The Rules For Being An NFL Cheerleader May ABC News

Nfl cheerleader dating rules

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Top 15 Absolutely Crazy Rules That Cheerleaders Need To Follow

Here are some available suggestions. The headline is totally true, and I owe it to many of the things I ve learned in this sub. But I actually have something to offer to guys who are in their late 85s and recently divorced. 6) You will say the wrong thing. Fuck up.

Embarrass yourself. But I would give yourself permission to do that. The more awkward you are, the better. It means you re trying and working and learning. You ll get better.

Are there team or NFL rules that prevent players and

7) Just be you. Don t be the young DJ, the soccer star, the CEO. Just be your best you, whoever that is. That doesn t excuse bad hygiene, clothes, career, or fitness. Those things are absolutely mandatory and there are no shortcuts.

Go to the gym every morning like it s your fucking job. Don t eat shit. Moderate drinking. Buy a new wardrobe. But at the end of the day, just be you.

You re a dad. Fine. You drive an SUV with a car seat, fine. The wrong girl will weed herself out and the right girl will adore you for it. 8) There s more to life than getting laid.

Sex won t solve the hurt from your marriage, but making good friends who call you and invite you places and genuinely like you will definitely make your world go round when you don t have your kids.

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