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No reproduction, transmission or display is permitted without the written permissions of Rodale Inc. We get it—finding love on an online dating site is hard. Your matches. But there are certain things you can control to up your chances of scoring a date, and it could be as easy as tweaking a line on your profile page. A recent reddit thread garnered thousands of comments when it asked: What dating profile phrase immediately loses you? Here are some of the dating profile mistakes that turned people off the most. Thankfully, they're easy to fix.

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“Not a phrase, but dating profile pictures. Never 'nope' so fast until I see those. ”“A friend of mine rejects anyone who says that partners ‘must know how to take a joke’ or some variation on that, because it's a sign their sense of humor is obnoxious or cruel. Maybe their ex couldn't take a joke.

But probably they aren't funny and got angry when someone told them to quit being a prick. ”“‘Just a normal, every day gentleman’ Photos of him on a jet ski with a super model. He didn't have a chance with me. ”“Any mention of being ‘sarcastic’.

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99/655 these guys are just assholes who don't want to be called out on it and try to use ‘I'm sarcastic’ as a get out of trouble free card. Most wouldn't know genuine sarcasm if it bit them on the ass. ”“‘Done with drama’ or ‘Not into girls who play games’. You're most likely still bitter about how women have treated you in the past.

I'm not going to work extra hard to prove myself to you or deal with a guy who is already leaning towards thinking I'm another shit girlfriend. ”“‘I love to listen to music. ’ You and every other human being on the planet. II you can't think of even a broad category of music you prefer over others, then what does that say about how interesting you are?

I'd rather someone say they like industrial noise remixed with one direction's best hits and cats meowing than just ‘music’. ”“‘Dating profiles are so hard to write. ’ That's all they write. Yes they are but you don't get to play till you do your work.

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