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To take up a successful profession in archaeology it is not necessary but advisable to start as early as possible. The most important steps in this direction are to imbibe the spirit of cultural and art appreciation in the minds of young ones. This impetus must come both from the school as well as from the home front. As the psyche of a young learner absorbs more and more information about the grandeur of our country s history, they are automatically attracted towards this exciting profession. Further, interest towards this occupation can be ignited by frequent visits to museums, cultural centres, historical monuments, and even excavation sites. Gathering information from books and periodicals on topics such as history, art history, and ancient civilizations helps a lot in this regard. Keeping track of developments and new findings in the realm of archaeology is another way of getting a head start for becoming a future archaeologist. Archaeology is the perfect career for people who derive self-satisfaction in discovering a part of history and culture long lost in the dust of time.

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It is a profile that is very demanding since archaeologists have to spend umpteen hours and days camping and undertaking field work at excavation sites and in laboratories. An archaeologist therefore must have the patience to work on a project that may take months and even years to compete. In this occupation fame and recognition often weighs more than monetary benefits. It does not cost too much to purse your studies in this field. As far as the cost of completing, a bachelor s or a postgraduate degree goes the cost is similar to other arts and social science subjects. 6,555 each. The monthly remuneration of JRFs is Rs. 8,555 per month. Archaeology students start earning as soon as they qualify the JRF examination and fulfil all the eligibility criteria thereof. A JRF gets an assistance of Rs. 8,555 per month for a period of two years. Emoluments are increased once their position is elevated to that of a Senior Research Fellow (SRF). The pay packet of lecturers is around Rs. 75,555 per month whereas professors earn even higher than this. After joining the ASI, the basic pay package of an assistant archaeologist is in a range between Rs. 65,555 and Rs. 65,555 per month approximately. Archaeologists who have a doctorate degree tend to get better positions in the job hierarchy. The monthly salary of the director general of ASI is in somewhere around Rs. 85,555 per month. India has a rich cultural heritage that goes back thousands of years. In this regard, there is always a perpetual demand for well qualified archaeologists to work on new archaeological projects. There is also a demand for experienced lecturers, curators, and conservators. Universities and colleges across the country are doing a great job in meeting this demand. Since ASI, government agencies, and educational establishments are the main job prospects for students of archaeology, there is no paucity of openings. Archaeologists have to travel extensively within the country from one excavation site to another.

They also get the opportunity to work on international excavation projects as required. They also have the scope to take up permanent positions such as lecturers, professors, conservators, museum curators, and so on in foreign countries as per their experience and area of specialization. This is an ideal profession for people who want to make a career in unravelling mysteries of the past. A famous discovery often catapults the status and reputation of an archaeologist to iconic proportions. There is an insatiable quest to find and bring to light hitherto undiscovered historical sites. This is one way of enriching the society as people come to know about the rich heritage of our country. -ives Inclement weather and tough and hazardous working conditions are a perpetual challenge to professionals engaged in field work. Other perils include chance encounters with wild animals, dacoits and robbers, local land mafia, disgruntled villagers, and anti-social elements. Arduously long working hours in the field and constant travelling can be punishing on the mind and the body. 6. Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) 7. Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) 8. National Museum 9. Universities and colleges 5. Government and private museums and cultural galleries6. One needs to have a hardy body and mind especially to bag this profile. 7. Good communication skills here also come handy to edge past one s fellow competitors. Thank you for sharing the requirements with us. We'll contact you shortly. Upload photo files with. Jpg,. Png and. Gif extensions. Image size per photo cannot exceed 65 MBUpload menu files with. Com.

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