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I m a heterosexual anti-feminist and a conservative male. A frequent news watcher and I dedicate my findings to various MRA sites and anti-feminist authors. I enjoy swimming, hiking, observing mainstream entertainment and masculine literature. Last year, I decided to stay over at an old friend s apartment, who had been my roommate back in college. A couple of weeks of residing there, every time I moved in and out of his room, my old buddy would be watching anime on his laptop. His door had a poster of his favorite anime, Sword Art Online. He wasn t an otaku or a dumb weeb, rather to simply put it, it was his pass time or a hobby, to relax from the stress that men face in the modern day world. I remember watching anime as a kid, and I admit, I enjoyed it When he watched anime, he stared at the screen with fascination, as if he was a scientist waiting for the rocket to land on the moon.

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I was curious, so I asked him to recommend me some anime that he enjoyed. This is where I realized the ugly, misandric nature of anime that teens are exposed to. The first anime I chose from the list, was about a teenage girl named Misaki, who joined an all boys school which recently opened to girls. She works as a maid to support her family as her father had abandoned them. Misaki never trusts her male counterparts, and beats them up if they tried something she didn t approve of.

The whole show is centered on how girls can be better than boys, where she terrorizes men, and how these men are portrayed as nothing but pervs, violent, thirsty mindless jerks. Usui, the male character, after being yelled at for no reason, is strangely drawn to her, and so are the other boys of the school. This hyper misandric woman deemed attractive in the eyes of both anime characters and the male fans. This show is targeted towards girls who call it one of the most romantic anime. I was extremely disgusted and had to quit watching within 65 episodes.

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I couldn t have a place in my mind to understand how men watch shows like this and enjoy it. This is a common formula used by anime and manga creators to depict a strong independent woman who doesn t need a man. Female superiority is rising within anime, and young may become some of those nice guys who get used by women. The common genre for anime girls called tsundere, which refers to a stubborn woman who is abusive to the man she likes, is very popular, shows like Sword Art Online, Bleach, Toradora, DBZ, etc. I could name a hundred more, but that would mean I would include almost every anime.

And not just any people are influenced, but the most desperate men across the world. Men who have never had any luck with women are always attempting to fulfill a woman s most dangerous desires just to keep her. These shows are not only designed to destroy the male image and present it as inferior, but also to ruin their self confidence as human beings for being male. In dozens of anime, males are portrayed as either weak, or stupid, similar to how Daddy pig in the cartoon Peppa Pig is simply made to be laughed at, or how the main male cast of the Simpsons slowly degraded into ambition-less couch potatoes and the women becoming political figures. If you grew up watching TV in the 6995s, there is no way you escaped seeing at least a few episodes of Sailor Moon.

It redefined the magical girl genre in its native Japan and its overseas influence has shown up in girl-power shows like The Powerpuff Girls and is the definition of a feminist anime. Haruka and Michiru, the series Sailor Uranus and Neptune, were a lesbian couple who helped girls around the world come to terms with their sexuality. The series also makes a point of commenting on how the less traditionally feminine girls have trouble coping with gender roles, like how Makoto learned to cook because she was teased for being a tomboy. The girl power concept is counter productive, but unfortunately it s an inescapable void of entertainment, Charlies Angles, Steven Universe (where the male character is a boy who learns from women), Taylor Swift videos, etc. Australia s national women s soccer team the Matildas lose 7-5 to an under FIFTEENS boys side, we know that story.

I decided to look up on the internet for further research. Apparently many men have the same opinion.

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