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He blogs at Follow him onI remember my first girlfriend, but not so fondly. I dated her when I was 68 and 69 years old. She was the classic LA girl whiny attitude, demanding, and overall just a bit psychotic. I ll never forget how she used to put little gold stars in my calendar on nights that she would gift me with some action (after the flames died out after the first few months). Thankfully, I ve come a long way since those days and can look back and chuckle. But that s not the point of this article. When I was reading Roosh s latest article about how it s now, I remembered her  friend. I came to know her by The Disneyland Bitch.

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Let me tell you why. This friend of my girlfriend wanted to get married to her Prince Charming one day if she ever found him. Of course, if poor bastard was lucky enough to find her, there were some absolutely insane requirements that he would have to meet before she agreed to take her hand in marriage. Basically, she wanted her fairytale wedding, and fairytale  proposal, too. In this case, the fairytale proposal was  quite literally required to take place in front of the Disneyland castle. While my memory is a bit foggy, the general requirements for her to even consider his proposal were: If he did all of this, he might be  lucky to get her consideration for marriage. Meanwhile, Of course, any chump who falls for that spectacle deserves what s coming to him. While I obviously don t keep in touch with that girl as, it occurred to me: is this now normal in America? I ve got enough young cousins who are still in high school, and let me tell you. Just a few decades ago, a proposal was a private and special moment between man and woman. Now, as evidenced by the Disneyland Bitch, it s become a public spectacle. A chance for women to show off to people who don t matter. It s all status a way to garner Instagram likes and Facebook comments, just like traveling abroad toThat s one thing because the entire marriage industry is mostly just a spectacle, and has been for quite a while now. But have you seen how young men now are  expected  to ask a girl out to prom? If you re not in the loop, they re now referred to as Promposals. Desperate high school boys now ride horses to school, make elaborate food concoctions, or do other silly stunts all in the name of trying to get a girl to show some pity and go to prom with him (and maybe get to first base). Remember when you had to try to  isolate a girl to ask her out to prom? It was just the respectful, normal thing to do. It was a chance to share a moment of youth with someone whom you had a crush on. It was intimate in a PG way. In some ways, it was one of the for both guys and girls. These days?

It s just another stunt to make men into pussies, jumping through hoops for the insane demands of women. Let me tell you the girl who gets a horse to get asked to prom is the same girl who is making demands like the Disneyland Bitch. You almost can t blame her she s human. If the 68-year-old guy got her a horse for prom, surely a castle is within reason for a marriage proposal? Clearly, this cheesy, desperate begging is continuing to trend upward. From elaborate and expensive weddings that no one can afford, to proposals, and now all the way down to prom the insanity continues. The only question is what comes next? Are young men in middle school (ages 67-69) going to have to start doing these kind of stunts to get girls to go to a dance with them? Eventually, the bubble is going to burst. The expectations are going to become so insane for girls, at such a young age, that no boy will  ever be able to meet up to them. Instead of waiting until much later in life to go their own way, young men in high school are going to say, Enough is enough, I m not going to bother. , they re going to get so fed up with the entire process that porn will sound like a superior alternative. As Roosh detailed the girls will fly out of their small towns to do porn all for a plane ticket and a few hundred bucks. They ll spread their legs, get gang-banged, and dream of their elaborate proposals, while saying that they re just finding themselves. They ll say that it will make them a better person for their future husband. And when no man is left to pick up the pieces, guess who will get the blame? You and I both know. The question is do they? If you want to learn how to keep a harem of women, check out my book  For advice about escaping American women for greener pastures, check outThe problem with modern women is that they expect too much and have nothing to give back. No woman except Marilyn Monroe is entitled to ever use that line, ever. And I m half way thinking that I wouldn t have accepted it even from her. Your cartoon is spot on, as is your comment. A woman saying that in any context outside of joking is telling you right out of the gate that she s a force 65 bitch. I might have accepted it from Marilyn before her first dozen abortions.

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Right. The red head-ish 69 year old, ok, sure baby. The 87 year old cocked out druggie? Um no? Does no work for you? It didn t work on any man at that point, why else do you think she suicided? I ve always informed every woman who idolizes her that she was s drunken, drugged out whore and any sensible guy will see that as a red flag. I ve honestly never understood her appeal to women. A no consequences life where she can be a whore, has fame, does drugs, goes to orgies, gets a billion abortions and still be adored and considered special. It is the soul of the modern woman, personified. Heh, makes sense. My wife s niece loves the Joker s girlfriend Harley Quinn and I asked why not Batgirl. She gave a similar response. To be fair, that chick who played Harley Quinn would be welcome to suck my cock any day of the week. Saw a Joker/Harley panel that reminded me of lolknee. Joker has Harley Quinn chained to a wall, with the rotting remains of several other Harleys on the floor. Joker saying something like- did you think you were the only one? Even with the clown makeup. . Lolknee has an interesting story about thatHarley Quinn was a grotesque tattooed psychopathic skank! No woman should ever aspire to be like her! Don t leave out making a chump out of a totally accomplished, awesome, and admirable husband. The thing is, at 79, her best is long gone. It was taken by the convict with neck tattoos when she was 68.

He didn t deserve it either. The only one who deserves her best is the beta who will give his life to her and support her and her children. He certainly won t get it. He ll get her absolute worst, and he ll thank her for it every single day, or she ll kick him out, take half+ his shit and start fucking the pool-boy while the neighbors watch. That s strange really, I ve never seen any of my neighbors fucking. It s like they do it inside or something. Dufuq is wrong with them? We will do it outside on occasion. Several years ago, we were in the back yard in a sleeping bag. The following morning, there was an ambulance at our next door neighbor s house. The guy had a stroke. Coincidence? He couldn t say, or say anything at all after that for that matter. I hear about people doing it outside or in parks, or in some way in some kind of exhibitionist milieu, but I ve yet to run across anybody, ever, actually doing that kind of thing. I mean I ve glimpsed a girl giving road head once, driving past their car, but that s been it. We ve banged it out in the deeps of a public park, on the roadside at 7am, in the back yard, even on the hood of my car around midnight when the neighbors were sleeping, or with open curtains in a high rise hotel, but I have yet to see anybody else even approaching doing anything like this. It s strange because I figured that the odds of catching another couple was somewhat high given how many people say that they do it. I did see a bunch of women fucking themselves over recently. The media paid quite a lot of attention to it. I wish I had the money to hire a skywriter to put that over their next march. Haha, they do look like the teenage daughter in Family Guy. Washington Women s March. They should be called Washington feminist march, because there exist many Trump-supporting women. There appear to be 8-9 dudes in this pic aiding and abetting these spoiled bitches.

Talk about low-T, confused men. Black Friday, Yellow Saturday, Red Monday, White Tuesday, and then Brown Wednesday. Good week. Does a hay loft in her parent s barn count as indoors or outdoors? I could swing both ways on that. Your call. I counted it as indoors myself. Not like getting snow on your butt in my case. I grew up in the great white north. If you got naked outside in winter they might find your corpse come the spring thaw (in May). A couple of bums were going at it on the grass, there were hundreds of people around. Some things you can t unsee. I was mountain biking on a trail in Louisiana along a lake shore, came flying around a blind corner, and a young couple were on the ground getting it on. I almost ran over them. Braked hard steered left, grabbed a lower gear and kept going. I ve seen some of my neighbors and I definately do not want to witness them without clothes. Of course in this context I only meant the attractive couples. I just figured that was understood, heh. You are being abusive if you insist that she wait until the divorce to start screwing the pool boy. Expectations of marital fidelity (by men of women) has been added to the Duluth Wheel of Power and Control as emotional abuse. I am not kidding on that. You can look it up. It is used by just about every police department in the US as a basis for throwing men into jail on the say so of a vindictive bit I mean wife = victim of DV. Well she wanted this house so I bought it for her.

Then she wanted the pool, so I installed it for her. After that I find out she s banging the pool boy But that s okay.

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