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My Golden Life will take over for Father is Strange at the end of August, and the drama is from the screenwriter Seo Hyung Kyung behind the hit My Daughter Seo Young, and buzzy dramas 99 Days, Two Weeks, and Second Time Twenty Again. She also wrote Prosecutor Princess which made a lot of drama fans fall for Park Shi Hoo so I see where the connection for his casting comes from. Directing is PD Kim Hyung Suk of Oh My Venus and My Husband Got a Family. Well, I sure don t have the appetite to see him on my screen. Pass. I wish the drama would have decent ratings though, because hundreds of people will surely overwork for this. Hope UEE gains weight, her thighs were goals, dont know why she lost so much. I certainly don t have the appetite.

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I m find of UEE but because it s this dude, going to pass this one. No thanks. I like the writer. But am ambivalent about UEE after watching her in 8 dramas. Add in PSH and I am passing it too.

Can t even support him as a fan so what is the point? I don t even want to see his face. Can t help but feel sad for the double standard though. It seems like the entertainment world is so much more forgiving to males than females. Park shi hoo is able to return to acting despite a much more graver offense, but i haven t heard any news about dahee (of glam).

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I agree. Double standards. Women do recover less well than men. If at all! I love Dahee s voice and rooted for her character Nana in Monstar.

Her singing in ep. 6 is heart breaking (cover of Swamp ). I too will not watch it but mark my words, his scandal will not affect the ratings in korea if the drama is great. The world is not that fair. The best punishment he can receive is by various tv stations preventing him from ever appearing on their screens so by ignoring his scandal and casting him esp public tv station.

It will now depend on how good the drama actually is to determ its fate esp. Since its free to watch on air. In light of the recent sexual celebrity scandals of the past year, I won t be surprised if the public is simply numb to his presence. For instance, I ve read comments on how disappointed fans were that Lee Jin Wook declined the offer to star in Seven Day Queen, and his scandal is more recent. So it appears that the public will eventually move on.

I ll keep an eye on the ratings of this drama though I m not particularly interested in watching it, myself. My reason is that I don t quite buy UEE as a leading lady although I love her in some of her projects she just doesn t look very healthy.

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