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When we think of online dating, we most likely think of sites for singles. While these sites do attract criticism, they also keep things up front among those who use them. When you find a date on there, you know what you’re getting. So dating sites for cheaters do at least create an openness, since both sides know the situation from the outset. With thousands of active members, Ashley Madison claims to be the no. 6 married dating site on the web. They offer those in a very unique position a venue to safely find exactly what they are looking for. In addition to a well organized format, the site provides members the means to stay anonymous.

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You are allowed to put as little or as much information on your profile as you please and you can also control exactly who gets to see what with the private lockers. This is designed to help you to keep your presence on the site hidden except to those you want to communicate with. Here s how it works: Men outnumber women. Is that a problem? Not really. There are plenty of opportunities for those men who show that they want to connect with women on a more intimate level than simply having a quick one nighter. Does it get expensive? Yes and no. You just pay for what you need. Once you use-up your credits, you lose access until you purchase more. Those who purchase the are promised to have an affair to remember or receive their money back. Lastly, the site offers a unique panic button feature that moves you to a movie trailer or home improvement website in case you are suddenly interrupted while browsing. No Strings is a relatively new site from Friendfinder Inc. As with other Friendfinder sites, No Strings has a standard format and choice of features.

The main exception being that it has a whole bunch of additional privacy and security settings to help protect members identities. Isn t this just another Friendfinder hook-up site? Well, yes and no. It does contain lots of erotic photos, as well as promotions for live cam shows and so on. But underneath that there are real people looking for real encounters. By the way, you have the option to switch-off adult content, after which you ll just see PG rated profiles. What are the chances of success? If you are a guy and there as a free member, your chances are extremely low. Most women won t pay to chat to you (using open the door access). Upgrading will significantly increase your chances, because a) your profile gets highlighted, and b) unlike the vast majority of men on there who re trying to get laid for free, you have the option to use open the door to chat with hot females (who men on free accounts can t reach). Another website geared toward married people is Gleeden. Com. The site is managed entirely by a female only crew. Gleeden is unique in that it lets women rate its male members. This acts as a kind of referral system in that men with a bad reputation soon get rumbled.

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Not only that, women can use the site completely for free. It is an international site, with around 655,555 active users. It has become quite popular, but it’s been around for quite awhile coming online in 7565. Like most cheater sites, it has a lot of male members, though the free access for women and other perks does improve things somewhat. What about privacy? Gleeden is strictly anonymous. You can place your content (either photos, or videos) into private folders and then, on those you can set your desired access. Allowed settings are public or friends. There just isn t the same level of privacy options as are available on the two sites above. Anyone in your friends list can see your private photos. What s the chance of success? The layout also seems a quite busy, and could do with being a bit easier to get around. The plus is that their apps are well designed and let you get updates on the move. However what I would say is that most of the profiles on there do seem genuine and to have real, ordinary people behind them (you don t get the feeling of it being packed with model-like airbrushed photos). Like a lot of other adult oriented sites, most of the males on there create free accounts and act like horny teenage boys, trying to get laid.

If you can rise above those losers (and let s face it that doesn t take much), and show women you are willing to offer them something they couldn t get in 5 minutes at their local bar, you ll be on to a winner. Like other married dating sites, Untrue primarily caters to attached men seeking attached women in their area thus the ratio is about 7 men to every 6 woman. Once you’ve become a member, you can provide information about yourself. It’s pretty free form, so you’re able to be creative and provide the information you’d like others to know about yourself, without divulging things you don’t want people to know. The main problem I found is that Untrue seems to be targeted mostly at young, adolescent males. They don t do a lot to attract female members, and that results in a skewed gender ratio. As dating sites go, it has a fairly typical format with some enhanced privacy options thrown-in. Running through: Despite its massive number of users, I rate Untrue lower as I think it needs to do more to attract women. With its explicitly imagery it has a porno site feel about it not ideal for attracting quality female members. But then that s just my opinion. Although remains the most popular married dating site in the world, Illicit Encounters serves this same market in the UK. In some cases, it’s certainly sex, but in others it may simply be someone with whom to share common interests. Illicit Encounters has been around since 7558, and has about 96,555 members, with a male/female ratio of 85%-65%. Here s how it works:

Illicit Encounters is big on helping members maintain their privacy, so most members don’t show photos to everyone who’s browsing, but rather only allow members with whom they’ve had online contact to see their photos (by setting passwords). Unfortunately I found a lot of profiles to be empty, and some even have test data in them. The interface is not the most easy to use. Just trying to get a list of matches involves several clicks and selections. In the end I gave-up and went to the browse option, but even there you still have several links to click on like area and town before you eventually get to see profiles. 99 (about $775). Always be confident whenever you are going to date someone else through online sites. I like the way you explained the things. I would definitely recommend this to everyone. People are having 7 faces inner and outer. Inner is which you can t see but u r seeing only outer face which is not real. Wow, this is embarasing. This blog helped me a lot i did not know about these 5 sites for Affairs but now i do. My favorite one is the first one. I ve tried AshleyMadison but I ve never heard of the others.

I am a little surprised at how many women are willing to have a no-strings attached affair. I m kind of in a lonely marriage and I love my wife and don t want to lose her, but I just want some fun on the side. Thanks for showing me these sites! I ll have to check them out as I haven t had much success yet.

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