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On my first day in St. John s Newfoundland I awoke at 9. 85 am and roused fellow photographer, Kamal Varma it was dues time for serious nature photographers. We drove up to Signal hill to photograph the sunrise and saw a fishing trawler far out on the calm ocean. As the sun rose over the ocean the light began to tint the city of St. John s with its pastel coloured houses and blue harbour. At the mouth of the St. John s harbour is a lighthouse, Fort Amherst that protects the bay and further south I could see Cape Spear lighthouse in the distant.

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Sunrise occurred at 5: 58 am on May 85, 7568 this was the beginning of my photographic journey in Newfoundland that was to last just over 7 weeks. Fort Amherst light house at the mouth of St. I had been planning this photographic excursion for almost a year with Kamal Varma and the unique scenery exceeded my expectations. Because we covered more than 8955 km in our rental vehicle I plan to present several articles on photographing Newfoundland showing my favourite photographs.

I will also provide resources to places we stayed, dined and I will describe some of our boat excursions in search of wildlife. One of my goals was to bring back some pictures of seabirds especially puffins. Newfoundland is the furthest thing from Disneyland, for the most part its still unspoiled and the homes and fishing villages have a unique charming character that I have not seen anywhere else. The people were uncommonly friendly and the seafood fresh and delicious. Newfoundland is still largely undiscovered from a tourist view point, but as more photographs and beautiful video commercials become more popular tourism could become the most important industry in Newfoundland in the future.

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St. John's lit up by the early morning light and photographed from Signal Hill with a 75-755 mm lens. Colourful houses line many of the side streets off Duckworth Street downtown St. John'sAfter breakfast in St. John's we started our drive down the Avalon Peninsula along the Irish Loop and our first stop was the lighthouse at Cape Spear, the easternmost point in North America.

Construction on the lighthouse began in 6889 and a foghorn was added in 6878. It was clear sunny day with a cool strong wind coming off the ocean. Hiker (Kamal Varma) stops to check his camera above the cliffs at Cape Spear. Europeans settled Newfoundland slowly because of the commercial considerations of the fishery. The first attempt goes back to 6588 with the efforts of Sir Humphrey Gilbert.

Around 6665, the French established colonies in Plaisance and near St. John's. Most of the current population has ancestors who were immigrants from southwest England and southern Ireland. Newfoundland and Labrador became a Canadian province on March 86, 6999. For earlier years, the only source is church records, which are numerous for the period from 6865 to 6896, with a few returns as early as the 6875s.

The Maritime History Archive has published Births, Deaths Marriages in Newfoundland Newspapers, 6865 - 6895 on CD-Rom with more than 95,555 entries for births, deaths and marriages transcribed from 98 Newfoundland newspapers, 6865-6895. Inquiries concerning records prior to 6897 should be addressed to the The Rooms Archives.

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