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Subchapter D. Salvage Vehicles, Theft Vehicles, Reconstructed Vehicles and Flood VehiclesSubchapter B. Comprehensive System for Driver Education and ControlSubchapter B. Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance First Party BenefitsSubchapter E. Measuring and Adjusting Vehicle Size and WeightSubchapter A. Persons with Disabilities Shared-Ride Pilot Program(v) The vehicle has remained on the private property of a salvor for 75 days. Salvage Vehicles, Theft Vehicles, Reconstructed Vehicles and Flood Vehicles6667. Disclosure of odometer reading and tampering with odometer (Repealed).

Title 75 VEHICLES Pennsylvania General Assembly

6667. Vehicle destroyed, dismantled, salvaged or recycled (Repealed). 6658. Application for certificate of title (Repealed). 6665.

Duplicate certificate of title to replace original. 6666. 6. Issuance of new certificate following transfer. 6668.

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Suspension and cancellation of certificate of title. Creation of security interest for titled vehicle (Deleted by amendment). 6695. 6687. Perfection of security interest (Deleted by amendment).

6688. 6686. Duty of lienholder to disclose pertinent information. Subchapter exclusive for perfecting security interest. 6656.

Electronic media system for vehicle titles (Expired). Inspection of reconstructed, modified and specially constructed vehicles. 7. Specialized Vehicle Compliance Inspection Advisory Panel (Expired). (ii) Prior to request for the certificate of salvage as provided for under this paragraph:

(B) The insurance company must mail or deliver the settlement payment. 6856.

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