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The purpose of this website is to list all of NZ s Dating Sites. Why? Because being alone sucks, so let s find someone to share your life, your heart and your bed with. Is there a website missing from the list below? If so, please tell us about it in the comments below. These online dating sites are your best bets for finding a date. If you disagree, say so in the comments below! Oh how cute!

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The oldies have their own online dating website! Aww how sweet, one focused on single parents. And look! Lot s of options for you gay s and lesbians. Fancy a Ukrainian woman as your bride? There s a website just for you. Can Christians date? Sure! But remember not to make sweet sweet love until after marriage. This list of websites is just for Dating Agencies and Introductions AgenciesThese online dating sites are lacking a little in style. This list of online dating sites includes sites that are either unfinished, dead (or dead pages), or doorways to large international online dating sites (and so not focused on NZ)I m the owner of. I understand completely why you have categorised us under doorways to large international online dating sites (and so not focused on NZ) as we use World Dating Partners to provide the back end and database of users. But I did this on purpose – SexNZ. Co. Nz first started out as a unique privately owned adult dating website, but unfortunately did not have enough members to make it worthwhile signing up for – the old chicken and egg scenario. So I purposely partnered with a large already established dating site, but it is still completely focused (restricted) to NZ s only. Now SexNZ. You sound a bit grumpy Bazz. Grumpy people don t get dates as far as I know. I cant delete my profile because I havent suspended my Billing because I need a FAX machine to do that! ! Why is it so hard to just have a button to click on that says cancel? Because thats how they make their money. By making it difficult. First girl I talked to tried to get me to open another account on a different website that required credit card info first off. You need a Fax Machine to quit? Oh wow, that really is crazy! What website are you talking about Bazz?

. Happy datingFace to face and up front introductions are much better, more professional and you know who you are dealing with. Monthly events are fun, professional and you can see who all the other clients are and you are able to mingle, chat. You guys should give it a go! Can you put Adult Fun NZ Dating up on the list? I ve been a proud member of it for a few months and met up with some good people from there. They have everything you need and more for a NZ Dating site, its looks really nice inside, and seem to cater for everything and anyone with chat rooms too. Plus this NZ Dating site is genuinely free. No sneaky fees unlike most others. Just a comment that you re site s interesting, not the usual imported guff, but I recently signed with matchcompany, which is a matchmaker and was a little sceptical but have in fact been provided with a wonderful lady who really restored my faith in my own ability and in matchmaking. It s a long and lonely road out there sometimes, so I m glad the old style still seems to do the business. I came across this new one looks good but it s under beta when I signed up. Looks like it might give the others a run for their money. Ok, thanks. It s so annoying not being able to look at the site without signing up first! I really like it much easier and cleaner to navigate I actually went on a date hehe. Hey there, I ve started a Brand New Dating site just like Facebook but for dating if you want to check it out. Easy sign up and FreeNice site worth a look with loads of features and Facebook integration. AlsoTrue. Hi, I saw on (I think) Cameron Live a new dating site where men pay women for a date in NZ. The show was about: How much would men pay to go on a date with hot women. I can t find it, but was interested. Do you know it? Thanks, CathyJust be aware of FriendsReunitedDating. Nz. I went for the $9 three day trial, then they automatically started charging me $56/month after the three days were up. Ours is $65 to sign up and there is NO ON line dating, all face to face communication.

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Awesome, Professional, top clients. I ve had no luck on these dating sites trying to find a gay guy, and have received messages from African guys who I immediately blocked! They are a hook-up site, but I met a few guys on there, and as long as you are up front about wanting long term, there shouldnt be to much issue. Go on our web site and sign up. We are going to hold picnics, speed dating evenings and dinner for 67 events. Our Launch for the sugar and spice Dating Agency is on the 66th May. $65 per person for a cruise and dinner on the Kewpie Cruise. Call us 577 7955786 or go on the web page, sugarandspicedatingagency. Com to check it out. Book now to avoid disappointment! I m on findsomeone. Have not had much luck finding many christian men on there tho. Could you recommend a free, only nz based, christian website please? Okcupid. Com isn t an NZ site but there are a surpising amount of kiwis on there and has pretty cool features like answering questions (hundresd of them) and then see other people s responses. Sign-up and found also a scam site. My profile was not even displayed but they send me response from my requests. Ummm I have to disagree with you Rodger. Our agency is great fun and valuable to our current clients. 6) Its face to face only so you get to meet the clients straight away at all events. 7) We have fun events and lets face it, you get out what you put in. If you want to be a sad Sack then you won t enjoy yourself and meet anyone. 8) Its not a scam, and even though you pay a minimal payment, which is very cheap, you will get a lot out of it. We are not false, we are trusting professional people who will do anything to help people. Try it before you judge! Please. Nz is an international website, which I joined after it was recommended it to me. Boy have I regretted it.

It is awful! You cannot search for people in nz only. And to unjoin you have to fax luxembourg. Also i made the mistake of paying to join and didnt read the fine print, thinking i was paying month by month but they hit me for the whole lot up front. Dont touch it with a bargepole. No i havent got out. Apparently you have to fax Luxemburg! First you. Have to find a fax machine. My brother met someone on it, so he thinks its great! Finding a fax machine is going to be the least of your worries. Do yourself a favour and close the card you joined with. Change bank if you can t get them on side. Please read the link I have posted. There are a lot of people just like you there. Good luck Rose. Ji, what happened to haveanaffair. Nz, why do they not feature on your lists? I would like to know how they are rated! Onother new one is consentingadults. Nz, a bloody sad story! CheersI have had great fun on 🙂 Very, very discrete, and so much fun to be having naughty encounters in a safe and respectful way. I joined Match Company four years ago, I paid $655 which was a huge amount of money for me, in that time I have not had ONE match from Rosie! Shame! Please add Have A Fling. I joined this site out of curiosity. I met very nice people on here, the site is very discreet and fun. Ladies get to reply and correspond for free so guys do the hard work lmao.

Yes, I have nice things to say about as well, joined the site earlier this year, and met 7 women off the site, all genuine and lovely, would recommend to others too. Hi Sheldon, Could you please add NZAsianDating. Com, kiwi built, owned and operated. Anyway, I have been trying, for 8 months to find a good free dating site, with adequate screening processes to eliminate, people with no photographs ore incomplete profiles. How easy is it to set up your own dating website? I am beginning to think this would be my next best option. Oh, and, if you want an opinion of POF (plenty of fish). It is a truism, but this site is not a good fishing spot. They couch themselves in great psychological assessment tools, but do not require members to complete them! They tout that they have millions of members, but could not match me with even one person. The nearest, they could find, two people, miles away who had only one interest in common with me. Plus Their chat /message processes are cumbersome and illogical. I had a look and saw some people from other sites there. If any thing all the people look real. I wonder if you could tell me if you have to pay to use the site. ThanksHi Alex thanks for the reply this site looks real. I am still trying to get my hand on this website. NZDating. Com is the by far the largest and most popular dating site in NZ with over 6. 5 million Kiwi registrations. It s probably bigger than all other dating sites in NZ combined because it s genuinely free to use, is owned by NZ ers and has been around for over 65 years with NZ full time staff. It s the only dating site you need in NZ. I tried a few in the list and my favourite nz dating site is it s pretty basic in functionality but has everything I want in order to date. What I do like is I can jump on my phone or tablet and it looks and work well ( I love the touch sliding pages) makes it feel like a magazine I can t say that for a lot of them. I also reported a member as a scammer and they was removed the next day so the admin appear to be active And the quality of the profiles is a lot better. No doggy pics either. I think that s because the verify them before they go up. Overall I m happy Hopefully they add more features though.

Seeing its free I m well impressed for that reason it s my number one I m not as I m not restricted. So if your looking for one where you can message members freely without paying and a safe environment then I would suggestP. S. Thanks for the person who made this site it s been a big help.

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