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My TEDx Talk transmits an essential message about how vital sex and love are to our full expression as human beings. It s called How Talking about your Sex Life can Spark a Social Revolution. If this inspires you, take a tour through my website and blog to find other hidden treasures! ? Whether you are single, married, dating or practicing polyamory, I am dedicated to helping you deepen your direct experience of love. I want to share my deepest teachings with YOU! Get the other 7 videos instantly, when you subscribe to my mailing list! Watch the first video below:

Here s one of the many rave reviews we ve gotten from this  simple video series: Opening your heart can be dangerous.

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In order to avoid painful mistakes, it helps to have someone with wisdom and experience support you along your path. Let s work together to re-design your love life in whatever way is best for you.

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