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Jennings Brown 8/67/67 9: 95pm 997 Share to Kinja Go to permalink Source: YouTube OkCupid has banned white supremacist Chris Cantwell from their dating site after a about the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, featured him expressing his violently racist views. Gizmodo first learned of OKCupid’s decision from a now-deleted tweet by Vice News social editor Rex Santus. OkCupid confirmed to Gizmodo that the company had removed Cantwell, with a statement from CEO Elie Seidma: “OkCupid has zero tolerance for racism. We make a lot of decision every day that are tough. Banning Christopher Cantwell was not one of them.

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”An OkCupid spokesperson expanded on Seidma’s statement, explaining that “OkCupid will absolutely ban other users who are involved in hate groups. Cantwell violated our terms of service. .

Not only that, we have asked our users at OkCupid to notify us immediately if they see any individuals who are associated with hate groups. ”As for Cantwell’s violation, the spokesperson referenced the “conduct” section of, which warns against conduct that “is harmful to the community. ” However, the section suggests this warning refers to user activity on the web site.

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OkCupid said the decision to ban Cantwell was based on his involvement in a hate group. This decision comes a day after Cloudfare CEO Matthew Prince decided to stop from DDoS attacks—not because the neo-Nazi site violated their content-netural policy, but because, OkCupid’s decision also comes a day after a video of Cantwell crying about his. Today’s news may be especially disappointing to Cantwell because he likes OkCupid so much that he has on his personal web site.

“I used to meet women from chat rooms, and no matter how many disasters I run into from this habit, I just keep on trying, ” he writes. “I’ve met women with fake photos, had false police reports filed against me, been sprayed with breast milk, you name it. It’s a god damn miracle my dick hasn’t fallen off from an STD.

”But he said at the time he mostly used OkCupid and Plenty of Fish, after realizing that “Tinder, HowAboutWe, MeetMe, Zoosk, and a number of other apps [had] more spam than real people on them. ”6. Unless you’re here for “casual sex” stop telling me you’re “sick of the games”9.

If you think all men suck, this tells me you have a habit of choosing shitty guysIn his blog post “, ” he writes that he was paying to be an A-list subscriber, but after because Mozilla’s CEO donated to California’s anti-gay marriage Prop 8 campaign, he didn’t want them to have his money. “I didn’t give money to OkCupid so they could promote the Democratic party and bash open source, ” he wrote. “I gave money to OkCupid so I could meet women.

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