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Where to meet rich men is one of the most desirable dilemmas of most women of today. It seems that men who are wealthy are more attractive to women. Another reason is rich man can offer a security that provides a stress free and financially stable life. Wealthy, ambitious and successful man is equivalent of some form of security of the today living and in some point society has contributed to this conception. We are also taught that success is the equivalent of happiness. Also, the large house, fast car and fine dining always seem to be quite alluring. Find all wealthy spots like famous shops, malls, parks or squares where rich people do shopping. Maybe you will not be able to afford to do shopping for yourself, but for sure you can meet or start to talk with a guy who does.

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Start running your errands and doing your grocery shopping in upscale neighborhoods. By frequently visiting the same spots as the rich men do, you will increase your chances of meeting someone. If you want to meet the successful man, then start hanging out in places nearest to their offices. You can find high class pubs near lawyers’ or doctors’ chambers. Most of the busy successful people spend some time after work near to their offices to relax and have a drink after a long hard day. Be sure to hit the right time. Late evenings, especially at the beginning of the weekend are the best time to visit some of these fashionable pubs. Luxury sports like sailing, tennis, diving, especially golf are the best places to attract a type of man who have huge disposable income. Golf clubs are very popular for successful businessmen and spending time on a golf course can only increase your chances of meeting a successful man. Again, timing is very important. The best times when powerful people practice their power are late afternoons on working days or late mornings on weekends. Those men who have no partners to spend the most of the time on, are likely to be sports lovers. So, start visiting the high-end sports bars. Other good places where you can meet rich men are the exclusive galleries in stadiums at important matches, or if you are very lucky to be a guest on the post-victory parties of some famous sports teams. Visit a luxury resort which offers relaxing treatments and massages and you may come across someone rich and also available. Luxury spa resorts are better places where successful executive relax on day off from hard work. On the plus side, however, if you are lucky to do come across a suitable and rich man, he is more likely to be relaxed and open to meeting someone interesting like you. Banks, convention centers or coffee shops in business districts are the most likely places where you can meet rich men.

Maybe rich men are very busy with work, but you can wait for lunch or coffee time to chat up with them and who knows, maybe a date will be arranged. If you are looking for a big fish, then start visiting the millionaire clubs. Cocktail parties are only some of the events where the rich single men hang out. Maybe if you have a lifetime opportunity to be part of some those events, then you will have also a great opportunity to meet someone. Be certain to look more seductive, because super-rich men are used to have the best. There are many online dating websites ( Date Single Millionaires or Gorgeous Singles the best and largest club for meeting successful singles, single millionaires, gorgeous and beautiful friends. Join hundreds of thousands of members),  that are specifically devised towards average-income women looking to meet rich men. Sign up for these professional matching services and express your desire for meeting some ambitious and financially stable man as your potential partner. There are many potential partners who are looking for not only rich women, but women who have other qualities like caring and loving persons. Many women took a chance and have signed up for these dating services and got their opportunities to meet their Mr. Wealthy. Lastly, even you find your perfect match you have many other things to do to keep him by your side. Keep in mind that every financial secured man is still just man. Please help! I am a sexy woman looking for a rich man who will spoil me with sexy lingerieHi my name Tracey Ann I need a friend that s anderstan me. Am 87 years old and need a not too rich manI am a young entrepreneur and I looking for investor. I am an attractive woman who is looking for a rich man that will take care of me and treat me like a Queen that I am. My contact is 5786855885I would definitely consider myself wealthy.

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The advice above is just plain stupid if you are looking for anything real or long term. Okay if you want to make a buck on the side. I was on one of these arrangement website, met many younger girls there, but would never consider any of them for anything beyond a fast one nighters. Most women are prostitutes by nature and the above will work very well for them anyway. So where do u suggest to meet a good man? Well, I personally think that dating site or matchmaker is not a good way to find ur other half. U have to believe in fate. That s why I m not sign up on any dating site because most of them looking for a hookup and that scares me. The idea of someone only want me in a sexual way repels me. My faith forbid adultery therefore it s not an option for me. So the only option left for now is for me to wait, saving up and go to US because it s where I ve been dreaming on living for the rest of my life. I even relate better with Americans compare to my own people. Whatever it is, I can t wait for the day that I m finally get to live the life that I want and for that I m excited to know what s ahead of me and the unknown. Life is exciting u knowyess your absolutely right you can not meet a woman whom she offers herself like that incase she is a horeIm single no kids too looking for a beautiful and wel behaved lady and here is my info or contact me +7899597678957Sam I m not on this this or looking for anything like what these woman are afterSam would you use those words about your mother or sisters or even aunts and grandma, us women could use the phrases assholes, cheating lying scum, but that s just wrong, most women are just looking for security whether its in love, finance, emotional or whatever if you look back from the beginning of time men has always been our Savior, protector, and security blankets when needed just because you have money doesn t give you the right to belittle what you don t understand cause you sound like a man who is also looking for security just not financiallyHi. Simply looking for a good, honest, mature man. I m 95 and had more pain than a person should and desire comfort, conversation, respect and loyalty. Age means nothing if HE is our there somewhereHy my name is Johnson am looking for beautiful lady to stay with for long and forever u can call me on +7899585888657Men are one one thing Money name one thing you have control of that most women need to survive it s Money so your comment is right but who cares too many men are willing to pay for tight pussy and a fats ass and a tiny waist I m actually grateful for men who do that now that s real love. I am looking for a rich woman or man for real estate investment, please get in touchWow I thought the article was ridiculous and poorly written, but then I came to the comments section.

I m not going to lie, it d be great if the person with whom I fall in love also turns out to be rich and attractive, but this is horrendous. Specifically going to places for the sole purpose of meeting rich men, hoping they ll find you interesting, and shoving a ring on their finger before they can realize you re just a gold-digger? Nice. Real nice. I feel as if I should mention, before the gold-diggers raise their pickaxes against me, that I clicked on this article because yes, I, too, would like to know where rich people hang out. It s seven-thirty in the morning, I stayed up all night binge-watching YouTube videos, and, sometimes, it s nice and funny to indulge in silly fantasies. Gee, maybe if I knew where they hung out, I could see one in real life and pretend he or she is in love with me for an hour. I m young and I m bored, what can I say? This article, though it s like my name suddenly changed to Alice, except everyone down this rabbit hole is as mad as a hatter, instead of just one person. Hey BOREDOMISANUNDERSTATEMENT. Read your post and u must say. I am not wealthy but consider myself middle class. BUT I AGREE WITH YOU sad that this world has turned people this way. Any who just let fate take you where it wants. And if you are still bored meet friends but don t let them know your income status. . That s how people jump on it. And quick!

! Good luckDating a rich man to me is not worth it. I would rather work hard for what I want. I may not live a life of luxury but i am able to travel the world and have fun. Ladies don t go looking for trouble and a broken heart. Older nice looking Lady looking for a wealthy nice man who wants to be best friends. Hard to find someone who is trustworthy and honestI am looking for Arab Muslim rich man who care me. And love me. I am from in India. Pls help me. I would love to be sweep off my feet. I lost my mother at a young age but I alway had a dream of some guy taking me around the world. Maybe one day my fantasy will come true. With love to all how looking like meHy my name is Johnson am looking for beautiful lady to stay with for long and foreverHi, I m Teaboy 77 Years Old from Africa but I quite have a diverse background, Well, I am very versatile person, I love movies and pictures. With me is interesting and fun, I am very romantic person. I want to find a woman from another country and can marry her! I m not interested in women who communicate for the sake of fun. I have registered on this dating site is not for games.

I need someone who really be interested in me!

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