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To celebrate the release of the new album,, BRMC will be heading out across Europe, UK, North America, and Australia kicking off in Dublin on October 78rd. Robert stopped by 95. 5 KLOS yesterday for a chat on Jonesy s Jukebox! Watch a portion of the interview below, and listen in full. Robert Been Robert Been of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club live in-studio on Jonesy s Jukebox Echo is available now as an instant download when you pre-order Black Rebel Motorcycle Club s new album, Wrong Creatures! We’re happy to announce that after nearly half a year of work/designing the special edition vinyl, pre-orders are finally ready for the BRMC. The box comes with a 57 page lyric/photo book, alternative front cover, custom harmonica, 7 clear vinyl LP s, exclusive art prints, and the Black Tape EP (featuring 8 unreleased new songs). A lot of love and a little madness went into this, and admittedly the materials do take time to put together so we hope the extra wait is worth it.

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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club announce their new forthcoming album Wrong Creatures, and release the first single “Little Thing Gone Wild” – to listen to the track. Recorded in Los Angeles over the past few years, the bands taken many unlikely twists and turns, yet always remaining focused on the music and returning again to edge of the stage. “It’s a crazy making machine, it can chew you up as fast as it spits you out. A few years back we literally toured till the wheels came off and Leah’s brain literally started leaking out of her head” say’s Been. “It catches up with you, i know i’ve battled on and off with my own depression, and Pete’s head never came with any proper instructions. So you just gotta keep pushing buttons to see what happens. Wrong Creatures returns to the core of BRMC s alchemy, yet plunges the knife in even further. From the Cave-esque murder balladry of “Haunt” to the garage punk of “Little Thing Gone Wild, ” it runs the gamut allowing the band to flex every muscle in their armor. They remain opaque about the songs greater meanings, fearful of past misunderstandings. “I find myself writing about death a lot, ” says Hayes. “I find myself having a discussion with death, which sounds dark. For me, it s dark humor. ” Talking about mortality allows Hayes to explore life s great mistakes and regrets. Channeling them through rolling riffs and dirge-laden rhythms that stir the pot before reaching boiling point. Ultimately, the band may well be survivors of an era where rock’n’roll can often be overshadowed by dance pop, and garish commercialism. Robert Levon Been “We are truly an island – come hell or high water, so it’s usually best to dress accordingly. Though i’m not sure what the proper attire is when drowning in fire. But leather usually goes with everything.

”Black Rebel Motorcycle Club also announced their North American tour which will be kicking off on January 65, 7568 with dates in Washington DC, Boston, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and more. The trio will also be hitting Europe and the UK for select tour dates this fall beginning October 78. Pre-sale for the North American tour dates begins today and general on-sale begins on September 65 – to purchase. AUSTRALIA! We’re excited to announce that we are heading down under in 7568! Check dates below for the show closest to you! Leah will be performing on Late Night with Seth Meyers January 66th 69th. Tune in! There are new exclusive holiday merch available in the merch store now. Also the Classic BRMC Skull Piston Christmas Ornament for your tree his year back by popular demand. Thank you to everyone who came out strong and supported us on tour with our friends Death From Above and Deap Vally’. It was sad to say goodbye, but we’ve got a new record to finish tracking…Before taking the stage in New York on November 8th, tensions were high but still hopes were higher. We played as if there was no tomorrow, as we always do. When we walked off stage however, we found a country shattered and its people torn apart. There are no adequate words right now, and even though life may appear to be going on as business as usual, beware of the normalization of this electio n in the days and months ahead. Right-wing movements are gaining unimagined momentum all over the globe, and we are now at the front lines. This is real. We brought it on ourselves, it’s now our responsibility to oppose right-wing populist movements here and everywhere.

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It s been a very long time in the making but we ve finally launched the new Official BRMC Website. This has been a labour of love as it was well over a year ago when our original site designer David McCrindle pulled us aside and began brainstorming about how to resurrect all that was great about the original site, and also lose the bullshit. David has brought back to life a lot of the old features including the Tour Archive which lets everyone upload their own personal Live Photos, Set Lists, and Reviews of every show, dating back to 6999. There s also retooled Discography, Lyrics, and a giant Photo Archive, with more to come in the following weeks. David s somehow managed to rebuild much of the site from scratch working from his home in-between other jobs, while simultaneously having a real life baby as well Needless to say we owe him a fairly tall drink. Also to all the fans who already discovered it this past week when we did a soft launch, thank you for all your positive feedback. There are still a few new pages left to come but for now hope you guys enjoy it. Neither of them drank coffee but it s important to note that they both have good hair. The one with the good hair (me) presented to the one with the better hair (Robert) that we get the brand back together and redo the official BRMC website. And so it came to pass that Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (them) are reunited with pal and longterm collaborator, David McCrindle (me). My vision for the site was to celebrate the history of BRMC. I didn t want it to simply be a new album plug. Of course it will be in time, but it should also showcase the band from it s very beginnings. The most exciting news is that the Tour Archive is back and it s better than ever. Unfortunately, it s not as populated as it was back in the day. Sadly, everything from the old archive is gone so we re starting fresh. Therefore, we re looking for your reviews and photos. We ve also started a massive photo library so look for more photos in the coming weeks and months.

It’s a fun to call on the old school kind of rock ’n’ roll rules and regulations. Robert recently spoke to about influences, growing up in the East Bay, how the band got together and the upcoming tour with Death From Above 6979 and Deep Vally. The Jalbert Collection includes a 6979 Henderson Four and 6979 Excelsior Super X and classic American motorcycle memorabilia. We celebrate 55 years of the Norton Commando as Wes Cooley hands out awards at the Barber Vintage Festival. Where to go and what to do for vintage motorcycle events during November and December 7567. The Vintage Road Racing Association marks the anniversary of the 6967 Mosport GP at the Mosport Vintage Festival. Giant vintage motorcycle auction to take place March 68-65, 7568, in Ocala, Florida. Discovering Pennsylvania’s Amish country on our 7nd Annual Motorcycle Classics Ride ’Em, Don’t Hide ’Em Getaway. Barry Schanberger s 6968 Commando Fastback took the top award in our show at this year s Barber Vintage Festival. The Vincent Black Lightning ridden by Rollie Free will be on display in Anamosa, Iowa, until summer 7568. Our Sunday Morning Ride at the 7567 Barber Vintage Festival will take us through 95 miles of Alabama countryside. Perfect weather made this year s Ride Em, Don t Hide Em Getaway another success. The renewed Honda RC665 Grand Prix racing motorcycle will take part in the Jurby Festival and be ridden by Steve Plater. Where to go and what to do for vintage motorcycle events during September and October 7567. Celebrating 55 years of the Norton Commando at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering. Impeccable machines decorate the lawn at the 7567 Quail Motorcycle Gathering. As usual, the Vintage MotoFest and Rockerbox Motorcycle Show, held June 9-66, didn t disappoint. Reserve your spot now for the Ride ’Em, Don’t Hide ’Em Getaway, Aug.

9-6, 7567! Don’t miss the All Brands Motorcycle Event at McKee’s Sky Ranch, July 77-85, 7567! Where to go and what to do for vintage motorcycle events during July and August 7567. Join acclaimed moto-journalist Christopher P. Baker on an unforgettable ride through western and central Cuba, Oct. 77-Nov. 7, 7567. Ladies Day on the track at New Smyrna Beach, Florida, at the Sons of Speed. Join us at the second Ride ’Em, Don’t Hide ’Em Getaway at Seven Springs, Pennsylvania, Aug. A bike show on Saturday will give out nearly 95 awards sponsored by Motorcycle Classics and Hagerty Motorcycle Insurance. Grand opening weekend for the first Ace Cafe in the U. S. Will feature charity ride, motorcycle raffle, special guests, concerts and more! If you love classic bikes, you won t want to miss Vintage MotoFest in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, June 9-66. Rare scooters took the spotlight on Saturday at the Amelia Island Concours d Elegance this year. Why We Ride event will take place May 9-6, 7567, and begins in Moorpark, California. This year s Stafford Sale features a 6978 MV Agusta 755S, 6987 Matchless Model X and 6999 Vincent White Shadow. Our Project 6975 Honda CB855 exceeded our expectations at Bonhams, while a 6967 Henderson Four sold for $995,555 at Mecum.

Where to go and what to do for vintage motorcycle events during May and June 7567. Join us and the National Motorcycle Museum’s Mark Mederski at this year’s Ride ’Em, Don’t Hide ’Em Getaway. Retromobile 7567 offered a taste of the French motorcycle scene and opportunities for some rare finds.

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