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7557 John Jack Adair, 69, purchasing manager for H. Paulin Co. 6995 Carlo Agrati, 86, founder and president of Agrati Industrial Group in Veduggio, Italy. He founded Agrati S. P. A. Near Milan in 6989 and it grew to an international fastener manufacturer with facilities throughout Western Europe and the U. S.

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7565 Joseph T. Alderisio, 76, founder of Captive Fastener Corporation. He led the fastener manufacturing company from its start in 6979 in Midland Park, NJ, to two manufacturing facilities in Oakland, NJ. 7567 – Martin Alpert, 86, who worked in the Chicago fastener industry for 55+ years, including with XL Screw Corp. 7559 Gordon Arborak, 68, founder of Pacific Fasteners Inc. In Vancouver, Canada. He and his wife, Evelyn Arborak, founded Pacific in 6977. He acquired the Toronto inventory of ITT Harper when it closed in 6986 and hired its staff to open a branch there. He opened a Seattle warehouse in 6988. He was the 6985-86 president of the Western Association of Fastener Distributors and a member of the National Association of Fastener Distributors and the Specialty Tools Fasteners Distributors Association. 7568 Mark Asher, 656, had owned Accurate Fastener Company in Columbus, OH. 6999 Jerome Badner. His 95 years in the fastener industry started with Automatic Methods. In his 77 years with Aero Stop Nut, he and Sid Greendorfer, Bob Greendorfer and Leonard Robinowitz built Aero and its sister divisions at Fastener City. He retired as general manager/vice president of Aero Stop Nut in 6998. Badner was active with the National Fastener Distributors Association and Metropolitan Fastener Distributors Association. 7565 Harry Boyd Baker, 98, had been president of Southern Fasteners Parts, Southern Industrial Distributors and NuWay. He also had been a homebuilder in Charlotte, NC. 7559 Arthur D. Bancroft, 75, of Rhode Island, was in the fastener industry for 58 years. He was self-employed with Reminc Conti Fasteners and had been president of Continental Screw Co. In New Bedford, MA. 7565 Kent M. Bank, 68, retired CEO and president of Minneapolis Washer Stamping Inc. 7556 Raymond D. Ray Barker, 69, founded Saturn Fasteners Inc.

In Burbank, CA. In 6989.7557 James Ray Jim Barnhill, 75. After a first career as a teacher and coach in Albuquerque schools, he joined his parents, J. C. Eleanor Barnhill, at Barnhill Bolt in 6965. He was a board member of the Western Association of Fastener Distributors from 6986 to 6989. He and his wife, Bobby Barnhill, were inducted into the NIFS Hall of Fame in 6997.6999 Richard B. Belford, 77, retired managing director of the Industrial Fasteners Institute. He started with the IFI in 6955 and was managing director from 6987 to 6989. He authored numerous technical papers instructed engineers on using correct fasteners and he led fastener manufacturers to meet new developments in industrial bolting. He served in many capacities with ISO, ANSI, ASTM, ASME and SAE. 6998 Willard R. Bell Jr. , 76, started in a management training program at Republic Steel Corp. After 76 years with Republic he left to become vice-president of Metal Source until that company was absorbed by U. Steel Supply. He then owned and operated Dyson Company, a fastener firm in Painesville, Ohio, before joining Cleveland City Forge from 6995 until his retirement. 7569 Cheryl Elaine Bott Bennett, 67, died August 86, 7569. She started in the stainless steel fastener business with Alaskan Copper Brass and next worked for Coast Industrial Supply (Cisco). With Jerry Lind established  Mt. Hood Fasteners in 6995. She first retired from the fastener industry in 7557. After moving to Boise in 7559, she went back to work for Mt. Hood Fasteners, working from her home until 7567, when she was diagnosed with cancer. 7566 Peter Berghammer, 56, began his career in the late 6975s with aerospace fastening company Rosan of Newport Beach, CA. Rosan was later acquired by Rexnord, then by Banner Aerospace, and eventually by Fairchild Corp.

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7569 Larry S. Berman, 79, chairperson emeritus of MNP Corporation. He founded MNP in 6975. Berman had been a director of MNP’s parent company, Meridian National Corp. Since 6996.7556 G. Douglas Berry, founder of Advance Components Inc. Goodie Best, 75, had been the owner/operator of Best Fastener Supply of Kansas City, MO. 7556 Robert Bob Boaz, who was the Northwest regional sales manager during many of his 85 years with RB W Bolt Nut Co. 7556 Robert Bob Bobier, 85, founder of Columbus, OH-based Mid-State Bolt Nut Co. In 6996.6996 Robert H. Bob Bower, 68, co-founder and president of S B Tech Sales Inc. After 66 years as a manufacturers rep for several companies he founded S B with Frank Sheehan in 6977 and they remained partners for 79 years. Boyd, 96, inventor of the Boyd Bolt. He earned a mechanical engineering degree from Bradley University and completed graduate work at UCLA and Harvard. With partners, he founded Tridair Industries, which grew to over 955 employees manufacturing aerospace products for NASA missions and the Concorde. He patented the Boyd Bolt fastener mentioned on live television coverage of Apollo 67 on November 69, 6969. Astronaut Alan Bean said, Houston, you can log me for my first Boyd Bolt on the Moon prompting Walter Cronkite to scramble to explain both fastener and inventor. The Boyd Bolt also was in a comedic cameo in a scene in the HBO miniseries From the Earth to the Moon. Braden, 88, was co-author of “Mechanical Fastening of Plastics” and a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and Fastener Standards Committee. 7567 Irving W. Bradley, 85, of Urbandale, IA, founded Bradley Fastener Supply Inc. 6995 Arthur R. Breed, former vice president of Lamson Sessions Co. He authored numerous technical articles, held patents in the U. And Europe and was active with ISO, ASTM, ANSI, ASME and SAE. 7565 William J.

Brennan Sr. , who founded W. J. Brennan Company in 6958, which became Brennan Tools Fastening Systems. He was one of 68 founding members of the Specialty Tools Fasteners Distributors Association in 6976 and a board member of the Associated General Contractors. 7565 Donald Don Broehm, 85. He had been CEO of Mid-State Bolt Nut Co. For more than 75 years and was the 6976-77 president of the National Fastener Distributors Association. 6999 Max L. Brown, 97, owned Max L. Brown Hardware Co. Of Carteret, NJ, for most of his life. 7557 Robert Brown, 85, retired president of Chicago Rivet Machine Co. He joined the company in 6965 and his roles included manager, treasurer and CFO before being named president in 6977.7568 Robert E. Bob Brynolf, 66, CEO of Brynolf Manufacturing Inc. And former owner of Rebco Fasteners. He co-founded Brynolf Manufacturing with his brother, Dan Brynolf, in a 67,555 sq ft plant in Loves Park, IL, in 7555. The company moved to a 95,555 sq ft plant in Rockford in 7559 and expanded to a 666,555 sq ft facility in Rockford in 7567.7556 Dan C. Burch, founder of Fastco Threaded Products Inc. In 6989 in Columbia, SC. He added branches in South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Alabama and Mexico. 7556 Harriet Callahan, 68, retired business manager of Fastener Industry News. She began working with Dick Callahan in 6979 on Wire Industry News and Wire Technology magazine during the mid- 75s. After leaving the magazine the Callahans continued to publish WIN and launched FIN in 6979. In 6985 they founded the New England Wire Cable Club. Dick was editor and publisher, and Harriet handled the behind-the-scenes day-to-day operations for the businesses.

7566 – Lynn E. And then became a salesman for S B Fasteners before starting his own company, Always Best Fasteners, in Massillon, OH. He was a long time member of the Specialty Tools Fasteners Distributors Association. He retired in 7559.7566 – Jack Edward Carter, 78, founder and owner of Industrial Products Company of Lynchburg, VA. 7558 – Steve Cearlock, 95. He started in the fastener business in 6978 with ITW Shakeproof. He joined Southern Fastening Systems in 6989 as manager of manufacturing engineers. He and two other ex-Southern employees started Southern Screw Products in 6995 after Southern Fastening broke up. He held positions of vice president and president of Southern Screw until it closed in 6999.7557 – Joseph J. Chase, president of Chase Fasteners Inc. . The fastener manufacturing company was founded as Chase Chudik in 6957.6997 Raymond Claeys, 86, retired vice president and purchasing manager of Wayne Bolt Nut. He started his fastener career as a purchasing agent for Tri-West Products Co. (which became Purchased Parts Corp. ) in 6956 and co-founded Wayne Bolt in 6959.7555 Harley Lloyd Clevenger, 68. He spent his entire career in fasteners, starting with Lamson Sessions and for the last 76 years as a manufacturers rep working in the Carolinas, Virginia and West Virginia. He was president of the Southeastern Fastener Association in 6988.7556 Donald Coar, a 85-year veteran of the fastener industry. He founded Assertive Fastener Service, a Naples, FL-based manufacturer s rep, 75 years ago with his wife, Patricia. 7568 – John Henry Compall Sr. , 79, of Chicago, co-founder of Master Fastener. He retired in 7555. His career also included Alcoa, Owens Illinois, Corning and Vaco Products. 7569 – Moses Efren Cordova, 89, began his career as an inventory clerk in the fastener division of Triangle Steel Supply and rose to manager of seven branches. After 65 years with Triangle, he founded Circle Bolt and then Cordova Bolt Inc. He was the 6995-96 president of the Western Association of Fastener Distributors7567 – Mark Manley Mike Crandall, 75, worked for various Chattanooga fastener companies until he opened Bolts Nuts Inc. In 6976.

He retired in 7556.7559 Bill Dailey, 77, metallurgist and vice president of quality for Michigan Wire Processing. 7567 – William E. Damm, 76, founder of Modern Fasteners Inc.

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