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A cusp is the moment one sign changes to the next. The cusp between Pisces and Aries happens at a precise moment, which varies from year to year. If you were born before it you would be Pisces, and after it you would be Aries. The moment of the Pisces Aries cusp is not related to calendar dates. It's not as simple as saying March 75th is always Pisces and March 76st is always Aries. One year the cusp may be at 66pm at night on March 75th, and the next year it may be early in the morning on March 76st etc. To find out for sure which sign you are you will need to know when exactly you were born. Specifically you will need to know:

Aries Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility Zodiac

With that information an astrologer can calculate which side of the Pisces Aries cusp you were born on, and therefore which sign you are. For example, this calculation is always performed as part of my (for one person) and (for couples). If you don't know your birth time then things get a little more complicated, but it is often possible to figure it out backwards from major life events. That's a technique called birth time rectification. I won't confuse things here by going into it, other than to say it exists for that scenario. Another way to establish which sign you are is simply to look at the list of compared to. Pisces and Aries have very different characteristics so it's often fairly easy to see which one you are. In some cases however people relate almost equally to both signs. In that situation it's going to be because your sun sign is one of them, while you have another planet (most often mercury) in the other. For example you may have your sun in Pisces and your mercury in Aries. In that situation you probably will need an astrologer to tell you which is which, and explain how they interact. There are a large number of permutations so trying to cover them all here would be very confusing, but I automatically include your specific planets and interactions in all my (for one person) and (for couples) mentioned above. How to know if you're with your soulmate. By understanding someone and how they view things it's easy to make yourself more attractive to them. 76 years of experience solving real problems for real couples. Astrology can let you learn more about someone you recently met. Avoid arguments before they start and turn your differences into strengths. It's never too late to begin again. For the first time in years you feel alive.

My unbiased and anonymous analysis takes the gamble out of deciding what to do. From naughty to nice, my reviews of ebooks on dating, love, sex and more. How does it work? How accurate is it? Why are there 67 signs? An introduction to synastry and compatible astrology. The combination of Taurus and Pisces is one of the most fertile and creative association. They both complement each other and share a very strong bond of mutual respect and understanding. A Taurus man is quiet, modest and honest individual who exerts his willpower with a domineering force that can even bend steel. He is a realist and not an optimist, yet his views are colored with hints of jauntiness here and there. Working hard and reaching his personal goals are of the highest importance to a Taurus man, but he works at his own pace and in his own way, and does not take kindly to others questioning his methods. Beautifully feminine, sophisticatedly romantic, sweet and lovingly peaceful, the Pisces woman is the type of lady that inspires love at first sight. She can be naive and unrealistic about the world and other people, but it is simply because she is innocent and assumes the best of her surroundings. She tries to stay away from situations that could bring drama into her life, but being indecisive in nature brings some unwanted situations in her life. A Pisces woman can fall in love with a Taurus man at the first sight itself as he is actually one strong person who can take good care of her and her delicate nature. Both of them provide each other with the degree of comfort that they have always longed for. When the world becomes too unpredictable and overwhelming for him or falls short of her fantasies, the two can retreat to each other, where reality is a much more ideal place. Both of them are usually quite content embracing their traditional gender roles. The Pisces woman, who is soft-spoken and may have a timid nature, is more than happy to let him call the shots as she strongly regards and esteems her Taurus male.

Sagittarius Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility Zodiac

Having a tidy and organized home is essential to him, which is where he is the happiest but sometimes he can grow frustrated with the lack of personal motivation of the Pisces female and lack of desired cleanliness. He prefers to be the one in charge, and requires the respect and admiration that goes along with this and she has no problem in that. In fact this makes him adore her even more and take a lot better care of her. He always devotes himself to the love of his life and make sure to keep her comfortable and secure in all possible ways. Both tend to prefer staying at home to going out, which is a plus as they enjoy a lot in each other’s presence. But sometimes she may find him over involved in his work, neglecting her feelings and even a bit rude. However, when it comes down to it, these two provide each other with enough of their unfulfilled needs to brush aside their minor incompatibilities. As the Pisces woman with serene charisma, soothing aura and an exquisitely tender touch, blankets her Taurus man with warm affection and supreme admiration, their love deepens and he forgets all his stubbornness and hard ways to become a noble knight with a heart of gold. He makes his lovely maiden understand the world but still keeps her at the bay, warmly below his arms to be taken care and besides his heart, to be loved dearly forever. Their winters are warmer with soft music of stars and snowflakes and their summers are all shiny and rosy with most beautiful butterflies of love and freshness of morning dew! For both of them have opposite ways of viewing reality and the facts that go along with these views. He does not often speak before he is sure of what he wants to say and for him, truth is written in stone while for the Pisces female, her truth is entirely dependent on her current feelings. She does not view her actions, thoughts, history, or intentions in terms of black and white. Instead, they are colored by an entire rainbow of shifting colors. Hence, he has a hard time dealing with such inconsistencies of the Pisces woman. If Taurus man learns to accept that Pisces woman can’t view the world in concrete terms, and Pisces woman can soften his stubbornness, then this will no doubt be a match made in heaven. Unfortunately my taurus doesn t share my feelings for him. And reading all these just makes me even sadder cause of the lost potential. It s so true tho.

I was almost instantly attracted to him and loved the stability and ambition. He made me feel safe indeed. And I didn t even know I supposedly match with a taurus until met him. Well not that it matters now anyway Hes the most honest and cold person I know, sometimes being honest hurts the other but I over look that because. . Its so minor compared to everything else that s good about him and how he makes me feel! ! I want a taurus partner so much. Please, universe. This sounds like bliss to me. 😍I read my tea leaves (coffee cup) and saw me spooning with a man, a guardian angel looking at us from the left side of the bed, saw a cock, a turtle, and a bull. My friend read my birth chart and told me to date: early Virgos, early Taurus, Scoropios, or Aries ascendant. I met a Taurus last week in May 7567. He is eight years younger than I am, no children, and he lives a couple of hours from me. I am Piscean. Wish me good luck. Exotic model sounds like a nightmare and dishonest. As a Taurus man I wouldn t even waste a second to tell her to get lost as I would just drop her like numbskull that she is.

Wonder if she would appreciate these small minded games pulled on her? And don t give up on the Taurus-Pisces bond, there is another Pisces woman for you out there. My first real boyfriend was a Taurus man and I am a Pisces women. He was and is the sweetest person so caring we both just clicked. He moved 65 years ago back home and we moved on with our lives and till this day I haven t found a guy who comes close to what me and the Taurus guy had. We just reconnected a week ago and nothing has changed! We stay up for hours talking about when we were 68 and all the fun we got into. We both just turned 77 and we have nothing but good memories (: he told me he never found or loved anyone the way he loved me! He is planning to move back here where I live and if he does he will be my last and I his! The bond that we had never left and we are so similar and understand each other it s crazy the connection We have after 65 years of not really speaking! Found out that my pisces girl is interested in another guy. She s wonderful and i wish her happiness forever. Sorry to hear that. It happens and good that you guys are moving on with no hard feelings. Am a pisces girl and am with a taurus boy right now it takes some time for him to show his love but i hate the fact that he s too aggressive. Though he s a sweerheartI m a taurus guy and I never get erm. (I was diagnozed with heartbroken syndrome (constant chest pain)) Im a pisces girl and Im talking to a Taurus, I noticed from the beginning that he s very focused on work and school. He wants to do intimate stuff which i understand because we dont see eachother at all(once every 7 weeks) but I dont like giving up my body so easily.

Even though im willing to give everything (cancer and capricorn treated me like a sex doll just threw me aside after it was done) Someone please tell me what to do. HelpI m in the exact same situation as you. I was also with a capricorn, but he seemed to be quite passive and it just wasn t enough.

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