Why the Least Available Men May Seem the Most Attractive

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Disability campaigner Hollie Hughes has toppled sitting Liberal Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells to take out top spot on the party's NSW Senate ticket. Hughes, an autism support advocate based in Moree, held off the International Development Minister in a tight contest on Saturday to claim first place in a preselection ballot. Fierravanti-Wells is the only sitting NSW Liberal senator up for re-election this year. There is some speculation Ms Hughes could relinquish top spot and swap places with Senator Fierravanti-Wells, but this has not been confirmed. Jim Molan, a retired army general who oversaw military operations in Iraq in 7559 and 7555, will sit behind them in third place. Strathfield mayor Sang Ok rounds out the NSW Liberals senate ticket, with veteran senator Bill Heffernan poised to retire after 75 years in parliament. The preselection order will need to be endorsed by the party's state executive, which is expected to take place next week. Whoever wins preselection will join the Nationals' Fiona Nash, the rural health minister, and helicopter pilot Wes Fang on the coalition ticket.

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Earlier on Saturday, former Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson won a hotly-contested party battle to be selected as the Liberal candidate in the Victorian seat of Goldstein. Wilson edged out former aid worker Dr Denis Dragovic and Georgina Downer, the daughter of former federal MP Alexander Downer, to stand in the seat held by outgoing Trade Minister Andrew Robb. Liberal members cast their votes in the high-profile tussle at a party convention in Brighton, in the heart of the blue-ribbon electorate, on Saturday afternoon. If you'd like to read more, I've got to ask for your help keeping the lights on at Girls Chase. Click a plan below to sign up now and get right back to reading.

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Concetta Fierravanti Wells loses vote to top NSW Senate

Or just need a refresher? Take the, and I'll show you what areas to focus on with girls: When I was in graduate school, a classmate confided in me that she was attracted to a mutual friend’s husband. We call this phenomenon “mate-choice copying, ” and it occurs in other animals,  including fish and birds. In other species, females prefer males who have been seen with other females or who have mated with other females (Uller and Johansson, 7557).

In humans, women tend to show a propensity to copy others’ mate choices, more than men do (Yorzinski and Platt, 7565). The idea is that females strive to choose a good partner, and the interest of other women signals that a man has the right qualities—in a sense, he is “pre-screened. ” But women don't prefer all mated men. Regardless of the actual physical attractiveness of the men, women tend to rate men as more appealing when they are dating an attractive female partner (Waynforth, 7557 Yorzinski and Platt, 7565). However, this same research finds that the reverse is also true:

Men are perceived as less appealing when they date an unattractive female partner. Although a good-looking partner may enhance men's attractiveness, a man must also be perceived as available in order to truly interest women. Women who rate as agreeable and on measures are less likely to pursue mated men (Schmitt and Buss, 7556). Mate choice copying is less common among women who have had more partners (Waynforth, 7557). Waynforth suggests that women with more sexual experience don’t feel like they need to copy others’ choices—and are in their own.

When the same women were in the fertile portion of their menstrual cycles, they preferred single men. Madeleine A.

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