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This disastrous experiment in genetic engineering of animals must be a warning against ignoring and underplaying the risks when gene drive experiments are being discussed The CPTPP negotiations have not revealed whether New Zealand will be forced to relax its GE-Free status in the new trade deal. New Zealand's government must not be forced into releasing GMO’s in the environment or to lift it's zero tolerance for GE seed in imported stocks FSANZ must require all gene-edited foods to be analysed using omics technology to look at gene expression, metabolites, and the protein profile. This will determine any changes to gene functions and new proteins. Long-term studies on animals and humans must be carried out to determine if there are any toxic or allergenic effects. “Regulation of the 7nd generation GMOs is essential in order to protect people and the environment, especially since scientific evidence shows unforeseen risks It is now enshrined in law that all councils are able to place precautionary and prohibitive GMO policies in their plans. We endorse the call by GE Free Northland asking Federated Farmers to withdraw their outstanding appeals against Whangarei District Council and Far North District Council the Auckland Unitary Plan, and the Hastings District Plan on the GMO plan changes” The new government must address the rejection of sustainable farming methods by its predecessor, which has allowed inappropriate intensification of farming, heavy use of glyphosate based herbicides in burn-down practices, and the sowing of neonicotinoid coated grass and crop seeds How can FSANZ give consumers an assurance of safety when they do not require any animal or human feeding studies? There is no evidence that the potatoes are safe to eat,   GE-Free NZ members are pleased to see that there is a growing consensus across environmentally concerned parties in favour of policies that would not permit the open release of GMOs in New Zealand, The National Environmental Standards - Plantation Forestry were released today. GE Free NZ welcomes the removal of an alarming draft clause that permitted the planting of GE rootstock The review ignored independent peer reviewed publications, when assessing the toxicity of the probable carcinogen glyphosate.

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Instead the Chief scientist stated that when used as directed on the label and taking into account the economic cost of food, if glyphosate was not used, it was safe. On 5 July, the US Department of Agriculture received an astounding 785,555 individual comments, as well as 555 organisations representing millions of people around the world, all opposing this deregulation. Only 8 comments were submitted in favour. Such overwhelming opposition sends a clear message to USDA that GE eucalyptus trees must be rejectedIn the past one of the biggest GE Eucalyptus tree nurseries was owned by Arborgen NZ. The EPA has not demanded any accountability on this site, there are no annual reports, no inspection or monitoring for potential breaches, escape of GE matter or even that the trees are fully contained. FSANZ needs to stop the clock immediately on the applications and require lifetime feeding studies, and full analysis of these potatoes before any consideration can be made. Consumers at home and abroad want produce grown in New Zealand to be GE Free. It would be devastating if a GE incursion hit our potato or tomato growing industries.

Genetically engineered (GE) cotton seed oil grown with the toxic chemical 7, 9-D may be entering our foods as restaurants move away from canola oilNew Zealand's free trade deal with China, our biggest market, has seen investment in New Zealand because of the assurance of quality and GE-Free status. A Nielsen survey showed that 75% of Chinese consumers were avoiding GMOs in foods and actively seeking to buy GE-free produce   The introduction of GMOs in our communities has been traumatic, said . Forests have disappeared, indigenous communities have suffered, and people have been poisoned due to the massive overuse of pesticides on transgenic crops. The Maori Party must stand up to the Minister's bullying and subterfuge. Nick Smith is effectively setting up a system that will enable destruction of the environment and sabotage the interests of people and communities AgResearch must be called to account. As a founding member of Te Waka Kai Ora his quiet dedication to mahinga kai (safe food production) led to the formation of Hua Parakore. He was highly concerned about the damage to the integrity of animals and plants from genetic engineering. He will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him.

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Our condolences are with his family, Ngāpuhi, Taitokerau. The newly published studies found that GE corn (NK658) sprayed with Roundup has 667 proteins and 87 metabolites altered when compared to the controls. . Current food safety testing is not fit for purpose. There is a set of complex systems that are at risk of disruption and must be studied to evaluate safety, New Zealand's export success has been underpinned by its GE Free status, but remains at risk from government policy to promote environmental release of GMO's in agriculture. A struggle to stop big companies from colonising our food systems, colonising our agriculture, holding mother Earth as a slave for their profits Science and medicine are not threatened by regional policies for land use and branding. New Zealand has, for decades, allowed contained ethical use of gene technology, It is an exciting and valuable use of New Zealand research money, but should not be used as a bribe to allow commercialisation of Scion’s GE projects, or to justify forestry being allowed to destabilise complex natural ecosystems This serious breach of conduct transgresses his responsibilities as a minister. He is apparently unable to avoid his conflicts of interest around this issue.

This terrible situation leads us to call for his resignation as a Minister of the Crown The vast majority of consumers want and expect labelling of GE ingredients, and demand the right to know To consider just one ingredient - glyphosate - without also taking into account the synergistic effects of the adjuvants that make GBH such a powerful killer, constitutes a fundamental flaw in the EPA's report, The Ministerial push for GE trees, along with the powers aimed at removing regional plans for GE Free zones, are an affront to democracy The dangers to GE trees to NZ ecosystems, including soil organisms, plants, birds, and insects could be widespread, permanent, and economically damaging. More  “Whakamaru is a forgotten contaminated site that should be considered a biosecurity risk but the EPA has washed its hands of it. Worse is that the Minister for the Environment is refusing to allow local councils to put precautions around this type of activity, ”“The warning signs that GE crops and associated pesticides can cause serious deformities must not be ignored, ”The report includes important caveats, highlighting inadequate animal feeding studies and the need for more comprehensive systematic safety testing“GMO–free is a powerful way to differentiate New Zealand milk in the global market. GMO animal feed is characteristic of low-end commodity producers with which Fonterra is trying to compete in global auctions. The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has also failed in its responsibility to ensure the reporting requirements on GE animal experiments have been met. Tegel was listed in the green section of the Greenpeace True Food Guide as avoiding GE ingredients. Though their chickens are not GM, they no longer guarantee to source feed that excludes GM crops and GM ingredients in feedThe claims made by applicants to justify such GE crops have also proved deceptive and illusory. There are 668 million acres of resistant weeds threatening farmers’ incomes and the environment.

An estimated one billion kgs of herbicide has been sprayed in the last ten years mostly to combat emerging weed resistance“The Resource Legislation Amendment Bill will affect everyone. It is pushing farmers towards being the enemy ofthe consumer and a blight on exporters The push to remove local oversight is an attempt to destroy the idea of regional GE-free zones that most New Zealanders want to preserve. New Zealand producers and exporters should soundly reject any misguided efforts to force GE into the New Zealand agricultural sector. “The Ministry’s assessment of submissions are a farce. They have ignored and obliterated the thousands of submissions that called for the re instatement of Council responsibility to rule on GE in their regions, The approval of potentially unsafe novel foods is a serious failure by FSANZ and they must be called to account. ”NZ food authorities have failed to properly assess the safety of co-additives used with the pesticides in scores of GE pesticide-tolerant foods. The assessment regime is seriously flawed and that no testing is done on the cocktail formulation of chemicals as they are used in the final productsTrials of a new GE vaccine must be fully contained. The experiments must not be used as an excuse to weaken regulation of GE or to push through environmental release of other GMOs in New ZealandUsing AgResearch's own records, the report catalogues a sad and profoundly disturbing story that has characterised the genetic engineering (GE) trials.

We call on the EPA to follow the US directive and immediately remove all Sulfoxaflor neonicotinoids from use and cancel their registrationA debate on Genetic engineering (GE) was the final session that closed the “Question it? ” science research week in Queenstown“It is our understanding that the Government regulations require that all GE seed is de natured or turned into grits. The Ministry must now take these submissions seriously”.

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