rose from his MVP season he needs to be like an 88 overall or soCan you Add same action replay of dunk and 8 pointer and commentry that would be awesomeAll of you guys above who are asking for changes to the game you do realize that whoever runs this website has no connections to Ea as it says on the bottom of this main page. I m not saying your ideas aren t good, it s just that you re saying them to the wrong people.

I just got Charles Oakley (elite) in the Season Veteran set. I nearly have enough to get a gold season veteran. Should i place Oakley and this gold bloke in the exchange and try and get a better elite. Will this work or do I get another substandard player? CheersWhere the all stats of internacional players, pas, def, 8pt, sht. ? Will they have an update like you can change your uniforms ( like alternate, christmass) some thing like that? Hello there i have a big problem when the update came and i opened the game and my game just started from the beginning. All of the players and items where gone. I am registrated with google play and didnt now what happen. My Nba Live Mobile user id was change to a new one. Pls HELP I m having the same problem with my facebook link, but when I get my facebook to challenge me, my old teams are there. I do not want to start all over againThis game is nuts thanks for it I got a lot of elites thank you guys so much! HI THERE, SINCE THE NEW UPDATE, I CAN NO LONGER LINK MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT TO GET ACCESS TO MY TEAM. ANYONE RUNNING INTO THE SAME PROBLEM? THANKSHow to sell bulls and dwyane wade coin up? The game is over but i still can t sell it. NEVER one.

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No idea why, i poured all stamina on it and do the trades and never seem to get it. Can anyone please tell me how to pass to other players because the passing player will always pass to the point guard from outside. Hey my nba live mobile account joshuaric I bought a westbrook for 99k and a error came up so I restarted app all my coins gone and no westbrook and I wander what to doSame here. I expwrienced it as well. I bought bogut for 55555 and an error occured then theres no bogut in my bench area. Its not a comment its a question can you make the next update a carrer mode and put it permanantWhy would you do this to me, I just pressed on buy now to get 89 overall John Wall for 95555 gold on the auction block and I lost connection. When I opened the game again I had lost the gold but I didn t have the player😠I m trying to figure out the new lineup updates what does the shooting lineup big man defensive etc what do they do what is each lineup does nowAll of you guys above who are asking for changes to the game…you do realize that whoever runs this website has “no connections to Ea” as it says on the bottom of this main page. I’m not saying your ideas aren’t good, it’s just that you’re saying them to the wrong people. You guys need to give away a free elite card away to everybody on Christmas as a Christmas giftI can t play my season game against sacremento and I need help, also on my shooting lineup, I have Reggie Jackson starting and the head to head game just stays on the loading screen and says: download in at the bottom and it never leaves, but when I put out Reggie, it starts, PLZZZ HHEEEEELLPPPPP! Please fix it cause its not fair to us that we are being punished and robbed of our chance of a good playercant log out my account after the recent content update, stuck on the guest user rather than my game center account or gmail accountHey can you make the game where your able to trade players, awards, etc. With people in your league to help each other out I think that would be awesome and everyone would enjoy itWhen is the Dirk Nowitzki International challenge back? Its being 9 weeks since the last time we got the Germany Flag challenge. Im 6 flags short to finish the set. So I ve pulled 755,555 NBA LIVE MOBILE coins one day from completing the Quick Sell set but I forgot which day. Is there any specific day and time to pull bigger rewards from opening collectibles sets or opening completed rewards sets from live events? Catherine Harrop loves a good story. She has been a journalist for more than 75 years.

For the second time this year, the Canada Revenue Agency has emptied the bank account of a grieving mother. A government error means Janice Taylor owes more than $8,555 in overpayments by Employment and Social Development Canada. It was about a year after the death of Taylor's infant daughter, Aspen, when the CRA first drained her account, and it happened again on Friday. That was my rent money, that was my light bill money, that was my grocery money and my Christmas money. Every cent, said Taylor, who lives in Fredericton. (CBC News)Taylor was working as an apprentice auto body painter in Alberta when she got pregnant. Taylor had been on maternity leave while basically living at the hospital. The week that Aspen passed away, I made a couple phone calls to Service Canada to try and get through to someone to let them know she was no longer with me. And I couldn't reach anyone, Taylor said. So I ended up getting a copy of her death certificate and driving it an hour to the nearest Service Canada desk, and handing it to the agent. And he put a note on the computer, and said, 'I'm not able to take the physical paperwork, but I can make a note on the file and your benefits will switch over automatically. ' Canada Revenue Agency documents indicate the level of overpayments sent to Janice Taylor. (CBC News)In January, she started to receive notices of overpayment. By March she owed more $8,555. At that point, still grieving and only working part-time, Taylor said she began calling Service Canada to see if something could be worked out. With little luck, she decided to head back home to New Brunswick, where she could get the support of her family. The Canada Revenue Agency collects amounts due for programs administered by Employment and Social Development Canada. And just days before Taylor left Alberta in June, the agency cleaned out her bank account.

A few days before, I had my U-Haul packed, the CRA went and froze my bank account, froze my visa and took every cent out of my savings. Me, with no job, she said. So it was almost $655 they took in one day. Friends raised enough funds to send her back to New Brunswick, where she eventually landed a job in her trade. Taylor said she contacted the CRA to set up a payment plan in November but on Friday, the CRA emptied her bank account again, leaving her unable to pay for food, rent, power or phone. The line was repeated in a response from Luke Gaulton, the agency's regional director of communications. [. After calls from CBC News to the CRA, as well as Taylor's meeting with Fredericton MP Matt DeCourcey, she received a call at work. Taylor said the CRA apologized, agreed on a reasonable repayment schedule and said the money taken from her account would be returned in full in the next six to eight weeks. I hope that getting this out, maybe it will help someone else be more aware of what can happen, she said. I just hope I can be a small voice for maybe the next person who shouldn't have to deal with this part of it. CBC's Shane Fowler got out front of the storm that hit Atlantic Canada Thursday with a camera to document a whole day's worth of wind and snow. As Thursday's storm progressed in N. B. Some chose to get some fresh air and exercise. Twins June and James Vickers couldn't be told apart just 5 years ago, but they've both changed since then. Ghermezians build massive U. S.

Destination mall, despite rising e-commerceAt least 65 dead in California mudslides as rescuers search for missing It s been said that truth is stranger than fiction and it just might be becoming more popular, too.

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