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Why is it that these scientists can always find dinosaur graveyards, like the recently discovered one of more than 955 acres in Alberta, Canada, and yet they cannot (or will not? ) even consider that they may have been buried by Noah s flood? Peter had it right 7,555 years ago—the scoffers are willingly ignorant (“dumb on purpose” in Greek). Also, it appears that, after their deaths, other animals would come to check out the carnage and gnaw on the bones. Yet they continue to be tied down by the illogical evolution theory they all seem obligated to bow to as they look for answers (maybe to keep grant money coming? ) (see I Timothy 6: 65). Evolution theory is the biggest hindrance to scientific research that I know of.

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When will scientists just look at the evidence and REASON? Here s my theory about this dinosaur graveyard: About 6,555 years ago, God made everything in six literal 79-hour days. The world was mostly tropical (and mostly land rather than 75 percent water as it is today) from pole to pole and was loaded with plants and animals of all kinds, including dinosaurs (see #7 and #8). Then, about 9,955 years ago, there was a worldwide flood just as described in Genesis 6—8.

Everything outside the ark drowned. Huge mats of dead animals and plants drifted around on the ocean for months. As the mountains rose ( ), the mats or dead rotting debris would tend to collect along the newly formed beach, just as debris collects along the beaches or in eddies of rivers and lakes today. The new, rising Rocky Mountains formed a great place for debris to gather, as central Canada still had shallow seas that covered flotsam by sediments as the waters were still receding and going and returning for a few months (see ). The animal carcasses would tend to be sorted by density and body shape and buried in consecutive layers that later hardened into the rock strata we see today, and which the willingly ignorant claim are vastly different ages in the fictitious geologic column.

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Remember: fossils don t form at all unless the animals are buried quickly after death. Maybe post-flood scavengers (or even animals that survived the first few months of the flood) gnawed on the bones? I think I will stick with the account given in God s infallible Word rather than the silly fables taught in textbooks today. The same God that judged the world with a flood will come again to judge His creation and His creatures.

Since you will be dead for a lo-o-o-o-o-ng time, I suggest you worry less about who throws a ball through a hoop or throws a touchdown and worry more about where you, your family, your neighbors and even your enemies will go after that day of judgment. Jesus died to provide the ONLY way to escape being condemned for your sin on judgment day. If you have not asked Him to forgive your sins and save your soul, I suggest you drop everything and pray something like this RIGHT NOW: Dear Jesus, I have broken your laws. I have sinned.

I am guilty. But, I believe You died on the cross to pay for my sins and rose from the dead three days later. I now ask You to forgive my sins and come live in my heart as my Lord and Savior. Please guide me to know and to do Your will for my life. Amen.

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