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By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 68 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Either this is bullshit r your a complete moron. You don't want them to get a younger more inexperienced girl pregnant what if she doesn't promise to keep it a secret n they physically hurt herYet another fake rape confession. Listen, assholes, can you save the word rape for an actual rape situation and not these phony BS stories. I was raped but I really liked it and I came repeatedly. . Blah, blah, blah. Then I asked them to fuck my ass too so I could claim anal rape.

Indian Muslim teenager raped and Daily Mail Online

And just before they left I gave them my phone number and asked them to call me. LOOKS LIKE YOU DO UNDERSTAND IT. Yes, they might hurt her, or get her pregnant, or she might report them. Isn t that exactly the concerns i tried to express? And NO this isn't bullshit buster. I wish it were. You are full of shit you stupid cunt. I would like to beat you to death with a brick. It seem like you enjoyed their company that is why you kept it a secretIt does sound good and its written all over your face that you enjoyed it but you can't continue sooner or later you will get caught and you will get charged. Image the women that read this are now so horny they will have to change their panties. At first I tried not to enjoy it for I couldn't believe I could anyway. Even though the boys were firm about having me, they were gentle, and all are - usuall = very polite, and ALL of them are handsome rascals, physically well built in EVERY way, which surprised me, and each of them knew how to please a woman. I never had any idea boys at that age were so wise, matured, and experienced. It was IMPOSSIBLE for me not to climax. I hope they all don't ever come back together, but if one of them did I would probably let him make love to me for their pleasure kees lingering with me and stirs a desire in me. If I had not know the fellow well, and been friends with their moms it would surely have been different. They were - firm and direct - but gentle, and even somewhat gentlemen about it. They made it clear that they would have me so I should just relax and get it over with. I did NOT expect to climax, but it happened several times, and no I don't understand this for I thought a woman never climaxed while being raped. Well I did, and I was raped by all three of them - TWICE each. Two of them asked if they could have me another time, but I said my husband might be coming home at any time. (He wasn't). I was somewhat scared, and wore out by those young bucks. Did you suck their cocks? Did they eat your pussy? Did they cum in you? Why not fuck them again and enjoy yourselfUm sorry but God forgives anyone willing to ask for his forgiveness genuinelyyou are positively beautiful and must be an amazing woman.

You are somewhat flattered by the attention I know. Do not be ashamed rather have the discretion to keep this part of yourself private-and if you come across these boys again-be firm and tell them they must make loveto you on your terms. Personally I'd consider it quite an honor and privilege to be pounding away at your sweet self until you climaxed again+ again. Actually if you read the bible what that guy says up there is right, God forgives all but you need to follow the bible in order to be forgiven and you truly most be sorry and for what I can tell she is NOT sorry. It is wrong to enjoy it! Tell their parents for sure! Its for their own good! Be strong! Do not be afraid! You can't even spell pregnant. Pregnet is not even close. This is a fake story most probably written by a little boy. I recommend you make the most of it. We all have hidden fantasies and it sounds like you have the perfect opportunity to explore your desires. Let them fuck you whenever you want, just take care you don't get caught, but work on getting the maximum pleasure for yourself. Maybe you can get spit roasted by them or even try double penetration. Enjoy it, and tell us what happens! Obviously you are not Christian. Christ gave us two commandments. 6. To love God and the second, like unto it. Love thy neighbor. And he took unto the neighbor as being thought of in a very disparaging way, a Samaratan. What these young men did was wrong even though pure homonal. They have no right to even think of attempting any such action again even though it ended up being somewhat pleasurable. They owe you amends for what they did to you. Again, only Yes means Yes.

Texas teen claiming she was raped is charged for lying

Being unable to stop them is not agreement with them. Best not to say anything. When they take turns again, just try to take it where your son could not witness the events. You should got to their parents about this. You can't just not say anything even if you liked it which I think is very, very common. But this type of behavior can not be allowed to stand. I'm not saying you should go to the police, but their parents have to be made aware. Sounds as if you enjoyed it very much. You should be thankful that it turned out well. Keep it to yourself and enjoy the attention. You promised not to tell and they will likely be back for more and you can enjoy it again. It mad you feel great and wanted. That is a lot said! In a way you wanted it to happen as you said you 'enjoyed' the session. I'd prsume the whole thing was someway 'consensual'. So long it remains within you and the three guys, enjoy yourself. Lol wow. They are all fine young men. Apart from the rape. Totally great kids. Some. You have just enabled them to do same damn thing to some random woman. Bravo. I bey then you will have a morality check eh? Lmao! U dumb fuckin whore that does not sound like rape. You fuckin loved it and didnt want it to end.

I et u wish they would do it again you disgusting slut. Worthless cum bucket. Stop complaining what your saying is you enjoyed being gang fucked, I wish I had the same experience. JoyceIf this is true this was rape you never said you enjoyed it and you told them to stop repeatedly they should have been reported and charged because they will do it to some one elese you should have screamed kicked and scratched their faces there faces when i it was over u should have called the police and had them picked up I and charged the scratches on there faces would have convicted them i am a guy and certainly no womens libber but this is rapeI don't belive a women being forced to have sex will cum this story should be taken out because it delivers wrong massage that even if a women is being forced to have sex she will enjoy it young men will be confused by this lieyou are a cock guzzling cumslut. Eat their balls all day. Lick their bungholes. Have them rape and gape your shitbox. Then invite me over and I will blow a load on your fuckslut faceJUST READ ABOUT DOG LICKING GIRL VAGINA, WANT O READ ABOUT DOG GOING THROUGH WITH JUST STICKING HER OR MAYBE FUCKING HER TO SEE HOW SHE FEELS THEN! ! Wow your reply hit the nail on the head remember this ain't real it's for entertaimentThat is not rape! You asked them to do it! Do yet 'ANOTHER fake rape story'. Sadly, it's people like you who are the reasons why most rapist don't end up behind bars. You should keep letting them do you until they have had their fill of your love box and your juices. Totally agreed. A fake rape story is better than a real one, simply because it means nobody WAS raped. But it's not good. It's ugly and disrespectful to real victims. What's more, it teaches people the wrong thing, when it suggests that not turning these kids in is in any way the right thing to do. They have their whole lives ahead of them? Ridiculous. Then they shouldn't have raped. Yes let them keep doing you your providing a service, my wife lets a young man do her as often as he wants it rely turns me onThere obviously rapist. And they need ti be punished. They got away with it with you. So what's to stop them from doing it to someone else. You have the responsibility as a adult to report this to the authorities.

Do u the thought of some poor girl getting raped on your conscious. The site is a bunch of fake fags writing lame storys that are probably copypastaHey guys i think raping is very bad and well im only 76 and have read a lot of these and well they just disgust me but this story is probably fake no woman would do that they are to high and mighty. I think you should get them to do it again, but secretly film it so that you can blackmail them later in lifeIf I was her husband i wouldn't mind at all as long as it was all kept discreet. I would expect my wife to tell me all the details and the pool of cum in her panties after they had all satisfied themselves inside her. May be they blackmail u later and u and force u to do again. Scare them in some way, just to get out of hellI did the same to my friends mum when I was 67 and haven't done it to anyone else just her a few times she enjoyed me every time I know she did so don't tell on them enjoy them as they enjoy youThere are some twisted, mean bitches in this world. They seek to be admired, lusted after, wanted. But they're often cruel control freaks who abuse their power to harm. Beware! I bet about 75% of all rape cases are just falsely accused men who were led on and even consensual sexual encounters initiated by these lying bitches. You almost need a signed agreement showing consent! Seriously - you don't want this to happen to other women. Stop It dead in the tracks, file a complaint. What the hell are you thinking. They may have their lives ahead of them, but they made the decision in doing so. They may have already violated younger adults or what not. Listen slut. Enjoy everything. Let them fuck u. Have babies with them. You are the slut and hoe. I wish i could be there in tha party. SlutGet a f-n Clue, dummy! Of Course you Report them! They might have done your son too. Ever think of what they might do to young girls Like make brains not function correctly outta fear or something worse. End up like You!

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