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A listing of asexuality-related words. If you have any objections, clarifications, or words you d like to see added, please let me know. Ace: Colloquial abbreviation of asexual. Often used to refer to asexual people in a similar manner as gay or straight are used to refer to homosexual or heterosexual people. Ace also includes gray-asexual and demisexual people. Ace Spectrum: The grouping of asexual, demisexual, and gray-asexual under a single umbrella of related sexual orientation.

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Aesthetic Attraction: Non-sexual/non-romantic attraction to the way someone looks. Often described as the desire to admire someone like a painting, but not necessarily anything further. Allo: Usually short for Allosexual, but could also be short for Alloromantic, depending on context.

Alloromantic: Someone who experiences romantic attraction not aromantic. Antisexual: General dislike of sexuality or sexual activity, including instances where other people are involved. Often accompanied by the belief that sex or sexuality in any form is bad or wrong.

Antisexual views should not be confused with asexuality. Arc: Abbreviation for Averse, Replused, or Conflicted, which can describe someone s personal feelings about sex or romance. Aromantic: A romantic orientation characterized by a persistent lack of romantic attraction toward any gender.

Arousal: Being turned on, generally accompanied by a physical genital response, such as erection and/or lubrication. Asexuality: A sexual orientation characterized by a persistent lack of sexual attraction to any gender. Autochorissexualism:

Coined by Dr. Anthony Bogaert to describe the scenario where some ace people can be aroused by or masturbate to sexual situations or material, without experiencing attraction to those involved in the situation and without a desire to be personally involved in the situation. Averse: Feeling disgusted or put off by the thought of sex. It s not necessarily the thought that sex is wrong, more that there s a personal dislike.

Biromantic: A romantic orientation characterized by romantic attraction regardless of gender.

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