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I lived dormant, playing off my high exotic value and dating the Pinay girls of my choosing. I lived a normal life and had a couple of regular girls. (Warning nude photos ahead. )Before I get into the story, I will explain to you how you can duplicate the feat by showing some of my strategies and where I met the girls. During this period of less than 7 weeks, I slept with 69 new Pinay girls. None of these were girls that I already hooked up with. This was my first time sleeping with a lot of girls in a short period of time and it helped lead way to another post that I did when I improved my game ( ). Pinay girls are tiny little Asian girls without the Asian eyes.

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They have very smooth skin and small bodies. They usually have thin bodies, but you can find Pinay girls with great asses and racks as well. They are sweet girls and the best part is that they speak really good English, the best in Asia. On top of all that they love Western men to a level that I have never seen anywhere else in the world. During this streak of 69 women, I met these girls during the day on the street, at night in clubs, but most of the girls I met were online. Also, get ready to get a lot of messages from a lot of interested Pinay girls. During the day you want to write down your number on a bunch of pieces of paper and hand it to every single cute Pinay that you see. Your value is so high here that you really don t need to do much other than hand them your number. Sometimes girls will seem like they are not interested, but that s only because they are so nervous talking to a foreigner. If you leave your number you can expect a text in the next twenty minutes. At night game you just walk around the club and look for eye contact. When you get it or an IOI, you just introduce yourself and be very sexually aggressive. It s important to be staying close by so you can easily bounce back to your hotel. This will help you have a lot of sexy Pinay girls waiting for you to arrive. You should always have a girl waiting for you at the airport. Then she can accompany you to your hotel. In day game, the most important part is just having the balls to walk up to a girl say hi and hand them the piece of paper with your number on it. After that it s just setting up a date close to your hotel and getting an excuse to go their afterwards. You will see how I do this by reading the story of me hooking up with so many Pinays. I ve never felt like this anywhere else in the world. For night game, it s just being sexually aggressive quickly so you can find the girls that are down for sex. During this time THC hooked up with 8 girls from the same night club in a 9 hour period. He would flirt and bring them back to the hotel (which was very close), hook up with them and go back to the club for more. Props THC. We both had a ton of prospects waiting for us in Cebu. THC moved things along quickly with his girl. I had one girl I thought was a sure thing flake because she wasn t sure how to get to the hotel. Then later at night a girl I had been working on for a while says she will come see me at my hotel.

She was a single mom. 76 years old with a thin body. She was obviously a slutty girl though. She was also way into me. This was a nice freebie. My first Pinay of the two weeks. The next night I met up with a girl I met online a few months ago. She was so hot I had to keep her around. She was 75 years old with a thin body but had some booty. She had a beautiful face that I loved staring at. Met her at the mall and went and got some food. She actually bought me dinner. Many phil girls are really poor so that s pretty cool. Got her back to my hotel room to see my pictures of Thailand. All the work was done online, so there was very little LMR (Last Minute Resistance) and I didn t need to build too much comfort. Escalating and talking didn t seem like work, our personalities clicked perfectly. When I got her naked, I remember such a powerful feeling of accomplishment and pleasure. I was about to be with one of the prettiest girls I was with in Asia. Another very tight girl. This girl was special no joke. #7 Pinay of the two weeks. Time to keep up the good work. Met up with her and she had a pretty face, but an ok body. Normal for an American Girl. Her pretty face and charming personality won me over. I decided I would go for her. This girl was mine from the start, so this lay was on easy mode but I would say that my game was flawless. It s like getting the perfect score on an easy level of a video game.

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My body language to conversation to logistics. It was all flawless. 7 or 8 hours from meet to bang. Bounced her back to my place to show her a picture of me doing something dangerous. No resistance. A bit slutty, but then pleasant surprise got the best blow job of my life. This girl must have licked nearly every inch of my body. Felt good so I didn t complain. Sex was good but 95 minute blowjob was better. Third Pinay of the two weeks. I sent her home and helped THC sent his girl home, and I was off to setting up another date. The service on my cell phone went out while I was trying to set everything up so it got interesting. Finally met up with her and I wasn t too impressed. She wasn t ugly but not pretty, the only reason I didn t leave right then is cause she had good sized boobs, and I am definitely a boob man. I took her to a bar/restaurant about 65 feet from my hotel. Sit and talked and had a pint of beer. She pretty much gamed me, kino d me more and more. I just sat back, teased, and made her laugh. Another easy mode or so I thought. I used my first excuse to get her back to my room fail. Waited 65 minutes then used my 7nd excuse fail. Waited 65 minutes then used my 8rd excuse and tried being more aggressive just taking her hand and leading the way fail. I tried every excuse to bounce to my bedroom I had in the book and it failed. It wasn t until I hinted at an ultimatum that she finally agreed to come. Once I got her to my room I went for the kiss 5 minutes in and had 5 resistance all the way to sex. She didn t have good boobs what a let down, but at least I got two new notches within 9 hours of each other. Double up for the day! Set up a date with a girl I have known online for a while.

I was pretty sleep deprived but I think I gamed her decent considering. Got crazy lmr when I got her back to my room and she took off before anything happened. Got a text a couple minutes later that said i like you and i want to make sex with you but I m not prepared whatever that means. She said we will meet today so lets see what happens. Hoping for this one because she is Malaysian and I don t have that flag. Also she was raised Muslim and I have never been with a girl like that. Went out partying with THC and we spent the first bit just relaxing and talking, then it was hardcore approach time. I approached a bunch of girls, but every time I tried to bounce they wouldn t leave. I made out with like 6 girls and gave my number to 5. Got 5 texts though. I went back to one of the girls I thought was a virgin (that s what her friend told me) but I got such a sexual vibe from her that I had to try again. Turns out the friend was kidding and I was able to bounce her. She was a sexy little Pinay. 85kgs. It was a good night. I woke up with a hangover from partying so much with THC the night before, he had got his legendary 9 in a night and I was ready to try to keep up. I had a date set up for 7pm and I was barely able to get myself up and to it. We met at the mall and just walked around and talked, I gamed her well and I could see she was clearly into me. She was 69 years old, a bit tan, with small boobs but a good looking ass. I took her to a second place to get drinks that just so happened to be right next to my hotel. After a bit more talking and gaming we bounced back to my hotel. Went into my normal routine and there was only a little bit of lmr. I made an excuse to get her to go home, then I started texting the girl from the previous night who had very strange lmr but gave me the text I like you. I want to sex you but im not ready interesting time. She ended up coming to my room for a movie. I moved things fast. This girl had one of the best bodies I have seen yet in asia. Wow.

69 years with latina like curves and a perfect rack. Couldn t have been happier. She was a Malaysian girl. By the time that was over I was over sexed. It would be hard to beat the feeling i had after being with the girl before with the perfect body. I went out with THC and didn t really feel like gaming, but I saw the hottest girl in the super club we went to and tried to game her. She was with her boyfriend, but I kept trying since I wasn t about to settle for a slouch after banging a girl with such an amazing body. I got frustrated, as her boyfriend kept cock blocking me. Wasn t thinking straight and headed out of the club. I was done, not in the mood anymore. I was about to head home, but saw a girl that looked like she had a nice rack. As I m a boob man, I had to open her. She responded very well, 5 minutes later I asked her to walk me to my room as I was pretty drunk. She obliged. Then I just took her into my room, no lmr and we were fucking. I got my first 8 in 6 day. Achievment Unlocked! As THC would say. The next day I met up with a girl I had met in the club on Friday night. She was cute and I had no trouble setting up the date. I got more of a good girl vibe from her, but I gamed her well and she was clearly very into me. Another 69 year old girl, and she was very skinny. 9 66 85 kg small. I was a 5 minute walk from my hotel so I got her to come by promising to show her some cool pictures of my travels. After I arrived I started my usual routine. She put up a lot of lmr and it took a few hours to break down, but I got the notch. She pretended she was on her period bluff called! Well, I would have done it anyway.

What a tight pussy, wow.

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