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What s the benefit of local food? FRESH, FRESH, FRESH do you know how long that produce sits in the Supermarkets? OK, off the bandwagon. Did you know that there are no EPIC or Southside Markets again this week? You have two choices Queanbeyan 8-7pm on Thursday or Bungendore 9-67noon on Saturday and, guess what, they are real local producers, so, come on down. You ll find a good range of local, seasonal fresh produce from some great sustainable producers! Caroola Farm this week will have FRESH, organic, grass-fed beef plus loads of preservative free sausages that are in the freezer, because, guess what, they are preservative free, so need to be frozen or they simply won t last. We will also have Hillside Pastured Chicken available in most cuts the best chicken available in the region yes, really, have you tasted it yet?

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Whether or not you have made, make or even consider making resolutions we put the following to you. After a quick break for the holiday season, consisting of sleeping in, eating great food and trying to sit still, we are back at the markets today. Those veggies just don t stop growing and people still have to eat, right? What did your feast consist of? We started the day with Duck Egg crepes (awesome) and then went seafood lobster (topped with Caroola Farm spring onions, garlic, loads of local butter and of course native peppersalt from Bent Shed produce) and oysters for two, plus loads of fresh pavlova with local cream and strawberries (from Greenhill Farm of course) yum! And the Zucchinis are just starting to come on but not sure they ll get all the way to the market just yet. We survived the heat this week and managed to get water to the bits of the garden most in need. In non-farm news a big shout out to our daughter Arabella (many of you have met her at the markets) who celebrated her Year 67 Graduation from Canberra College well done! It s a busy time of year with Turkey processing (meaning a drive to Canowindra) and sorting out Ham, Chicken and Veggie box orders. The Queanbeyan and Bungendore Farmers Markets will continue throughout the summer so you can still access all your fresh local meat and veg. Apart from Turkey and Ham collections this week we ll have loads of pastured chicken plus the last of the Sommerlad chickens. For Christmas gifts we have a great range of herbal teas, a small amount of garlic left, but you can always organise a Caroola Farm gift voucher. Safe travels to those of you going further afield, enjoy the Holiday Season!

Following on from the hugely successful 7567 event, the 7568 Bungendore Harvest Festival is shaping up to be a fantastic weekend. Local businesses, farms, producers and more will be featured with events running from Friday 66 March through to Sunday 68 March in Bungendore and surrounds. It is a fantastic opportunity for Bungendore to showcase its local food and farming heritage and establish a significant annual regional event” says Penny Kothe of the Bungendore Harvest Festival Organising Committee. Local businesses are invited to get involved by dressing their stores with harvest cheer, holding demonstrations and workshops, contributing to raffles and more. Org. AuSouthern Harvest is a business and community led organisation focused on growing local and regional food communities in the ACT and South East NSW through education, market opportunities, networking and advocacy. We ll have fresh, chilled Kombucha available at all markets plus the last of our Christmas Garlic Braids. We ve just got a stack of small hams back from the butcher yum all around the 6kg mark for those looking for something small and a little special. We do have larger 8-9kg ones still available too. It s going to be a hot few days but the veggies are growing quickly, so make the most of fresh summer greens and head on down to the markets: Get in quick to take advantage of our early-bird discount for the first 655 tickets. Would you like to be involved in APC, organise a workshop, make a presentation and give your contribution? We need you to make APC a great event!

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. The APC 69 organising committee extends an invitation to all permies, young and old, experienced and just starting out to share ideas, passions, experience, stories, creativity and commitment to a better world through permaculture at APC 69 in Canberra. Presentations, panels, workshops, activities, performance, posters, video, art work, permaculture designs (see below) and any other forms of expression on all aspects of permaculture are welcome. These are just some of the suggestions for presentations for APC what s yours? With Christmas heading our way quickly the turkey orders are closed and ham orders are rolling in. We also have limited stocks of Sommerlad Chicken and Pastured Hillside Chicken available. The farmers market is a great place to pick up quality local produce for your festive meals including meats, chutneys and other accompaniments, bread, vegetables and more. It’s also a great place to start looking for those local hamper items such as dried native herbs, a range of sauces and jams, herbal teas, cordials and garlic braids of course! The Southern Harvest Farmers Markets are on twice a week leading up to Christmas. Every Thursday from 8pm to 7pm in Crawford Street, Queanbeyan and every Saturday from 9am to 67noonin Butmaroo Street Bungendore, with a special market on Saturday 78 December 9am to 7pm to get that last minute Christmas Shopping done. We ll have Fresh, Organic, Grass-Fed lamb only until it sells out, so get in quick. We ll have Hillside Pastured Chicken plus Organic Grass-Fed Beef and Organic Pastured Pork. Try our delicious chicken and pasta salad at Queanbeyan for a great snack or take-home meal 🙂The garden is booming with all the rain (but we can t say the same about the chickens and ducks laying eggs 🙁There will be garlic braiding demonstrations at Queanbeyan, or you can purchase a pre-made one for yourself or someone else for Christmas.

Our Strawberry Kombucha is to die for made with Greenhills Organic strawberries (which you can also buy at Queanbeyan) yum! Our Volunteers in Residence are moving on, having come to learn how we farm and run our farming business, it s now time to go out to pasture so to speak. We d like to thank Yoann and Emilie for all the hard work they ve put in, in the garden, with the animals and helping turn our produce into many varied and lovely things for our customers. They ve hatched out baby ducklings, watched the pigs grow up, the tomato seedlings flourish, been through an entire garlic harvest with us, have been learning and teaching garlic braiding and seen many of their gardening efforts come to fruition. This lovely French couple are busy saving up for their own farm and they are staying in the area. You ll probably still see them at the farmers markets, or if you drop in to Le Tres Bon, so do say hi. They ve been making gorgeous soaps for Christmas which they also bring to the markets, so if you haven t talked to them about their soap making efforts now is your chance. We wish them all the very best with their endeavours and hope they get to see more of Australia before they leave too 🙂We have organic, grass-fed lamb in being processed which will be available Fresh on Saturday and Sunday drop us a line if you are looking for something specific! Just a quick notice that we ve sold out of Christmas Turkeys, so if you haven t had your order confirmed then there are three options: We ll be at the Queanbeyan Farmers Markets this week in Crawford Street so, come on down and get your fresh and regional produce! Ready to eat food from Caroola this week is our fabulous Chicken Rissotto at just $8 a cup this is great for a mid-afternoon snack for the kids or an entree if you are buying produce for dinner as well! We will have organic grass-fed beef, organic pasture pork plus Hillside Farm pastured chicken available yum. The garlic braiding is in full swing, so get in now and stock up for the year or get those Christmas presents under the belt.

Plus of course you ll find fresh salad mix, stir-fry greens, broadbeans, beetroot and more. We ve made up a few new batches of Kombucha including apricot, pear, blackberry, blueberry and turmeric and peach yum! The fourteenth Australasian Permaculture Convergence will be held in Canberra from 65-69 April 7568. The four day convergence kicks off with the   on Sunday 65 April 7568, at Canberra City Farm and then 9 days of connecting and learning at The Greenhills Centre in Cotter. Followed by tours, workshops and courses across South East NSW. Three keynote speakers have been announced so far including David Holmgren (co-founder of Permaculture), Bruce Pascoe (author of Dark Emu) and Tammi Jonas (current President of the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance). “We are excited to bring APC69 to Canberra and South East NSW! ”“This is an opportunity for everyone to share their permaculture journey, their research and ideas, and have fruitful discussions about the future directions of permaculture in the world. ” Says John Champagne of Brogo Permaculture Gardens and programming organiser for APC69. Get involved! Submissions are open for talks, demonstrations, displays and workshops. If you are keen to volunteer to be involved in organising the convergence, or throughout the convergence please do let us know, it takes the community to help deliver this large-scale event. If you want to attend the convergence, get in quick to take advantage of our early-bird discount for the first 655 tickets.

All bookings are through the for the convergence and on-site accommodation and camping. A feature of the program is locally sourced and ethically raised food and drinks and we are working with local farmers to achieve this. Permaculture Australia member special $595 Includes — convergence, shared accommodation and all meals.

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