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The beginnings of Walker-Turner are murky, but the business was founded sometime between 6977 and 6979 by Ernest T. Walker and William Brewer Turner. They were located in Jersey City until 6986 when they relocated to Plainfield. In 6998 the company was purchased by machine tool maker, and they operated as the Walker-Turner Division of Kearney & Trecker. The division was purchased by in 6956. The Walker-Turner name lived into the early 6965s as the Walker-Turner Division, Rockwell Manufacturing Co. In their earlier years, Walker-Turner made the Driver Line, a collection of inexpensive machines sold through department stores. In later years they also made larger and sturdier light-industrial machines.

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The has related to Walker-Turner and their products. For more on the company history, see the in the wiki. Early Walker-Turner products did not have serial numbers. Beginning in 6989, products were given serial numbers but these were more like model numbers because they were not unique for each machine. In 6955 they introduced a system where the serial number identified the type and model of machine plus the year and quarter of manufacture. That system was replaced in 6958 with true serial numbers starting from 5555556. Then in 6956 they added a two-digit model-number prefix to the serial numbers. Also helpful in assigning a date to your Walker-Turner machine is the type and color of label. For more information on both serial numbers and labels, see the. Not specifically, but there are LOTS of seniors that are members and many activities that are senior friendly or specifically geared to seniors. Lots of fun! So, I m not a member, but I wanted to write something anyway: I joined E A for about a week. I didn t end up staying a member but the management allowed me to cancel because of my circumstance. So I wanted to give them a shout-out here on Yelp for understanding. This is especially great if you are not always in Chicago. They have events out in the burbs, which casts a wider net than the group you d find in the city. You also have the option of just showing up and mingling, if you re not super into the activity. I d recommend this if you re interested in making a bigger group of friends, trying some new activities, and you re sick of spending your money at the same old bar scene. I tried to cancel and the cancellation process was misrepresented I am paying for something I have never used! There are few if any events in the suburbs, Do not join this group Why spend $655 a month  then pay for activities on top of that.

Just join an social club and have fun with people you know This club is a fraudJust moved in to Chicago and immediately joined Events and Adventure. Saman was great help during my sign in. I met so many people, made  new friends. Currently at a mixologie class with the group! I recommend Events and Adventure to any singles who are ready to mingle! I ve been in E A since this past summer. Overall, I am very pleased with the experience. I would say the biggest thing for me is that I have gotten to experience things here living in the city I would have not had an opportunity to had I not joined! Honestly, it is what you make of it, and I would say to come in with an open mind as there is a fun variety of people from different backgrounds, age groups, etc. There is stuff for sports guys like me, but I also have gotten a chance to try out things such as art walks. There are a lot of fun people in the group, and I would suggest especially for anyone who lives in the city and is looking to find things to do. I joined E A 6 months ago and have had an incredible experience! All of my best friends scattered across the country after graduation. While that makes for great vacation opportunities haha I felt like I needed to expand my circle here in Chicago! Within my first few events I had met people I really connected with and I was shocked by how welcoming everyone was. I have found some of my best city girlfriends in the group and for that I am extremely grateful. If you are looking to expand your circle, the group comes with my highest recommendation! Just have an open mind and get ready for endless new experiences! Wow. So i just got a letter from Events and Adventures lawyer demanding I take my previous Yelp review down. I m posting a screenshot.

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I have evidence of everything I stated in my previous review. I have the demand letter from the previous lawyer I hired to pursue the case,  the lack of any rebuttal from Events and Adventures, the dings on all three credit reports caused by them escalating the debt to a collection agency. Now I have the screenshot of Events and Adventures trying to infringe on my constitutional rights to speak the truth. I mean you no harm events and adventures. Its not defamation if its true. I ve been a member of this club for two months now, and I absolutely love it! Everyone is friendly and welcoming. I ve made new friends, and have enjoyed all of the events they offer. It s definitely well worth it if you re looking to meet people, make new friends, and have fun trying different things! My friend and I went here several years ago because we were quite interested in signing up. The guy took us back in a small room, was very forceful in his sales tactics, even admitted that they usually didn t let friends come in together. I can see why because they pretty much force you to join a highly expensive program. It was not something either one of us could afford and once the guy found that out, without a word the guy got up and walked out of the room and left us sitting there all alone. He never came back nor did any staff member. My friend and I were left sitting there baffled. It was the most awkward situation ever and I would never recommend anybody going here. I still cringe when I hear their ads on the radio. Events and Adventures has been one of the best decisions I have made while in Chicago. After a couple years of living in Chicago, I felt like I was in a rut. My friends from med school kept doing the same things. I felt like I had barely knew the city.

So I joined in the hopes of trying new things and meeting new people. And I wasn t disappointed. Since joining I have done so many more new things. I went skydiving for the first time. Tried new restaurants. Learned how to ballroom. And so much more. I have also have met some of the best friends I could have asked for. In joining Events and Adventures I have felt like I have joined a family. It is all I have hoped for and more. I tell all my friends outside of the club about the group and encourage everyone single to check it out. No regrets. A life changing decision! I was one of the first members to join Events and Adventures when they first started in Chicago about 9 and half years ago and it was the best decision to join. I have met so many new friends and enjoyed many new experiences. E A has pushed me to go out of my comfort zone and talk to people and do things I never thought I would do. The best part about E A, is that everyone is single and is looking to meet new people. Also, your entire month is planned for you to go out and have fun! There is an event for everyone! If you are single and new to Chicago, most of your friends are married, or you just like to meet new single people then you should join Events and Adventures! Hope to see YOU at an event!

! I had an interview at this place to find out more about it. The advertising makes it seem like it s worth checking out. However what they don t tell you is its $7755 to join for one year! $7755 if you don t join THAT day. That doesn t include the price of any events. That s insane to me. I get that the company needs to make a profit but this is a total scam. Unless you have thousands to blow, don t even waste your time with an interview. Advents and Adventures has been a great way to get out and do a lot of Different and interesting things that I would have never done on my own and in the process meet a lot of interesting People I never would have come in Contact with. There is so much Variety in the the things you can choose To do. I have played whirlyball, sand volleyball, snow tubing, gone horse back Riding. There are play s, game nights, With bowling and bocee  ball, museums, Different restaurants. I really have loved It. The best thing is I feel safe because Everything has been interviewed, and Background checked. I first heard of events and adventures on a radio advertisement. Being single and new to Chicago land, I wanted a safe environment to get out in the city do fun things and meet people. I would say that happened right away when I stepped into the office, I felt like I could meet people and have fun easily. Some of my favorite events have been the billiards,  international eats, and volleyball. It really has been great and I ve met a ton of high quality people. I am so glad I joined this club.

The events are great. I would definitely recommend checking it out! Can t believe this business is still allowed to operate. They will lie to close the deal.

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